Sunday, July 9, 2017

Self Loathing

Yessaday i man start ova di cycle of self-hatred and self loathing.
getting loaded and not caring about shit.
i man no gyood society memba.

I man he-bellious.

now vou fazer. now vow do. speak.


had to answer some cucks at the door. Maybe in reality we are the cucks. I have no clue why I'm living here after 6 years of virtual independence. I man had has will have some trouble with a little mental disorder they call schizophrenia. I man ben label for better or for worse good good bad bad. I man solid rock foundation. try fi confound di wicked sitm dem ou di people witch know not what they do.

i man try fi scribe man self.illusion (half-gay, half-retarded, half-machine)

This concept:
jyab pay for transportation
 is to hayard for InI.

got'sta overstand, my wigger.

i be taunting and calling out the hypocrites.

Why would I be doing such a thing when there's a mote in my eye?

iman is i me myself jusustin malvick II. es una fi-you-tier dejection rejection ejackulation joke yoke piada chiste  玩笑

start fi go cray cray bowt dat mon-EE mon-EE.

inna di street dem di only law is redrum. God damn ou ini witch it were luv. chos(e), luv. chos.
input user 1
input user 2

what i will invent is 

mackina que reproduce si mismo durante la procreacion cual es constante hablante del frito pinche idioma del castellano. Se dice ESPANOL!
NAO. se diz castillo-ano. somos do portugawl.
faz bem o mal mooji?
faco bem.
my story before i was me.

"Don't go too fast" linda said.
me luv linda from the bronx. she issa ini 5-or-ITE.
quem mais quer ser de casa du louco?

eu! eu! disse muito calma sozhino mask of my own face with my smile tied up me byad bi.
playing sleep music and working.
what is work? i questioned my reflection as i heard the voices around me talking shit.
I'm not gonna get upset. ops looks like they are gone. i wonder what strange things are going on in the matrix today.

(Many things were subsequently lived and discovered during that fateful day in July. This is where the post officially ends. And they lived happily ever after.)

STUPID STUPID STUPID! HOW COULD YOU BE SO naive, JUSUTIN? iman do this for them.

they say imonismo is just a fad. They say it won't stand the test of time. However, i stand and sit to the contrary. Imonismo is built on the solid rock foundation that the Ouli Choch was is and will be foriver be built up upon. duh.


if playing
     abort progam

"my entire life" this thing we value as precious before the father's sight me myself and I my spirit energy it's entirely a figment of my imagination. how can that be reflection?  Some riddles take an entire lifetime to figure. My kung fu master will have had taught me everything I know by the time I'm '92. 92. When I'm 92 the year will be 2081. It'll be the 80s again. I never really knew what the fuck about the 80s.

Krais mi jesous mi lawd de ceu lawd du inferno lawd alla di oul earth  teach ini how to breathe in prescence of the angelic orders. Teach ini how to breathe in prescence of the demonic kings. teach ini to breathe in and let everything go.


what do certain sounds do for the brain? How do they trigger different responses from the stimuli.

Krais me jesous ini naw fi try. InI do. create child pikni dem. Easy. I make bebe witha mine eyes closed.

see di trute ou di matta? I man start fi tink like this. It's my thought pattern. InI tri inna di pass fi sell it.
agora now tem have tiempo tempo realizar.


untrammeled rationalism is a hella bunch of symbols in chinese.

"there is some definite bullshit going on." said InI simoultaneously 2 times in the afternoon at two separate times yet at the same time. My computer is slow. I man tink fi gyet virus protection. tink tunk tick tock goes the man who sleeps his entire fortune and existence away.
I man see the cycle. it's vehicular.
always. i started this day out thinking about yessa'day. and bom i think i can speak portuguese and french.

I know in reality i only speak brazo-afro-lingua-franca. I was am will be stuck inna di pass vortex conditioning strength. bypass primary programming
debunk the what? the density of lines.
what if....
cause you got the stream.
and then you got the vortex.
you know the vortex old man jenkins?
yeah i know the vortex i think.
i mean do you know or are you playing inner sleepy man about to give up the ghost on the cross
i man fi start interpercalate religion inna all di writing dem imake far CAIN
dance = dawnce
frants = frawnce
writing vs speaking
di-frant! = stranger things season 10
dissa como e realidade tudos formus de os 80 90 00 umm i guess i speak for the trees now. i man no have no hezza-T.A. shun i man faada rastafari far naw recieve naw tick-tockery bee gees bees knees high fidelity 70s una chatarra mid-evil person.object{}, 
"energia spinning kinetically round and round my dance spines around my neck to expose the expression on a self portrait of a random semi-blind has-ta man gasp this is what i had before. not what i have now: one take dude son of a gun"
what is one take?
i wanted to posses. I am fine without internet or data.
i'd like to program.
perhaps in COBAL.

'All these energies are making me sway. This is a sphircular vortex.... spinning ... spinning ... spinning .... spinning .... spinning .... like this...'
nuttin is free. Not even tout. ini go attend visit inhabit the diss-pen-sorry am di people treat iman good. as uman.

we gyet dissa accent

we need a new word to represent future (will have be
imon iman freak.
speculation is cool bro. new subscriber here.


i start di judge di werd dem dat i manifest.


always reggae mun

i man a mun son.

scratches head.
i can't seem to open my mind.
I am a knucklehead.
I'm battling Kai mentally trying to bring him down.
Only for now.
In reality he is my (InI) FRAN

even though I know I have no friends.

i man betray my mental acuity.

don't make me choose.
third eye with a 13 crystal view.

british embassy 2012 june

cognitive dissosance
40 /60

wanting to be 100% here!

(the new world)

sapo no mo vertigo ammbassador for all things righteosuness.
taking a place with the sentinals, mutants, xmen.
i'm not choosing.
i am dissolving battling in the iniverse as the monkey red iman i mon rastafari jusutin malvick II subscribe? I already subbed my bro! (sista) 

lots of videos in my head. 
7:14 my favorite part. inna di iamaginatrix video.


"sloppy!" said kai the god
"yeah whatever" I wanted to think say feel and say"
bitch ass
suck dildo guey!
universo 3?
i know universe (world) iniverse (new world) xenoverse(speculation)

i mon aussie i man solo fi pikni!

(ok honesty. ocean feels like it's raining with imon head chopped off cause i'm that sick and loyal in the LIck swallow time is slow when you are telling jokes then when it's fast i'm in my own little world. That's why ini bought my (object.use.frequent) com-Pew_T.A. Shun

who must i man the jehovas witness must knock at your door ring your doorbell face judge skyarr langwij deception. black. ALLY-BYE

who dat? wass dass wiggas mame? (contienciously efulgent gas tank mowing the lawn)
iman try fi do as little as work as possible.
I'm effecient. 
I got to my happy place way before anybody is getting to there's it's 5:30 in the evening.
5:36PM to be exact.
I man stop. kyan. fi chrink far eye sight see . 
write some bullshit scene to be acted out at shango.
WHY IN KRAIS NAME InI REVEAL so much to the enemy!? (seething, livid, intoxicated with ogre)
Kiss all part o di frenemy mis vatos.
this is as far as we go in.
we see this far into the matrix.
that is pretty far.
that is why we have been trying to get laid with chica y chico.
iman start fi say di words that no one not even I can tyake back.
(why the swirling of a pool inna di random ass podunk town in USA confirms to INI dat di TRUTE o ALLA DI EARTH all 8,9,11 Dimensionals included
imonismo is my sect of mormonism. 
today is the only day there ever was. All creation happened on this day. 7 day theories and speculations of how flesh and blood and bone came to be arejust that theories and speculations.

ok ok ok.

d.a.d. fad. bad. rad. pad. bleed. seethe. tweet. recieve

see if y'all break ini ting up

it's like i don't spell it right cause ch whatever..

. give. yes yes y'all chill with that no black on black no mango con mango frito carajo que me chingo en la boca.

gets the nod
1 i mona di creator. ressonance within. 
2 practice i monismo 24/7/365/f.s73.51213
yo chill my buzz buzz buzz bee bee bee see see see
me me me

you you you
vibe mix up
i must pay the debt to the demi-gods a voice was is and will be telling me the same exact bullshit until the time I complete the task.
krais mi jesous mi luv to YOUCE di MACHINE TWO SPIRIT.
spirit animal
the fact thact i could even for swear digo that i man pronunSI-ATE muh werds AZZ (ass) 
i man hyate when she di spirit dem talk like dis cray cray so subtley sweet y deluxcious.
these are powerful words "haha"
Is it really funny?
Or is it cute and cuddly?
I man love i mun chucha huevadera mama 

we all mos def int i = 0.
Cause bridget, biatch!
I now overstand whereas before I only understood. past participle is DI-FRAWNCE em portugal. i kinda like win you (ini) to my way of thinking, right?
ya kna mean?
likkl likkl craiz waize prayze feize shift crack load image worship ganja expression smh riddim rhyme prayers don't work i mon no for certain i man prayers are in existence since creation di tout pattern i mon indwell and inhabit.

iman try fi start fight inna di dream wurl not the new girl lost 
iman try fi start fight inna dis wurl di new wurl 
wake up and go back in dream
i take responsibility
to have allowed my self
to give presence to the demons in my mind and in my resonance. i forgive my self that i have disemboweled my self.
 i allowed my self to be trapped in religion. God demons creating to go back into religion.
cycle forever trapped in the bull shit of religion.
realify is objectively looking at the way reality is presented in books, movies, television screens, and nationwide active store fronts. 
imon fi starta di coorp
re-align the programming
help: i can't feel my...

somebuddy is always getting bodied. That means some buddy is always getting killed!
The systems mother fucking bullshit!
i told ben.
i man start fi si di realiki of the energy that in japan it was once told that the afronites were a african tribe who actively recruited oversees.
L anguage vs Langwij
O perations vs Opera
S Sly slytherin or snobby snowflake
T ransaction vs trust.monetary_unit

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