Friday, June 23, 2017



And then you got your straight-up potheads. You can spot these people by their lack of motivation, mood swings, forgetfulness and, of course, the dreaded low sperm count

InI try try try 
gets me now where at all.
ini cry cry cry
not heard by the powers that be
except for that one time on face book i cried singing seas and skies

now that is a good song.. 

trapped in here.
not knowing what to say.
i have nothing to say to you.

ini give tanks and praise to lawd jesous krais haile sellasie jah rastafari eternal god sellasie I 
re-kang-izing parallel universes

i can't remember.
on a map you have
up and down and left and right
past and present
ini am a MF Straight up pothead. I mf steal others money to get weed.
I'm a real piece of shit.
jesus MFMC
ican't get enough of this book.
what book is that, jmo?
it's the black book.
clouds thunder sound.
evil aoura sense.
evil or natural?
gay gay gay gay gay!
shant descriminate a man fa being himself. the self is illusory. doesn't actually exist. it's only when it is observed that it exists.
whatever some bullshit by the US MF government.
ini no play politricks.
visions of "success"
my mind already betrays me.
my thoughts.
i am.
same mother fucking trip different mother fucking day.
sex is sin.
sin is bad.
children are devils.
jesous mother fucking christo
i need a little break, a bristo.
bom vemos que gente ta em-vem-tando palavras.
to effectively (do you know what I am thinking?)

jesous mother fucking mary christ, no i am not a witch doctor.
ini wicked tire man.
innna di black book. me say I yam un auto.
automous self organizing multi dimensiional organism
see i see nothing as i decend into the depths of hell which is this MF insanity
which got me paranoid for naww REE-ZUN. di way di mout say is fi life or fi debt.
  nao pode ser de deus sim e de ini.
whisper mas tonterias.
common idioms
common idiots
feedback loop
InI judge InI righteouslly. what an interesting phrase. it displays so much prosody but more than anything a i am holier than thou kind of attitude.
and it's sad
because there are homies on the street 
who don't have any mother fucking thing to eat
thou reader
though my style is fly
i can't describe why
i think so much we should get together
it feels so nice to be in that warm fuzzy cozy place.
it kinda mind fucks you
yeah i'm pretty sure.
I've been in a trance.
but i woke up.
Ini see dat di truth is subjective that simoultaneously it could be in 8, 9, 11 places all at once at the same exact time
why can't we condense all truths into one great truth?
what would that be? (acted a little nervous)
I'm not sure but as long as there is physics to seek a unified theory of everything I'll seek to circumscribe all truths into one great whole.
I hope you can see my prosody is play and is meant to hypnotize subconsciously.

InI no try fi seduce
however ini try fi get laid

tenho que perguntar a minha prima uma coisa das mulheres.
no se dice menstraucion
flujo de sangre
no se decir eso en portugues.
nao posso dizer muita palavras em portuguese.
absolve all sin i am the father.
am I this heavenly father?
i am one in the same.
why must we play as if the living god is imaginary.
the belief that this jah or j. hova an old man in the sky is given to the people dem in the movie the matrix.
it's just a fucking movie right?
or is it reality?
middle school.
Oh hello I'm not surprised I just didn't recognize you
without that look on your face of total consencending...
well as you can see and i'm sure that it's surprising 
i'm okay anyway yeah i'm all right without you
i've got nothing to say to you after all that you put me though
i've got nothing to say to you i've got nothing to say to you

oh except there is one thing i praobly should tell you

when we'd fight well you were right there really was no reason
and you should know before I go and forget i ever say you
now i see it wasn't me who made your life so empty
yeah i have been working out and yeah this shirt is new
and no it really hasn't been that long
at least not long enough to figure out what is was about you
that kept me holding on for so long - so long
okay i gotta go so i'll say it was good to see you
and i'll smilie and wish you well but please don't misunderstand me...
i've got nothing to say to you said it all when we were though
i've got nothing to say to you I've got nothing to say to ou

I'm mother fucking retarded.
when I go drunk when i enter this world of fantasy
i can't be held accountable for my actions
this is v2k
v2 what?
v2k baby?
it's controlled entirely 100% by the government.
for reals.
i'm a t.i.
i swear to god.
why else do i see strange things in the sky at night?
why else do I hear voices from people I don't know and people I do know?
life is hard.
I like to let the people know when I'm making a scene pornographic.
just to let you kjnow
there's gonna be naked people walking about here
there going to seem busy and not wanna talk to you.
but in reality everyone has a minute.
that's all i need.
you got minute?
who me?
yeah you.
the guy in the head of the voice 

who is singing the words of this song

all night long all night long
we are willing. funky funky chicken.
and the mash potatoes.
duty aligator.
let's do it together.
souls almighty.
that's fucking dope shit right there.
my soul is raw.
oh yeah.
get yourself together.
anykind of weather.
things will be might better.
get it together.
souls almighty 
i am we are.
sacre blue
que es que se plu?
je nu se pais.
funky chicken.
I'm just a chicken dude...
if you someone get this just know that you and I will foriver be ...
foriver be ...

and at that exact moment jusutin was teletransported back to zion

where the songs of HIM kept playing for all eternity.

all eternity? jah? yes. all time. 


jmfmc ini too tired for this shit.
the voice moves the soull.
will you person marry  me?
sux to be alone.
haha for reals
it's only me in here.
there is no one fucking else.
i'm losing my mind.
i know the sound of my sanity shifting..
deciding not to trip on what I was thinking.
i hate having gay karma.
it's like the people coming on to me are all gay.
why is the world so gay?
it's the vampire system son.

Have a great life! 

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