Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day Two

They know I'm a blogger.
I want the sandwhich.
I ate bout 15% of the sandwhich.
Hos can't fight with their tits exposed.
fuck you bitch!
where the pay pay?
excuse me rap man that doesn't make sense.
i am tripping through reality.
point blank period.
protect me from the local threats.
absolution from sins.
perks of kiel confessed.
reverse whats with the rest.
my spirit animal is an owl.
that is where true wisdom come from.
fortune teller making serious plays.
two churching.
turning the universe around.
does God exist?
i am threepac.
we are.
is it pompous to assume that we are? we are come on america.
Let's get up. we've been asleep as to certain facets of my dream.
I wanted to say yeah.
i was in control.
blue back.
blue balled.
highly hipnotised.
huh what?
don't gotta ask.
mike vike.
fingers in the sky.
don't fall back.
figga what give a fuck up.
some people just can't take a little bit of swearing.
Fuck em!
see me?
i'm just doing my thing.
huh nigga what huh nigga what? give a fuck.
i don't say these words out loud.
this i say out loud
that i say out loud.
people that voted for donald trump.
my heart voted trump.
i'm landing punches.
losing sanity.
every politician lies.
#idofeellikeobamawasborn out side the US. i am a racist.
I'm sitting down. I am humble.
#facts are highly sensationalist by the people.
the left ignores things that are objectively true cause it hurts feels.
the crowds at his inauguration.
do i have an inflated ego?
Does he left?
I just don't know about that.
one small piece in a larger puzzle.
testing the mind.
he's a new yorker. sourrounded by all sorts of aliens, blacks, and irish, europeans, cooks.
beacon of american stupidity.
the left is trying to be mean.
i've been scolded on periscope.
the left ignores the economic philosphy for the morals issue.
we can strive for a moralled society but we know that doesn't exist.
telling the family that detroit continued to go down economically.
should we go out in the street and shoot each other.
that's exactly what we need.
i am transmitting this message out to the world.
I'm the alt-right.
were not meant to have such conversations.
i am caring for grandchildren.
denmark and sweden.
highest standards.
please refer to day one.
can't fully discount it either.
yes I can. watch me.
policies based on morals?
fuck that.
i'm loving it.
seeing from my perspective.
i just need two pages.
working at work
at my job
in Oregon
in hillsboro.
Strangers. we economically can't enter ww2.
if we are not at a time of wealth we couldn't pay for it.
I'm sitting down. trying to be humble.
i'm a computer part.
fuck this ho.
we all are not trasgendered pacifists.
i'm not answering the phone.
people are huanting me in my dreams.
hoes can't fight.
i'm too slow.
got me going alien mode.
it's my secret place.
i go essentially go to another planet.
the time variables are too much!
PP. How can K.L. be J.Z.?
IQ vexed.
these are the words
i'm just gonna black out drunk.
except I wasn't laughing.
it just seemed like I was there.
it seems so real.
this is InI writing as if one day I got onto the JRE.
what am I gonna speak?
i am going to speak this.
i sound like a middle-aged woman.
apology accepted.
i can't talk right now cause I got the alien face.
I'm too stupid to ask that question. I've heard this before. I've been here before.
My dreams already came true refer to Day One.
nigga what give a fuck?
I'm a clown?
I'm indie NBA.
a ha.
i'm not gonna say it.
calailke rip.
real beef you don't talk just murder the pussy.
give a what?
huh huh?
who dat?
Modeling for my bros.
I'm not the only comic to be trasgendered.
Doug stanhope, al madrigal, joey diaz.
No wait Joey  diaz is just black.
I don't get it when he calls out "stay black people!"
cause we aren't all black. some of us are black.
It's like RHQ saw through time.
I can see through the time.
it's my superpower.
how'd I get this superpower?
I acquired it while listening to rap music.
I just had to stay quiet.
promise I wouldn't talk.
I'm a little kid?
what is 14 (that?)? what is 13 (what?)
what is 12 (who?) what is 11 (be)?
what is 10 (how)? what is 9 (are)?
i can't see the color yellow.
what is 6?


This is what I would say to thee.

sucked into a hole.

no pun intended.

i are.  you are.

she and he.

se ve? es muy chikito?
ya lo se.
My business model
what is that?
I demasiado tonto para contestar estas preguntas.

how many people do we have hired?

ideally 98-98.

what do we sell?

(se que maluma es uno chiquito. como yo somos bebes. "no me importa carajo". la mama es hipocrita. acepta "carajo" mas no accept "joder". una palabra es mas poderosa que otra? para que enojarse. mientras mi sangre burbuja. ni modo. close)


engles vs espanol.
gay/ straight
choice to make
jump off mentally from the cliff of conciousness.
hacer rato yo me lanze.
If I wanted to talk to you I'd do it like this.
what the hell
am I supposed to do
that i can't tell myself
not to ride along with you
i had only mustered a summons
it doesn't have to make perfect sense.
are we sure?
are we?
what's up with that?
that's how I and I speak.
I'm like a monster in oaks grove.
I only have to get the references semi accurate.
i'm huanted by the ghost of you.
you're face is so clear and vivid in my mind.
I don't wanna say I can't get you out of my head.
you are and forever will be my angel.
doubting. confusion. solo.
solo. the conscience moves on.
like the song always does.
sueno real y magico.
this is begining to be gay?
the song!
what song?
hmm... I haven't told you I'm listening to music have I?
no I haven't.
I'm listening to music OK!
ok didn't have to scream it.
I'm just yelling it cause I'm mad at you.
Why? I mean what did I do?
I don't know all I know is your a bad one
well at least I'm a real one.
i hate the radio. why? because of ads. they want me to hire people. fuck that. I'm good working all alone.
am I?
I'm imagining the people on the radio are real.
are you sure?
this appear and then suddenly disappear.
I can't.
what I tell you about using that langwij?
Not to use it.
how is it not gay right now?
well when we asked for equal rights we won!
we won?
yes, child.
i don't want to go filling my life with ODIO.
it's like this sore is seething. boiling
slowly working it's way up to the surface.
knee deep in shit.
trying to work my way out.
knowing i had limited time.
how could I describe my fear to you?
I am afraid for my life.
When I go to pray my tongue is bound by a real force.
satan or all the voices?
I have satan huanting the mirror.
the mirror is a magical portal.
this is the part I aborrecer.
you call this stand up comedy?
no I call it a business plan that is solid and sure!
como whade?
no entiendo.
es que estamos separados.
muevo mi cuerpo y olvido de mis problemas.
no son las drogas, ni son mis familiares
yo tambien soy "el uno"
cuando hablo por idiomas sento que e acting. nada mas.
I'm just showing up.
mama tu no vas a entender no preguntes.
voy a pedir al papa por ayuda

(back to reality)

I can only take so much of chile top 50 on spotify.

it gets me so emotionally worked up. this isn't stand up but if it were stand up this is what i'm saying.
This is sit down comedy. I'm establishing that right now.
wasn't that already established perhaps on day one.
honestly i can't remember what happened on day one.
so be it.
i have (half) to (ta) wait.
two halves make a whole.
Who has?
I certainly do not.
I took a vow of poverty.
these people are high class?
these people?
these people are snobbed nose high class.
these people are ...

how do you think these people are?

I'm floating in extasy.
my organs couldn't be stimulated more.
the voices of children come and sourround my ego.
the game gets tricky. 
i know this shouldn't be happening.lau
well it isn't.
i'm arguing with my superconcious again.
every body has to know that mental illness runs in my family as far as I know.
It's my harsh judgement that my family are crazyier than people think and know.
I'm simply embracing it.
it's like life is a dream and i just keep on saying yes yes yes.
when i could be saying that when an elephant is being lowered onto my head.
you won't believe what is happening.
there was an ant crawling up my pants.
of course it could have been phantom.
life is so eerie.
(that akward feeling)
why did the chicken cross the ocean?
To be challenged mentally physically and emotionally
it's a speech.
he's campaigning for the presidency.
ok, my trump impersonation isn't as good as dana carveys but dang he's funny.
i'm working.
i'm working.
I gotta new bit.
Life is all about challenging yourself.
going to new hieghts.
seeing new things.
going places.
the wisdom is contained in all the world's best books.
bless us with rain mother goddess.
i hope my jokes and skits have made you laugh.
laughing is the best.
thanks portland you guys have been awesome!

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