Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day Two: Doing work

Natural mystic.
fridgid blood.
I am not afraid.
I am happy.
Seeing the CPU
claiming the fifth.
my crime is unknown.
why is this tagged Africa? Because I am an african and european and annunaki.
This is the history of man. Which man. the first man. was it not adam? It was first man.
First source. heresy!
the name of the game is deception.
Today I'm going to blog about two subjects.
I believe it's double literature day.
I could be wrong.
Learning what my true voice sounds like.
Conquering lion shall break every chain.
I sing.
true love.
whistling the month of may?
Have you seen the video?
Have you heard the music?
I'm sad.
I'm not connected with society.
I'm sidelined.
I still feel the risisdual effects of invega.
and also I feel the affects of sun lsd.
interesting.getting high starting at the sky.
waking up in the dream.
as far as I know because this is the divine matrix.
i don't like this music.
I've overcome all death wishes.
I went though the fire like will.i.am.
i need the credibility of a black man.
I'm a white annunaki.
I don't know what this fool is.
There are two people in here.
check out my past present and future. please.
this is an ad.
we are in the commericial.
it's a big idea the NWO.
I'm keep it moving.
seperate religion.
who is the jahnigga?
Teacher said not to use any version of that word.
what site am I thinking of?
what is the timeless wisdom?
It's the pure part of the doctrine.
what is the doctrine?
J stick
R stick
yahweh bismililah
el kulum
bas is speaking?
I am speechless.
God is one and at the same time different.
I don't have to say it.
i haven't given credit to the one who makes this writing posible.
same time infiniite
the holy spirit?
wow we are connected.
i need not get traicked.
I am blind.
i see.
i get over my sadness.
The hermit tale was a good book of mine.
I knew they were there listening to my thought.
I am diaganosed shizophrentic. correction i am diagnosed a person with schizophrenia.
what is the difference? It's subtle. my lsd writing vs weed writing differentiates here.:

Weed writing. sober writing. duality.

demon shapshifter. jah nigga say death for I meaning justin movick shall not happen however i know this I'm alive. Of this I am certain. as long as I strengthen my life circuits and get rid of unconcious death urges I'll be ok
I was really started to worry.
I was worried because I thought the neighbors could hear. The crookstons. The jones. The Carmichaels. The jansens. The Jensens. The Wong We fam. The slang blade we are killing with this is battle. the track is called galactic timing frequency.
I can't hear it cause it's too high. My 27 year old ears can't hear this. All i have to do i listen. I listen and think. Thought and emotion make feeling. Of this I am certain. I watched a video by Greg Bradden and I learned that thought and emotion make feeling. I am tapping into the universal frequency. time works different here. I'm on planet green green. Grengage sent me.
I just had an idea.
which thought would that be?
sounds like wil vs wil.i am vs illuminati congo
this person x y z in my story book.
the final chapter.
butterfly. butterfree.
thought: what is your favorite pokemon? Mine is butterfree.
i don't know who the white man is.
came from black. we are dark matter.
encountering. this word i love.
saying the words.
free energy.
dreams are connected.
windows release the dream here.
world out of chaos. I'm copying the song unto the scripture mingled with the philosphy of men.
titus 1: 15-16
what lesson can we learn from

selection to be written on 6/2/2017-7/2/2017:

Sober writing: I'm feeling my karma. mike karmichael will save me. I don't care what his real name is. who is he? I shall not go into my relationship with the first source.

wasn't I first source? I'm confused. I am low. and I want to say here. Have you read in my black book?

I shall not give my schemes away to the people. I should at least charge for my wisdom.

I have to somehow delete my story. I have to cover it up.
I want the mountains to move over me
life is very short and there is no write and wrong.
I've gone to the dark side.
I fuck women doggy style.
my brothers are on the dark side also?
I couldn't tell.
thinking about revising my idea.
are ideas synonomous with mere thoughts?
I'm gauging how long this post will take.
Everything happens within a certain amount of time.
In reality I'm looking for a sponsor.
I'm in the 12 step program.
I have been since I am 27 years old.
This is correct.
This is false.
This automatically got dumbed down.
By who? By whom?
Scientific separations. can't use big words.
InI really dumb.
can't remember what I did in a past life to make we want to grow my hair long.
thinking of Paul.
"I determine if we have agency of not" is a conversation I could have with somebody (parallel reality) I want to ask a question.
TO THE PURE, ALL THINGS ARE PURE; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind, and their conscience are defiled. They progress to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedience and worthless for any idea good deed.

I see myself.

It's not too good to defeat myself.
I shoot myself down in the game.
It is a mortal game of life.
This is a novel.
I'm writing in the matrix about myself.
I red pill.
Down down.
divulging when under these current settings I shouldn't be
change: for the next 20 cycles I'm going to go negative.
1. Fuck you! I hate you! Bastard!
2. Vir Das
3. Joe rogan
4. Duncan Trussell
5. Joey Diaz
6. Jo Koy
7. Gabriel Iglesias
I want to put some music on, mother fucker.
Go ahead put it on.
Thanks first source.
divine revelation? I think not.
I can't believe some have the audacity to make statements
i break the rules.
How is it possible?
Having the ability to curse hex or belittle someone without having the ability to coerce someone else.
What is the quality of this writing. It's like a ghost is writing.
Yes it's like mother fucking standup comedy
(20) what is too much of a good thing?
are we exercising our muscles?
I'm not certain.
What I am certain of is that I am in a Lucid dream and that I am alive in said dream.
I can easily change the parameters of the game.
who is directed this play?
Christopher: His name is Mu. That's all he goes by.
james: Mu eh?
I fucking feel black. I'm not gonna mess with no cholo.
I'm gonna miss Tony.
I divulged everything.
I hope the 20 cycles are over
the two stoner kids come out of the cellar.
How long we you two in their the dad says?
Like 20 minutes.
What'd you do?
I am.
we are.
hare rama hare krishna.
we are all the voices.
this is dark stand up.
the genre is my novel
that's as far as I get.

int main ()


             Menu main_menu;
             main_menu.add_option("Open new account");
             main_menu.add_option("Log into existing account");

The previous 9 lines were to test the bank program that i have written in the document "Black Survivors" The previous was time sensitive.

Can't remember certain ideas I had of the past.
In this parallel reality.
In which I blog about Africa, history, music ( review albums), and the timeless wisdom which isn't so timeless anymore.
Yeah the 3 witches hexed me.
I can't program anymore.
I thought I was THE PROGRAMMER.
I love the music that chants "WE GONE LET IT BURN BURN"
I'm covered in ash.
I think I'm a cute girl.
I am.
we are.
merging of wills.
Program of the dorhman prophecy.
I guess I don't like Maroon.
I'm listening to One Direction.
I never thought I would be.
everyone else in the room can see it.
I'm thinking of a friend.
I'm a demonic angel.
No one will see this.
We all have it.
This is the art novel (personal revelation)
I get the tingles from this music.
I don't know why I'm beautiful thats what makes me beautiful.
i wanted to have dreads.


i am a dog reincarnated.
I'm gonna ask for a good deed.
mother maya:
om beloved Mother.
keep our faith firm /
fill our heart with healing light /
Give us strength to restore our eath.
Give us courage in the  of peace.
I offer you love.
I offer you gratitude.
I off you freiendship.
I ask forgiveness for my untruth.
ASking for your blessing
Om Tat Sat
Sitting with my pride. trying to access the books without opening them.
I can't tell where the journey will end
i know where to start.
to young to understand?
Hmm opening up my eye.
I'm wiser and older.
Finding myself.
didn't know I was lost.
Look at the tags! AFRICA. All wisdom comes from the black race.
The true story deals ONLY with the black race.
Making the blacks a binary.
enter white opressor
emancipation proclamation.
drinking gourd
bannana brain

°past tense of lose.
°Unable to find one's way; unavailable, with location unknown.
Copying and past information from the internet takes a certain amount of intelligence.
a greater INTELLIGENCE is required 
which intelligence is that?
The intelligence which tells the mind that by snorting coke I can ....
talking fast.
listening to jeffery dreams.
One of my favorite pop bands.
Times are hard here.
building unemployment.
god's test.
doing our best.
getting someone to leave a message.
I don't know how to spark converstation.
Being contreversial is so 2016
°Arousing controversy—a debate or discussion of opposing opinions.
Shit-talking up all night.
doing these things.
taylor: haha
                 john: are you ok? You're not high are you?
                 Edward: Why yes in fact I am needed.
                 taylor: shut up beavis
                 edward: what is positive and what is negative?
                 john: it depends in which kingdom your in.
jusustin: i fell for everything.
Katy: migos
jusustin: I don't do that anymore.
Katy: Remember New York.
Jusutin: Umm, yeah I think  so .... you were there?
Katy: it's ok. I don't blame you. Compassion. Valor. You know them by heart justin.
me: yeah I do know them. (lists off the 6 virtues/attributes)
sexual orientation: perpetually confused. I don't know because I am lost. indefinitely.
I would feel lost on lsd, weed, or sober. This is my story.
Do I look ok?
When I see your face theres not a thing that I would change.
cause your amazing just the way you are.
I miss badass music. that music teaches you knowledge.
Gotta say it like Tai Lopez.
Ethan Klein did a video on Tai Lopez. lol I could do that also.
My youtube ego is my ego in real life.
one of the voices is actually my inner shell.
I'm trying to say some witchcraft while remaining true to who I am.
and who am I?
I'm an angelic demon. Truthfully. I sell them. My tokens and signs.
I wanna get laid!
The church of "God" is the same. GAY! I HATE THEM.
One version of Lucifer is a dick sucker.
The v
This is my plight.
someone with empathy cause I've sucked a dick. I'm not gonna lie about. I was drugged or something.
To be honest I don't remember that part of the dream.
Black out. Like I've had on other occasions.
I lose it.
I completely lose.
I'm too proud to ask for help.
I'm going to write this Attributes app all by myself.

                                              int input - main.menu.get_input();

                                              cout << "Input: " << endl;
                                              return 0;

Program run

1) Open New account
2) Log into existing account
3) Help
4) Quit

°The practice of witchesmagicsorcery or the use supernaturalpowers to influence or predict events.
°Allegedly supernatural charmspell or other method to dominate natural forces.
°ritual associated with supernatural magic or with mysticism.
°Having supernatural talents, properties or qualities attributed to magic.
°Featuring illusions that are usually performed for entertainment.
°To cast a magic spell on or at someone or something.
°To produce something, as if by magic.
synonyms: thaumaturgyconjuringsorcerywitchcraft more»
°Above nature; that which is beyond or added to nature, often so considered because it is given by God or some force beyond that which humans are born with. In Roman Catholic theology, sanctifying grace is considered to be a supernatural addition to human nature.
°Something that is not of the usual. Something that is somehow not natural, or has been altered by forces that are not understood fully if at all.
°A supernatural being.
synonyms: extraordinarysupranaturalunnatural

Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah 
who am I?
I am native unborn.
all things are in one whole.
I'm waiting on the lawyer to answer this one question.
With that I 

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