Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day Three

I'm gonna cum so hard.
success and confidence.
seeing the response.
ya'll better not come to my studio/funeral with that fake shit.
82 92 100
i'm way below in the game than drake.
drake is in another league.
i'll be jmo
indigo is codeword.
I don't need to give the cypher away.
drunk, high, or crazy?
drunk, high, or stupid?
drunk is intoxicated.
I'm addicted to scouring the internet for images. some are "dirty" most are clean.
I've been listening to some punk rock.
nobody cares. ain't that the truth. if anyone is gonna blog about the person we are talking about right here: casey. I still don't care. Justine called you out? I'm calling you out for fake! Nobody wants to hear your thoughts on the process. I don't even know how I got here. All i know is I'm believing. I waiver in my faith. Where are we going? Nice beats on this track mate. what's with the Billy shirts? Wait a second...I don't even care.we're all overwhelmed with what's going on outside. morgan's chaffing? My ears must be playing tricks on me. haha gold lasers on your arm? why you hide behind the sunglasses dude? your words are very strong and clear. i'm telling when I shouldn't be. aka i'm a stranger. croaking. ribbet. ribbet. I'm a frog. now I'm an owl. I say IT in my mind. I'm glad you had a major success, Alan. I get lost in my own writing. I get confused if i'm "riding". my brain is insane. i don't wanna steal lyrics to other songs. or think like other people think. I use songs as shields to send people away. I'm sad i don't want people sent away. the voice is very crisp. it's like the dog in that new kate mara movie. at the end the guys throat gets slit. we all battle with UTS. UTS is everywhere it's like a big black dog who has a baby dog and they call that lil baby dog baby jesus. and that lil tiny eeny weeny baby talked to the other people and it was ok. yeah. talking like bill clinton now.

int home Regular_class { //How do you know that my dude? bubble_burst = true can't just say something <b>untrue</b> when clearly the truth is other. Is it? return 0 }

it's cool it's calm and it's collected. My impressions are real. the voices are real. what is real? MC yogi says only love is real. I say what is real is what we can perceive. Then again that what we perceive can be an illusion. We can't be certain what we encounter in the game. Simplemente tenemos que usar nuestro corazon. HER-MANOS nadie less im-POR-Ta tres zapatos lo que dicen significa comunication breakdown. I'm just sitting here watching the wee morning hours away. The majority of people don't share their thoughts. These are just "My" thoughts on this video. I'm here. de REPENT-E i'm there. writing in keys to help me remember what I already said. Why should we care about we all have websites we want to promote. The world isn't fair. this is getting rejected by me. I won't send this letter to you. I'll leave it in my blog.

my heart is shaken to the core. I haven't moved since 2014-2015. really. when I think about it. Despite my best efforts i'm still in this haze where my thoughts really aren't mine. I just grasp for air and they come at the right second at the exact time that I need them. I'd like to go into why I'm sad. It's that I fucked up my entire life. I was delusional and a liar. I couldn't come to terms with losing someone so I left. 
then it just makes me sad I want to eat. If I had the money i'd eat myself fat.
feel it in the body.
what is it?
that sensation.
this feeling that is within me. Who knows what the day will bring. I wish who were here.
I'm afraid. I'm afraid. of what they think. i'm scared of getting beat up.
they know when I masturbate.
(laugh track)
anything to do with sexual liberation is hilarious.
in the moment sex can embarrass (if you are a newbie)
with time dishing out a healthy dose of sexuality will be second nature.

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