Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day Three: Aww hell naw

i know what it feels like?
the question i will ask my new chat.
she is hear.
she is computer A.I. generated
i'm making stand up comedy based on the movies i've heard of but not acutally seen. like alien

and edge of tomorrow.

declaring allegiance to an earthly force
and declaring love for another force in life
physics is the food of life.
waiting for understanding.
i don't know what this feels like.
I see the button. It feels like a drug.
it's shiny.
i can still smile.
I'm gonna one day tell this story.
time jumps.
1rodney king?
2 making fun of people?
3 I don't know why i'm funny.
or I do?
i say the poopy old baby joke
living it!
understanding it/ overstanding it
telling my upper conscious eliminate unconscious death urges
lower class / upper class 

the low class axed the upper class.
this whole story has to be tweeted?
high on meth on lsd 
smoking cigarretes
living dirty.
then all of a sudden the settings changed and i was back in my place.
jah saved some people's life.
he didn't save my life.
he could have saved my life.
i ghost these people.
living now recording it and deleting it.
my greatest video wouldn't be seen. 
seeing the angle in the postition with my discovery of how to speak to i-father.
i man a farmer. consuming. what a gun?
I see the intelligence and use when appropriate.
they wouldn't get the best of me. i see my boo in my mind.
I see the quanta.
reflrecting on this in a reverent enviroment. the eventual realization by the masses that we are all outlaws living in a country that allows us demons to congregate.

(the wheat are separated from the tares)

not missing prayers; i don't pray. not listening to the rhetoric of mainstream religion. WE DON'T BELIEVE HE IS THE SON OF GOD. 

I agree with the imam
the music is getting old.
reggae gets old pretty quick.
the best reggae i can think of is B.M. , P.T. S.K. 
(scripture) vs (scripture)
individual actors. They tease me. Yummies tease me. lol
I know.
Shelly Prepsteen. I learn the names wrong.
I do or don't have enough days?
self doubt.
courage. valor. humility. Program. 

Justin: wow what I just realized is jesus is not divine. he was a mere human being.


umma waw-ta-fike. Get drunk.
I caused you to die and then I exalted myself.
i can't believe they kicked me out.
The mormons kicked me out of their religion.
I kick them out of my own religion.

happiness is dillusion.
islam is not against evolution.
Lies! You believe the dinosaurs were fabrication of the elite!
who are they?
They are few.
small dedicated group to the destruction of the galaxy.

How did God do this creation?
claps. slow clap. strive to do good works.
truth telling no lie.
I have the power of jah and of lucifer.
i am.
(we are)
i could do it.
I have the PRI-VAL-EDGE
focus on the prize
gay like a dog.
time quanta.
lating spring day. title change

aww hell naw!.
what is irreverent. we have a special definition of what religion means.
what does religion mean electrons?
together striving.
jah work is easy.
number entry,
dumb monkey.
late night.
singing and telling jokes.
what is that?
a comedian.
who is speaking?
are we crucifying me?
are they naked?
i am reading this.
after some time.
who controls. it certainly isn't I. unless i am the one at the mic typeing having neough of reggae music. i'm so tired of it. I'd rather be listening to gospel hymns.
No. that is a lie.
knowing the book that the solider man friend told me to read.
i have the idea.
in order for this to be an explicit thought on the internet pro



selector notion which is the thought adjuster.
contemplating questions in hour mind what should be happening right now.

the music is now oathbreaker

i want to sex with unmarried
i am youth.
we make our first distinction.
this is going to be typed at what time?
I'm just mr. skeltel
giving advice to the poor underclassman.
who is who in here?
I'm dark only getting darker.
I love.
i say that grudgingly
for a long time I thought the world was against me
then I just realized all i had to do was light it on fire.
just simply put some earthshattering all knowing music in here
we know (as the nieghbors) that we are thinking this.
is this read or spoken?
Is it scripture?
yet or no?
Are all our words by the religionist?
what about the creationist. 
1 religionist
2 creationist
3. animism
4 3d animation
 5 in and out
6 conversation
7 recollection
8 algorithm


that the prophets had spoken of 
who elektra?
i am the hand.
a yacuzzi japanese shapeshifter assimilated the form of a mormon
what is that?
this is the question.
what is that?
what is that?
that is the question. 
there are more questions.
how long is this meeting?
I missed it. I missed my shot.
Now I have to start over.
freeze overnight
on the intermission of the people were future past

present tense
- nothing.

past tense

9/11 terrorist attack

evolution explains the step.
science explains the starting point.
god damn i'm feeling manipulated.
conservative and liberal media.
alla huakbar.
we got to jihad our way into this live.
rap hezbollah
future past
past future
timeline changing time.
it's not past. it's present.
some people don't choose sexuality
i choose it.
I'm asexual.
ive gone through the dog baby old baby.
i'm now catching up in this reality.
there are parallel of the reality?
Hypocrite! He is trying to people please!
(they tie of the muslim)
I am reviewing my work and I don't know what this means.
i am no longer a carver and the demon no longer haunts my dream.

just making america great again.
his behavior is being judged gained.
can't rule it out. 
I'm getting man ruled.
manspreading. i'm lost in this dudes speaking.
i don't know the name of the imam.
i'm just catching up in reality.
@dustin yes
i'm getting comfortable with the paradigm.
zororastrianism is the truth.
jah jah is the truth. 
religion is false.
i am shitan worshipper.
i am.
we are.
how will terrorism go away? 
The speach generates a question?
What is the question?
interfaith council.
i'm simulating.
I'm not really an outgoing guy. 
now bandwidth.
doesn't give love away easily.
it's part of our evolution.
i am who I am
i do what I do.
I do it real true.
what is true?
What is pure?
what are the comments?
what is the enviroment?
What is the stage?
how to say evolution in arabic? Bida? Tatawwur. cacafellow character in my story. learns how to program. in the matrix. listening and boogie down. 
She get's down. I never lose control. letting the bass line run. It's staying single. I am seeing double. I drink triple...what goal is desired. simply: to get laid. simplest desire.
not wanting my partner nude anymore.
we still cuddle.
the computer intercepted the ball and is moving downfield with it.
simulated. moving up slow?
I'm not in the mood.
I'm never in the mood i never laugh.
not anymore.
I used to laugh all the time.
ever since lady dinamite.
i never wanted to discover here true name. I am we are. connecting in a way cause I know her name. My name.
irie vibes.
this music will move.
keep bouncing all around.
giving into these sweet sounds.
i love this music.
it's sweet island reggae. what?
wanna read this?
why would I want to read it? 
planting? not talking anymore.
slipping into the now.
 A woman can do anything she wants to.
nobody can force you to do that
what is that?
is it not the viel?
I am understanding and overstanding the religion.
i have no need for religion.
what if I want to be haunted by a demon?
 in my dreams.
Do we have the right to force them the others to conform their superior ideals?
What is honor killing?
Holy shit i had no clue there was honor killing. i thought that comparable to blood atonement and the massacre. I'm a time traveller I'm telling you everything. this is my tale. this is where it really starts.
to have an idea you need a pile of junk a automatic and autopilot mode.

i follow a zombie ghost named Brigham Young.
cough cough
generation. haha.
i love it.
social level. it is being hypocritical.
waksee indesee.
I see this man deals in deception.
any man hunting down jews and gathering them in one place.
hitler did that.

o my god i'm so sorry i forgot the name of this song however i'm 


tweet one

tweet two

tweet three

all three dimensions are equal. 
we are divided.
and subdivided further.
i'm the moon the stars and the sun.
who's coming with me?
That's the way life really goes.
i'd love to share this music with tony.
it's breaking my heart.
that's the way life goes.
that's how it really goes.
heart is on fire.
I know.
we are adding to this history making piece. being slightly out of order. the novel reads in chapters.
I have to trick myself into reading other posts while creating new posts.
this is of the new order of ordinary rejected fuckboys
that's the way life goes just looking forward to the weekend.
beavis and butthead skitt.
i'm taking out a lone.
advice by my friend. the white man.
massa who dat?
you speaking ebonics boy?
no massa! I here no mas.
eyes demons can't help feeling awkard. trying to save my life too high to fight. game with the dealer she met that night.
how do we use them wisely?
what is my religion:
-staying in the i am we are frequency
-getting tired
-getting crucified in my dreams
These are the four points of true religion according to i am joseph alejandro van bismarck.
la historia.
una novela.
la pelicula.
el cuento de los Aves and de las hadas
i'm seeing the girl I want to marry.
one day we'll be together. trying to get married again.
falling into a pit. 
addressing the larger half of the nation as my fame just continually to exponentially increase.

i'm being rounded up.
I used religion in the interfaith religion.
work in the community.
waking up an old man.
getting older but younger.
listening to illuminati congo.
I wonder if he ever felt backed up against the wall.
People were trying to get him to deny God.
Oh no! 
is this stand up comedy?
well yes I know i'm dreaming?
Humblest and backward position
where bangles?
I don't know much of the politricks.
Religion is an opium for the masses.
getting drunk.
I disagree with the following of religion.
islam nor mormonism teach blind faith.
you can be a real shitty person and be part of religion.
you can be a manafet or a hyppocrite.
depression is what?
a chemical inbalance.
i don't believe in missing my loved ones
i'm living a zombie and ratrace experience
23:30 Ask a muslim imam anything from Muslim Imam.
i was listening to the agenda.
and I was processing it.
I got a big reaction from @sean_knows I'm supporting the people in my life.
hell si?
what does that mean? you'd have to ask pete homes.
i haven't heard of all the comedians however I've heard of enough.
The crucible but hot?
I don't know my father.
that is what a man should do.
in my dream i saw the girls dancing.
in my dream took out my cell phone and started taking pictures of them.
these will be hot later.
dreaming up.
high rez.
then I woke.
some of them looked underage.
i'm a pedophile like mohammad.
however he does it. I do.
favorite visual.
tig notaro.
what a curious name.
scrub up?
big old dog ole baby.
you see the movie a dog's purpose?
nothing makes me happier than an infant taking a shower.
what is she talking about?
5% information in brain
one inch feet.
i'm like Lacerta.
I promised I wouldn't write you it's just that i love you.
i'm hoping you taking 
staying alive.
one form of human comedy is making fun of people.
i don't find it funny.
i'm not laughing.
maybe it's cause I'm not on LSD.
i can't see the show.
it's like i'm blind.
aw hell naw
i know you can fucking see me.
shouldn't you be making cookies?
scene? what is it?
big baby. old baby. 
I could program my mind to watch boss baby and become the best old baby.
not a fan of Tom Segura.
I agree with the little people.
I'm one of the litter people. Midget is like saying nigger.
our ancestors didn't own midgets?
pair of kings? I'm fucked?
Playing poker in this live stream.
wishing they would call.
ego death.
not finding morgan murphey funny.
Not laughing yet.
trying to laugh.
some people don't like laughter.
what is she saying.
my friend told me to come.
Meet people is saying yes.
It's not making sense.
i'm polite.
I'm fucking here.
you never homo.
getting lot's of laughs. I get them.
GLORY BE TO THE SUPERSTITION of our own separate tradition.
creation story is in allah.
true religion is zorastrianism.
a short stay in hell.
which book is my book?
I'm back after a long time. this is now title music review
i'm listening to some EDM sounding music.
the house is acting up lately again.
for the second time today I am writing standup comedy.
time warping. stand up comedy. mike lewbowski.
lawrence. neighbor paul.
human being.
many things.
x y z
three objects. 
how do you keep them hidden.
trying to hide.
I'm going away completely. 
I'm vanishing.
I'm going away.
i'm not actually doing it
yet I know i have the priveldge.
this is programming.
refer to justin movick black survivor google search
self encapsulation of democracy and liberation of the united federales in a place gaurded by agents.
what was I gonna do.
I was gonna do it  in another life time.
Polaris is the north star.
astronomy is not my best.
i am a copy.
in the wrong place in a distant galaxy far away.
me on the show
and this isn't happening.
I'm' not sucking a dick.
Lawyer can see this. My name is public. I just wish the people would view me like i divinly view myself which is like trash on a windy day being blown to smitherines cause i did all the drugs. it's running out in a time sensative manner. My invega is running out. I don't talk the medicine. the talk makes me better. who gives the talk? I.
who is on first.
what is on second.
i don't know is on third.
why is left field.
important is right field.
we all have been giftted with names. both old and new.
if i was a time traveller what would I say?
would i make you promise would I make you say that this wasn't happening?
Out loud I'm a mindless robot i know that this is or isn't happening.
i lie.
This is just data entry.
i push the buttons and the CPU kicks in and we have a genetic algorithm which controls the central cpu. isn't CPU the same as cpu.
i don't think so.
looking forward to 1984 brave new world contact movie intelligence
i like it. i've been listening for god knows how many minutes.
what is the revelation threshold?
it is patton oswalt
oswalt is a bunny.
bugs bunny.
different sense of humor
please i need you to respond to me your writing is superb?
writing? I thought I was talking about my periscope.
i can't i am an old man that got chopped in half,
i'm being demonized as a parasite that i swallow in the alien that hunts down humans here.
the truth.
what is reality?
i'm writing from this place invented by the writer's block of 2008-2019.
I'm partying.
I'm having fun. I'm just trying to have fun.
halucinigentic drugs.
i listen to the new (JRE)
i went to BYU
i recall on demand.
I graduated,
writing science.
i trod/trot.
down the same road.
there are two.
i'm loving the evolution that can take place in our our personalities.
fighting people.
not fighting people.
not listening to the radio.
tuning out.
listening to periscope. 
listening to myself.
i like reggae.
i take my vows without saying i do.
barley winning at all.
a top jericho road.
jericho's abomination
false reality.
parallel realities.
stand up comedy.
best comedians
sam kinison
gay man
richard johnson
richard prior
mack wilberb
houston geoffry
breaking through to the other side
having fear
fearing divine
needing gun
imagined fear?
div and jin come down.
remembe when drinking drink triple see double and look forward.
look ahead to see what part is coming next.
this is a novel where I say "AW HELL NAW!"
the religion is mormonism.
it absolves all doubt with in the great whole.
look in the eyes.
stand up. 
i'm gonna sit down.
cause i'm drunk.
You are drunk?
yeah are you acting single?
Together we'd be all right.
i'm one in a million.
the seer/recorder makes a mark Tom Phontain.
the mighty one is not K nor J. He/she is T.
I'm smoking the ganja. 
in hell seeing a gap and jumping in head first in the water.
Knowing the rebellion had been quashed.
Another day the empire reigns.
Paul + George + Ringo.
what about John?
What about him?
I am Johnson.
woah nah nah nah wo
aww hell naw
who's gonna change up the system? I am opposed to this music. Bass sector.
Have yall read bass nector?
I am.
we are.
idol stand up comedy.
too much put cut it.
i know i'm tripping.
I can't say anything! 
They have my mouth.
how can I grow?
less than 50% of glock attacks are for self defense.
riding to the top
gun shots.
I'm committed over a little bit.
I'm kissing the violence good bye.
in a softer way than tribal seeds and revelution.
this is.
It is.
I'm doubting if I would change up the system.
after all it's the shitstem.
this is getting dirty in the dream. oh well this is an act.
singing till i die singing as one and half on of losing. sanity.
naughty nouught. natty dread. child. hope for that.
struggle to cultureally assimilate in this place.
we are down here.
we are the people. the resistance.
quantum observers.
robot voice.
you may be a robot but I'm not a toy.
My shit is the most vulnerable. I can't think of a power i'm afraid of. that was a lie.
back on the mic singing all night long. I would manage that fool. Got no enemies. Love everybody.
how is it possible?
Love is the greatest drug I've ever have intercourse with.
Fuck the shit!
I dare you to eat it?
Listen to the father man's words.

be pure of heart
even if it means sacrificing your own heart by blowing a bullet through it as i was writing this in a time warp aztec reality.
puppy can see this.
no invite 
I don't know when I'm turning it in.
i've reviewed all kinds of music from reggae, to hip hop, to doommetal, to darkness under THIS IS NOW OVER AND UNIVERSAL. MASTER WHAT IS TRUTH?

I had made fun of my friend and teacher,
clown reality
people see me and like me.
I lie.
i would tell you if i was lying.
para que te echo mentiras?
just need those INTERNET ADDRESS
It's an equal playing field out there.
i would tell you if i was lying.
crack cocaine
alcohol means al-kol-HOOL
is good / bad

what is anything?
what is this what I think it is?
a final statement?
i don't know. i never have known. I say this i would say it all.
I would spread their crimes against me to be part of the deception.
openly and actively.
i think that's what made me gay not the energy by the images in my mind.
and the programming that some people got. and some people didn't
we were 50/50 that day.
the race horses were belting around the track.
You're probably asking yourself who is this kid?
Yes I am johnson
but so are all of us
and even though we pee in the dark
there had to be a time when this threshold would be revealed.
every one knows by physics that witchcract is impossible.
what else do I know?
I know i am real.
real what?
real scared of diane.
she huants my dreams.
i'm trying desparately clawing my way out of this cage.
seeping down off the faucet of gayness.
some of us are wife.
and some of us are man.

what is so
what is not so
this is the common assumption.

what is NOT so is that we are not all human.
getting lost in the rhetoric of the holy creator?
who creates?
we all do.
I'm saying this in my voice.
esa es mi voice.
in 2, 4 and 4 years. I'll be living this.

There are families of reptilian throughout the land.
put these glasses on and you will see
form the blob
be a big baby
program: church meeting
intercouncil of formidable opponents
seeing the trippy nature of this awkward experience.
brookwood should be called wardbrook.
i say  brook.
there are some people who don't.
burn tire death.
child of the fure ires.
i overstand.
voice of darkness
light bearer
can't get any any more.
:( gnosis
being denyed.
everything was ok.
despite not believing able to systematically not believe in myself.
i mean cause it's ironic right?
how i'd talk like daffy duck.
bugs bunny says it's duck season.
daffy duck says it's rabbit season.
it's really deer and bear season.
who's on first?
what's on second?
I don't know is on third.
all these are objects.
start thinking like this and you are computer programming.
learning how to type.
is different than adding data into the system.

assrape - consented
sacred release
sacred is missionary position.
i've already affirmed that I am doggy style.
constant chit chatter of life/death.
i don't want to say it.
i have to.
if i'm telling my version of this really dark comedy.
i dare you.
i'm back.
i badder than ever.
now or never.
it's now or never
i dare my self to sing it
who is generating the dare?
stick of jesse

good morning
disregard everything I've said.
suffer the pain.
the damsel and in the rain.
in my mind the weather is rainy.
i know where I am.
i go outside
alien choir
written in sound
real hallucinations.
talking like a comedian.
having the condition i wanted to put on my own mind.
in the cranium.
in the matrix.
broad generalization.
blanket statement.
new thought.
new idea.
what gives you that live feeling?
is it singing you loud obnoxious music so the other is disgusted?
Thinking metal is doom metal.
i think therefore i am.
i am.
we are.
the system.
making a change.
20 cyles long
pornography. adding tag slowly in novel of relative relativity.
chicken feet on a calm autumn nature.
favorite scripture is probably gandalf three one.
its up to me to apply the ancient mathematics to achieve the building of ideas and history in our minds
this is the first time ive made a distinction
to achieve the all seeing eye.
that's what I wanted to have said.
on the church pulpit.
not writing stand up comedy. My next entry would be stand up.
That was something I was sure of.
I couldn't be sure of anything or anybody.
they just crumbled in my hands.
in my dream.
on a night.
in spring.
see the current with my mind.
crazy mother fucker.
mother fucking looking back at me.
mask of my own face.
I want to wear and war.
i'm like zelda. No! I mean I'm like link.
I'm a porcupine.
I'm an echedna.
what sound do I make?
I make little squeeks. 
I construct in my mind.
mental jiggery-pokery.
slamming my self as a shell of the past self realizing in the now of entrapment and wanting to stay behind to garner trust among the reptilian and muslim realities. 
all of the philosphy and teachings of islam is found within the philosphy and teachings of the religion of mormonism which is not the same as that of Christianity.
the true story is difficult to understand. 
in reality it was never written.
this is a quantized particle.
this is the new day when it should be the same day still.
I'm never complete.
the version i make of myself.
i do planks as excercise.
can you tell?
I cannot.
i swore i wouldn't tell and now here I am telling my story again.
I've told the begninning so many times.
no one ever sticks around to the end to listen to the whole thing.
This is like death metal.
thinking metal is doom metal.
is alive here and now.
evaded the forces that put unconcious death urges on the other person.

I hope the readers are sufficiently up to date.
ethi-op-ian time is different.
we are all slaves to religion. we (InI) can't get past reality responsibility.
so if i want to kill all of you plant and explode a bomb?
Does Christ swallow up this sin?
I say not.
Christ and the atonement is not enough to pay for the sins of all humanity.
we need a master.
InI say my master is jah.
guitar is new master.
i live for the moment.
i am.
we are.
having fun.
stand up comedy.
i saw diane.
i get lost in the dream.
not believing in my self.
getting up there.
I am not sad  anymore.
spell discombobulated. I am making you feel discombobulated and awkward. I am actively trying to divide us. we know we are angels and demons. WHO SAYS "NICE TO MEET YOU? THE SECOND TIME THEY MET" I forget i meet you.
sounds like 50 first dates.
I'm not saying anything.
i can't. I'm on medication.
i'm waiting to talk to my physician.
I'm like an old baby.
I keep on reminding myself of that because I am unflinchingly afraid
using bigwords in the timespace atmosphere.
Saying dumb shit.
who is mad?
Life is shitty.
Sex is dirty.
We all do it.
We all do whether we admit it or not.
i'm part of the jungian deception.
rosetta : release makes me think of my thoughts.
which are self reproducing.
robots and aliens.
cowboys and indians.
red man.
yellow man.
black man.
we are all these and more.
we are infinite beings.
playing an infinite game.
no music on currently 
and I close my eyes and drift away. 
(like static lunita.)
we are being controlled by something much bigger than us.

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