Saturday, May 13, 2017

Day Six

pussy is power said the black man
according to K.L.
my fingers burned.
plotting murder. re-drum.
imma need way more than a million to achieve my goals
i'm very superstitious
tweety bird
i just made that up
she lives on.
the wild west show
by michael murphey
kinda of low energy 70s rock show
wondering again if this is just my little world
is this standup comedy?
well not exactly.
to me this is sit down comedy.
isn't it funny that a daredevil isn't a "devil" or a "demon". a daredevil is good. am I right or am I right? now a demon is bad.
you say you have demons it's like having skeletons in the closet.
we all have them.
thank you. you guys have been great.

jesus fucking christ
ever get the tingles?
that feeling if you are high or not?
i'm a person with schizophrenia.
that's my skeleton in the closet.
well punk rock is my fucking religion.
nintendo fun club
having fun
we smoke pot, we rock and roll, we jump up and down in our seats
while the people are talking.
1 hour of straight tech issues
as we are right now.
audience of literally dozens
I'm' feeling super duper tired
working my way towards pumped/punked
Punk rock represents something for the people.
it's more than just "songs". IT is a culture.
we have snobby
Nothing here is meant to impress or make look cool. I am. We are.

There are still gonna be some zelda fans.
who is the opposition coming from?
This is a speech. You all are listening.
I know i'm funny. I laugh in my head.
i don't laugh like an evil genius.
Every one has an evil laugh.
what are they thinking of?
chopping people up and eating their bits?
I am a computer.
I am a computer.
no seriously...
they have ai people. people who THINK they are AI.
sounds like i am one of those people.
well of wisdom
that well dries up and plop
we are are square one.
i never tag these stand up comedy though they are meant to be that?
it's fucking paradoxical.
this is like rodney king.
I couldn't get through it.
my brain is too thick.
my brain is a genius.
it's pompous. i know i'm going to die
so I am plotting of ways in order to become immortal.
I don't fart nor ejaculate.
I don't think farting is funning.
what's your comedy style?
angel or demon?
this is my sit down stand up.
I might reorder these parts.
i speak the timeless language.
that feel.
sound effects.
My dreams are fucking nuts!
I try to get up on my soapbox and preach this gospel.
good vibration.
we not fall in a pit.
dig a pit for your nieghbor and you'll end up falling in yourself.
I fell in one of those pits one time.
trust me it hasn't been easy to get out.
i'm digging like this is hell.
the behind the scense.
el corazon es el alma y el alma es libertad.
woah dude you catch that?
catch what?
i don't know the conversation!
i don't know what the fuck you are talking about I haven't taken my medication.

some seconds pass

why not?

I could tell you; you probably wouldn't understand.


fuck you

just tell me

(with a crazy look in the eye)

Whether Shackled into submission, jailed into submission or drugged into submission, society always finds a way of controlling those who chose not to control themselves. Biopsychiatry is the atheist's system to control the uncontrollable with shocks, drugs and involuntary committal.

gonna listen to what the disney imagineers cooked up this time: 
time is 10:12 PM on 5/13/2017

there you are pogo mix
dig magic hour pod
I'm too ________ for this.
fok you!

you are no better than a couple of calfers. You're a waste of a white skin.

i'm naive to think the world would accept the quote by coach juan carlos.

some people just listen and do nothing.

it's like you need to tell them to do x, y z at this particular time. if you do not they will not do anything.
this fight is going to go down to the wire.
trying hard to not to yell something like i'll kick your ass!
jumping up and down
the violence.
lost in the matrix.
love is all i play.
there is love in violence.
silenceis violence. love is laughter.
come on.
can't even get a fake laugh up in here.
what about a fake smile.
i'm pretty sure there are some depressed people in here.
wondering what to think next?
i talked with a mormon once and I was like where do the thoughts come from?
he didn't answer me directly.
he was entrenched in a religious paradigm that is no better than opiome for the mind.
I've been touched.
in the moment of a fight i have nothing.
 i have none of my precious "learnings" that I held dear in the previous state.
It's just guts and determination to win this competitor
I'm looking up watkin tudor jones i don't think he is who he says he is.
i'm senseing a shapeshifter.
they are watching me.
if feels that way.
i could be wrong.  looking up on google now 10:52 PM
i fucking knew it.
WTJ is none other than ninja from DIE ANTWOORD.
this is some quantum physics.
snuff barcode.
that is a lyric i haven't heard in a long long time.
it's true I've heard of everything.
it doesn't surprise me that my best friends stabbed me in the back.
that's how the game goes.
do we understand each other?
can we agree that all commercials are incredibly annoying?
masking "i did not have a visa"
sucker's choice?
thanks everybody yall have been great!

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