Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day Six: feelings + though

Most people probably won't believe how I got here. I typed into the search bar "we are all like little comedians in our brains coaxing ourselves to sleep." It's the end of the world. Armageddon has come. of sorts. we are using deception in our own story to tell if this is a speech or stand up comedy? well it's both. I know you don't like this answer. My responsibility is absolved through religion. Religion is my addiction. It's a dopamine for the mind. I just can't get off that THC. Why would I tell a lie? I like getting high. I like getting low. I get high to get low. my cat and I love your channel, too, numeditationmusic. It's like I'm in a room. well technically I am in a room. I has lost me marbles. I'm a scottish tribesman doing voices for the you tube people. Couldn't exactly say what my problem was. I knew I was a jew and that our tradition was the ... i don't know. I don't know what my tradition is. My thoughts come terribly slow. Maybe I'm a live dead person. just like i am a black white man. check it out. If you do not believe in ZION you can get out of here. (Cut the head of a python) best being touched by god. believing in the self which is an illusion. What beautiful souls we have with us today. It's the temple. i've said it all which parts would I further illustrate? this music feels like "we're riding a wave of consciousness". hi guys. nice to meet you. My name is justin as you can tell. I'm not a belieber however I am a believer. It's hard to admit but for a long time I didn't believe. For a long time I was an athiest mascarading as a mormon. I'm a gnostic thiest. God is exists. I am God. But so is everyone else. This is one mad story that I'm just reciting off for stand-up comedy nights. My dream is independent from others. thought. dispersal of thought. i love this time of day. i'm trying to get a pay check for stupidity. I'm trying to be thinking and morping into a dog. So I got high one time and I was with my friend and we were talking about bob marley. My friend said you know the dreadlock is the dick right? I said, "Oh' what I could have said was "what the fuck?" why you bringing up some gay shit right now? I want to enjoy the moment and not think of anything to do with sexuality. Maybe he felt uncomfortable with my empathy. I don't know. we all ask ourselves basic questions. "WHY?' 'how did it begin?' 'can aliens get their privates sucked' So at this point I will not apologize for my vulgarity. As a member of the choco elite I stand with the children. I speak for the trees so to speak. why would I say it like that. this is deep. haha. bad breath. WE GODS WERE ASHAMED. (not of ourselves our of our bodies) we were ashamed of the actions of the white man governing USA. Nothing has changed since the beginning. My people starve because of lack of knowledge. WE are applying these teaching to ourselves. We each really have two souls. One could be "THE GHOST" or a jin. The other is our bodily spirit. Most by the age of 14 their jin is dead by the programming of our subculture. I thank god everyday I was able to bring my other half back to me using quantum physics. This entire experience is pyschedelic. Like woah dude slow down. how am I doing this? What? What is good comedy? I submit good comedy is funny to everyone. Why do we have separate styles of comedy. aren't we all just one audience listening to the speaker speak. I am one intelligence. I am another. I a third. I a fourth. WE are multiplying. we are the characters in a book. Forgive me brothers and sisters i have gone inside the account holders mainframe. vickysweet. i have temptation. either with others or myself. I'm a sick, dirty filthy little monkey. When we get high we turn into other animals. WE are shapeshifters. WE are divulging everything. It's like i'm having the option to edit this later on. sure i'd like to be a stand up comedian one day.
two pages.
10,000 hours.
i am a racoon ninja human being shapeshifter. abomination. satan has my heart.
it's weak. the father of all spirits tramples on my self-esteem.


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