Monday, May 15, 2017

Day Seven

I get an early start to the day
1:45AM 5/14/2017
i am a machine.
i'm bad.
 i just stole that thought.
i can create them tool.
wait just give me a second.
i 'm fighting the radio.
i know it sounds loco.
you gotta speak my language.

rap hezbollah slang

tattawur iikmad bad habit or عادة سيئة A E-dad itsay-yeah-ha

to every supression there is a violent release.
don't do that.
it's done.
government knows.
they have a song about that.
just google the government knows when i masturbate.
i won't tell how I came across this tidbit of information.

please forgive me I wasn't in my right mind when I said that.
i realize deep down i am a people pleaser.
we all are!
are we?
some just play the part. some just "act"
i can't decide how to label this one.
I'm revealing today some useful information
satan masquerades as an angel of light.
who is this satan?
is is not I?
my upper inconscience of my singular brain has me thinking like this
hmmm what is that like unto?
there are angels and demons.
the "self" is part angel and part demon.
it's a creation of ghastly proportions.
i can't decide what to label this.
I have used religion so many times. I want stand up comedy to be my new religion. I lack the patience for that. in most stand up I get bored or fall asleep.
it could be mental illness about a blog about how one lost soul is feeling.
it could be a music review where I comment on the songs i listen to. (that's pretty fun)
His servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.

Woop-di-ding dong!
I mean what the fucking fuck.

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