Monday, May 15, 2017

Day One

shock the shiva.
nervousness is just an illusion.
baha samadi.
tag: crucialConversations

I am grateful for miracles. they exist.
call it the law of attraction if you will but I call them miracles in humility and recognition of a Higher Power.
thank you jah for love. thank you jah for strenghth. thank you jah for light. thank you jah for remembrance. thank you jah for nothingness. thank you jah for supernovae.
thank you jah for oneness. thank you jah for music.
thank you jah for inspiration.
thank you jah for transcendence.
thank you jah for light and truth.
I've confused my brain about the date. i lose track of reality.
this is a mental illness entry journal which could be like a test
is this a test?
each moment is a test.
i' KNOW this isn't happening.
Maybe i should get SAFEME.
this is a commericial for safeme. I work at __________________, inc.
this is online training.
(i cut it off.)
i am feeling my heart.
this is simliar to radio disney.
these PAGES put together at are music reviews for the most part.
some are spells, some are ideas on religion, some describe my plight as I person with schizophrenia.
i'm needing contact lenses.
the commercials make me hungry.
I want to steal the sandwhich. :(
Mondo cozmo.
this sounds pretty live.
what have you lost stranger?
what does the audience want?
i give it away.
what is my schizo?
I'm not going reveal.
i'm gonna get high and stoned.
everything will be allright if you let it go.
jesus christ my dad gotta hear this music.
i live because of them.
they are.
I am.
i'd like to get to the point where we are.
chaos theory
by me.
i give this song 10/10.
i smell socks.
I'm tinking like dis.
black man.
for all man and woman.
i'm high and stoned all the time.
except the doctor said i shouldn't label myself so I am simply
A PERSON. with schizophrenia.
this is wierd.
it sounds gay. lol
straight or gay.
gay or straight.
I've done everything.
why isn't it working?
Good news by  Ocean Park Standoff.
that name is too good to be true.
I believe what i can see.
looking for something to get me out of my seat.
what is the conversation WE THE PARENT need to have?
I freeze.
my mind goes blank.
that is what being stoned means.
I'm staring into the distance as a blind man.
commentary on revelation(this is what the body does.)
i talk to katy.
she is sweet.
so it Tony.
this is a memory.
of someone that I know.
1 2 3
getting so high
getting so low.

what will come next?
i don't know.
i'd like to listen to the radio.
I haven't talked to the heavenly earthly parents.
I believe. To an extent.
I'm going real negative with this next track. T-PAIN.
I'm a blogger and they can see me.
of a business.
what is love?
streching vagina.
flaying myself making me stoned.
I'm still stoned.
"Oh hot damn this is my jam" said my mother.
Who has the authority?
fake stick up.
 I know.
I can understand them.
and they can understand me.
are we implementing our business_model?
AI: i'm getting hapi.
most people don't know what that means.
Means drunk.
jordan and pippen! YEAH!
saw her walking down the street.
I'm not trying to get a rape charge.
What's your name trick?
I steal some ideas from the TV.
the remedy to 1984 is 1776.
I believe in the constitution. THE NEW CONSTITUTION.
(are we supposed to be having this conversation)
Austin Mahone is calling.
God damn it feels great to be transgendered.
I am identifying as a black woman.
I'm transforming.
I have different forms.
It's still morning.
Will I ever wake up?
It depends on what things put us to sleep.
Music can be hypnotic.
Just a single word heard in a song "ocean" can conjour up visions of ecstasy and splendor.
this is a little fruity.
I'm wanting to be crucified by the establishment. don't tell.
I am stoned.
I shouldn't be writing this and I am.
this is the most certain I can be,
Now I am less certain.
20 minutes
sleeping on the general.
When I am not dealing with money I am sleeping and dealing with signs and tokens.
WE THE PEOPLE need to look out for each other.
As I write this I venture off into the vast ocean of thought and philosophy
and who knows the rhythm and or cadence of the speech written spoken or both.

Now that is one beautiful picture.
I love the commericial of shevron tecron BEA-U-tiful.
they way the car says it is hilarious.
I'm really digging in to this particular thought pattern or vien of comedy.
i haven't plagerized as far as I know.
i've quoted myself. i haven't plagerized though.
I keep on saying to myself I AM to remind myself that I exist.
cause many times I want to go I AM?

Yes dummy.
I'm a princess in the morning time.
I just let it go.
I am wrapping rhyming on the radio.
it's around me like a magnet.
Edward bernays.
edward sheeren.
John Wayne.
Johnny Depp.
Johnny Appleseed
me tinking like dis.
trained by day Joe rogan by night.
War I am me who am I a person with addictions, love, and confusion.

i had this whole "problem" it'll sound dumb but i'll tell you.
my radio was playing this rap song which i kinda liked but I really wanted to listen to john wayne quotes. well i got what I wanted music.
I'm reviewing music. Ummm. this song is pretty good. This other song is terrific. The last song I'll show you is Portal....Porter not porter rockwell porter....portor wagon!
anybody do any impressions?
I do goofy pretty spot on.
I also do an impression of a retarded person pretty well.
i know i shouldn't use that word
but it's just too god damn funny.
i make myself laugh that's part of my "condition"
Charley Pride
Is anybody going to San Antonio?
I reckon dems is'gogglin in their thought pattern.
I'm not here.
I'm a ghost.
wait for silence.
hahaha ( if i don't get any laughs at this point) riff something (what you guys don't like dark comedy)
my voice is the same as I remember.
I can't understand the lyrics to the song.
It's like it hypotizes me.
well now it's almost gonna be 11:11. I love that time of day.
This is impression of woman which is my same person.
I've said many things as a mild aged person with schizophrenia
i'm not expecting a whole lot of people to pick up on this.
i am the same person as I thought I was.
eat sleep rave repeat
time jump
eat sleep rave repeat
i'm just dancing.
object oriented design.
business plan.
eat sleep rave repeat.
i heard it from a guy.
i'm a person. time controller.
i'm programming even though it doesn't seem like it.
eat sleep rave repeat.
what came out of the club...
I'm plagerizing.
dancing to lsd.
eat sleep rave repeat?
like a robot?
i'm thinking.
i'm trying to cocaine?
it affects my brain and how I think.
I was sounding pretty smart until I went and did something stupid.

It's nothing my problem was forgotten..
does the computer remember what my dream was?
I'm not quite sure.
I'm' just dancing raving in my mind.
i'm getting my boogie on.
why can't I act?
it's because I'm gay.
in the future as a women.
how can it be live from montreal?
It's day 33.
how can it be?
Woah dude.
i'm blowing my mind.
I can't remember.
my mind blows my mind.
incredible thoughts.
increditble minds.
i'm so overwhelmed.
how did my brain concieve them.
I caught the wave.
I'm in the matrix.
remembering a past life.
a seperate past life.
I hope.
The audacity of hope is a book written by none other than Barak Obama.
It doesn't have to end the way you thought it should end.
This could be the surprise ending.
batman comes back to life.
according to Bob Marley's theory I am now a man.
that's what bob marley told me.
he told you that when?
I'm not the only one to have special visiations.
I'm sounding like one of "the crazies"
then so be it.
this part part two is going to have a different voice. The voice of a strong man.

gay guy comedy sounds like this






yes please!

I'm soft.
I feel the beeps and chings of the phone.
I am a filthy little monkey.
here we go?
I'm in public on a boat.
I can't believe this is happening.
I am riding the boat periscopte and my joy is full.
how is it possible?
The source of the siene is "source siene."
I so want to be another person right now.
presidential election is first.
now people will decide in the parlimentary elections.
Give his movement.
what is the choice?
Paris or LA 2024
quota in minnesota.
I'm at the bar.
the church is the jesus,
bright lovely jesus.
Putting my twiggy ass to sleep
wait who?
we are the same ones and zeros!"
"You are in trouble!"
"You can;t do anything about it.
I am your parent!
You what I say:

i'm laughing for no god damn reason
this is a moment of triumph.
i represent my headstock.
in the game.
I'm breaking into the matrix with some ghetto programming skills.
this is a long time ago.
What time is it?
on 5/15/2017
i shit I'm bugging.
my name is cheech marin man.
he a cop?
I think they were cops man.
the blind guy just says
wassup wassup guys
that's the shit i would talk next time I record a video (via periscope)
parents can't see this.
why would they care about some dumb stupid blog I write.
it's not like my writing means anything to me.

this technology gets in the way of my life.
i wrote those words in 2005. I was still a young runt.
I'm the cream of the crop.
top of the line business model.
following programming to a T.
(you didn't hear what I said)
I said it like an old man.
Ho on.
or should I say Oh no!
whats the matter j mo!?
I can't find my marbles.
Who I am in the separate reality is who I am in real life.
i'm just holding on.
7 day theory.
race wars.
tough gang.
business plan.
Hit people on the head for money.
Blood curdeling angry with black billy or what billy?
I'm seeing double again.
I'm straight and single.
break 2:38 5/152017
city moving.
asthma check
check batting avergages.
we are.
i'm clsing my eyes.
opening them.
we are.
i sleep on niggas.
i'm gone.
i lost my marbles.
i wish this standu p comedy.
rinse repeat
three peat.
gotta stay in top condition.
straight up.
coke me head.
 i did it.
makes me really STUPID!
I just today found the formula for success.
total recall:
i'm in the movie with the governator
if only the governator was the president-INATOR.

that's not a very funny joke it doesn't even make sense.
i know
ace frehley.
i'm also back in a new york groove.
We are the gay folk.
am I?
I don't know.
this is how retarded I am.
Who is more "retarded" joe rogan or steve-o?
Steve-O used to get high on katamine.
those benders could last 2-3 days.
i cherish all the websites and images I have visited.
unwanted thhought syndrome
charge more than ever
worth it for a puff
celebrity rehab
smoking cigarettes?
who dat?
nitrous oxide.
I have a plan. I can't see it.
I have an october plan.
Awake on cocaine
people are ghosts.
dude walked through the apartment.
the other world.
tactile halucinations.
in my brain.
in my dream.
i believe this:
our 3d is apart from the other dimensions.
the barriers become eroded.
I still hear voices.
hearing spirits.
he sells weed.
i don't.
you just don't get high.
I don't get it.
feeling about the brain works.
i don't know.
not being convinced.
i'm playing the game.
getting really high.
sensativeity drug.
alcohol makes you blunt.
that's his interpretation of "drunk"
thinking of posibilities.
the interface changes.
I fucked up.
i'm too introspective.
pick myself apart.
putting myself on trial.
I'll make it.
I suck though.
i'm having a crucial conversation.
that's what I'm doing living the moment.
morbid flogging of him-herself.
I'm not acccountable. here.
the voices.
I'm tripping on edibles.
I'm so very fucking afraid.
the phone goes off.
my heart.
that guy was being a friend to me.
caught on earlier not being defensive or a aggressive.
working a great program.
pot makes me (high/low)
yoga is the shit.
pot or yoga? pot or yoga!
which one gets me higher?
which one gets me stoned.
yeah thats the one.
i'm injecting this blog post with negativity.
Thinks he can play his way through.
Are we all not playing my brothers and sisters?
I know the church of bars watches over me.
I believe in the wichery that has been taking place over the country side.
i go a little bit wacky. this is another chapter in the book: a person with schizophrenia.
my story is every body else's story.
i go to alateen and al-anon.
wwe brass. cave man. got me kicked out.
in their back scene world.
my joke's punch line is Grandma voted leave. 
 and then I say i didn't.
everything in time.
selling is easy. 
i just got to put on di vaiz. (voice)
massive trauma.
massive. for sure.
heavy black out.
one time in october 2016~
the season is now.
the past is gone and done with however sometimes I bring it back with my mind.
I fucked my brain up. I can't go back to how I feel.
no button to push.
deal with how you are.
feeling dull and jetlagged. always tired.
we are always tired.
i'm on this diet right?
it's got me hungry.
dog dammit.
blood work anything.
full panel for stds.
defecient on Iron.
Low T from all the smoking the ganja bro.
i couldn't have avoided this.
highway to hell.
band from hell.
generic generalization.
kieth richards is in great shape.
my story.
is your story.
we are the same.
we are won.
I win.
My back.
this converstation wakes me the fuck up
By qorking the al-anon program, i have come to believe that i'm really not in charge of anyone or anything. i'm just here to do the best i can with what god gives me. if I truly put my life and the lives of my loved ones into Gods hands through daily prayer, he will be good to me beyond my wildest desire.
girls girls girls
time warp.
man in the black hat.
i know the cat in the hat exists.
I just gotta say that situation was shitty.
Fuck you. 
YOU'RE a waste of a white skin.
smiles are my fuel.
youtube world.
i never saw that movie.
i got pulled into the matrix. slowly. very slowly.
full circle. dopeaz.
i got fibromolesia.
i live on an edge.
I love.
it matters what they want.
fake gay attitudes.
parameters of reality who talks like that?
with stand up!
careful not to lynch the guy.
hilarious check out comedy shrimping ain't easy
i've seen that show.
i was in provo.
I'm in the stand up game for one year and I'm fucking.
student of the game
no game plan.
the stunt is getting on stage.
he was serious for that comment.
just a job.
JRE is the bomb.
#parameters of #reality
10 min set.
even if i half to bomb i'm doing it.
hey guys thanks i'm trying some new material.
don't tell!!!
is it all about the laughs?
al madrigal trashed on Steve-O. steve O is talking.
this is what joe was talking about earlier on 5/15/2017.
comedy is not sacred, bro. 
you get the laughs however you can get the laughs.
making fun of people is not cool.
Al made a bad ethical decision.
I've made a few.
I'm listening to Steve-O talk some shit.
woah i swore the holy spirit heard?
he is good at acting that.
STEVO story is my story.
I am a smart dumb man.
I am a dumb dumb man.
I am a smart intelligent man.
I drop it.
It drops out.
Listen to the message dewsh.
A lot of smack being talked lately.
we all gotta accept that he does some shit.
not that fucking great didn't sleep.
kept me up.
ini meditate.
i'm renting space in my head.
I'm attacking steve-o. 
getting out of my comfort zone. 
how is bammer so good.
people shitting on my
i'm getting lynched!
pure coke
cats and dog.
do you own standup?
Joe rogan is sticking up for steve-o.
This is a big dude.
this fucking guy he's doing stand up BULL SHIT.
you're a big handsome gorrila.
he's funny. smart
that bit ended.
fuck bin laden.
#having a gift for standup comedy.

what he say?
cool, give me your number?
#suck a dick
#up #the #ass
delivery and timing.
laugh factory.
there are angels and demons here.
so much wind in my sails.
hemaphredates are real.
I don't know what that makes me.
I've lost control.
#i don't find it funny.
though steve-o is funny.
That laugh so stupid makes me laugh in a gay and straight russian way.
with little people
dr. drew is addiction specialist? 
marijuana is hugely addictive?
it's my medicine.
I was housesitting for this chick.
tied the rubber in a knot.
boyfriends dog
the dog ate it.
sodomizing the dog.
swallow a condom with own sperm.
i got arrested for internation drug smuggling in sweden.
what is the greatest story ever?
can I deliver?
I don't have the guts to swallow 
deep throat in the incredible hulk.
i hear death.
the computer is calling me a stoner.
next comedy special.
hapened on camera orignally.
supporting not even embellish.
what in the world?
how is that even possible?
that dude has seen ghosts and projections and shit.
he exploded.
I exploded.
our story is his story.
my story.
is NOT the same as steve-o.
that's what she said.
the criticism has come from fellow comics.
that's the way it always is.
what did it smell like?
psychological issue?
I'm a true drug addict.
Show AMY?
joe could go for a blow right there.
the vien.
amy winehouse, biatch.
cia is a little girl.
little bow wow fakes ?
he's getting raped now.
Swallowing the condom.
bear is my son.
i am bear.
i am the father justin.
we balling here we balling.
bay area hip hop.


This music is kinda creeping me out. Good thing I'm not on acid or else it would seem like I am fallin through time and space. I knew there would be hecklers. I didn't give a fuck!

i willingly neglect your point of view and I become an asshole.
My story is not your story Joe Rogan.
i'm taking control.
i'm responding in this lucid dream.
i'm gaming it's 10:01 on 5/15/2017
i'm fighting.
hyper violence.
false awakening.
wait a second
i'm still aslessp.
i'm arguing to myself that i'm asleep.
i'm putting myself tosleep.
i don't knowwhat is real anylonger.
My dreams are loco
i'm the G
Em G D
I hear the voices.
i got through that super scary video.
life is the color of roses these days.
it's really easyss
Talking to JOE I AM THE DMT.
i am the tony in hear.
we are on a flight.
coming back from dallas texas.
haha he kicked the lady's chair.
it's getting violence.
shout out to Ryan.
i'm getting aggreessive but I'm a good dude.
# jah
#feeling the towell.
I like to caress the mind. I'm in business class coach.
in the fame game.
how famous are you?
That's my evil self concious filmography!
egalitarian in this day in age?
lining up by the number.
eeeh i'm ok.
sometimes you got to take them.
anything can happen with spirit airlines.
I'm raising the dead to life!
gorrila man
what is a reverse threat?
bag of peanuts. I'm blogging the contents of the JRE UFC211.
i just don't know.
bag of peanuts. i'm blogging the contents of the JRE.
what is a reverse threat?
I'm getting violent with kacie
kacie is so drop dead gorgeous.
it seemed like a minute ago i didn't have her in my life.
I didn't realize before getting drunk that getting intoxicated is the same thing as chewing the cud with the family. people i really trust. like not a lot of people. I can think of the people I trust on 1-2 hands.
i go fidigity fans.
I've always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes.
when I get older...
and then it goes back.
borne to violent zone poor people.
grown in these streets.
i'm the fartest.
i get a little bit giddy.
I fight orlando.
i'm waiting for it.
this is my fight strategy.
I'm waiting on my opon-ent.
I and I are I.
we are the mountain people calling
on shiva and kali
and the great transcendental truth of mankind.
this is comedy in my voice.
it's gonna take awhile for this bactiwia to progrress.
natural mystic jew that ate his shew
this is my stand up comedy.
we say it together.
we form the blob as the human race?
I know there are flags raised.
al hamdillah?
she mixed the post with pre.
this story is everybody's story?
sure doesn't seam that way
i want to say my story is unique and different and
to say fuck the lakers.
I just hate them so much because of the rivalry.
i'm loyal to my blood.
do you have it?
If you do you are a man.
or are you a woman?
I don't know there are shapeshifters speaking arabic.
is this the demon? no that is what i see in the mirror.
he's going easy on me.
he's going light.
que lindo.
sos mejor que tu?
I name.
we are walking up as a race.
the human race.
there are blacks.
whites, asians, gophers, maricones,
heros, belief,
this music is bomb.
allahu akbar.
i'm a terrorist.
i have to remember that I don't like this music as back in 01.
i heard it clearly on that day.
I don't know why it was seeming so hard these days.
what are the key words?
Where are the key worlds?
What is the difference between a word and a thought?
they are they same.
they are a thought pattern.
i'm a person with schizophrenia.
bravo maribel?
iza on awrote.
arguing intellectually with a litttle kid.
she mesmerizes with her stand upp
mc teen arbenime
mercii was gonna go new age. I would turn this into the stand up comedian gods at exactly 11:11 PM today the fifteenth in the year 2017.
setting the machine
ook it's ready.
set it off.
i'm a nook.
i'm in the boothe.
i'm hearing the mad beat playing and making the appropriate faces.
i do the duck face.
this is my glue.
The more you say the more it sticks to me.
i carry the shit with me for 75 years when like a crack addict in the night I come and I die.
i just laugh in the face of danger.
are you so sure you wanna be saying this like this?
this is what i want people to say of me
Dude jmo that dude is a total chillard.
he's life is shit yet he remains like a light for all in the house to see.
I'm like matilda, biatch.
people listen and don't even understand
that's a basic of life.
we aware intelligent light workers
need stand up in the middle of the night in our dreams and remember inception.
have a great night every body! love you to death muaw!

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