Monday, May 8, 2017

Day One: Here

oh my God!
don't look at me like that!
you make me feel uncomfortable!

you could take this one of two ways
a gay man feeling intense stress
a straight man making fun of the gay man.

Most people can't understand that I am both of these men. The gay man is actually a woman.
i could steal some lyrics however I won't. I'll just say I'm on soundcloud trending.

hip hop.
thought pattern.
race that accept me.
still have to watch house arrest.

honestly I'm a very stupid man.
i have intelligence. i  use that to get a meal.
when I get high I feel hated on by the white race--it's like they KNOW i've secretly sucked a dick. The black race however doesn't discriminate because of that. If they feel uncomfortable with me they just ask me If i'm a dicksucker. To which I respond no I am not. I give off a different vibe. I'm fucking mental. :( I can't escape the negatively.

Sure I wish this was a child's novel. However it's not. My life is a post-modern mess.

i am a liar. i hate the people. this is going to make this stand up difficult.
love is taking up the mic and preaching.
i believe.
some don't.
i'm dividing the people.
the myth of the flood
for me this is a reality.
i like this word.
real ity;
real means real the opposite of fake. ity means looking atl
cutting up
bought a fifth of henney.
we criminal.
we higher than the stars.
this is new to me.
chop the bodies of the family into pieces.
eat the pieces.
naver chase no bitch.
fuck it dmt.
chasing check.
two cups.
toss up.
who am I?
Who am I?
I'm no better than you.
we are different.
mask off.
i'm not the only one listening to future.
it's part of quantasum.
eyes tell the truth.
what is that?
the second token of the Melchizedek priesthood or the patriarchal grip.
it's a sealed book.
fuck it.
i just don't understand.
i'm in denial.
ok well ok then.
the real competition begins now.
RIP johnny cash.
being in the game.
wasn't me.
people was fucking with me.
playing the piano as a puppet.
closing eyes.
still typing.
in the other world.

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