Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day Four: what is an object?

Insanity is a choice.

Day one? did I make sense?
day two? Did I sound crazy?
day three? Did I choose insanity?

See, insanity is fun.  \

filthy talk is what the people want. IMO. So on here I'm gonna continue this "sin". 
I will be judged by some. (Good. So be it.)

insanity can run out. and all you have left is "sadness" aka depression.

i'm having writer's block. :(
fuck! I forgot what I had to say! Oh well I'll just have to come up with new material.
this too shall pass.
i copied the following from

Beasts have feelings, just as you do.

When you think about drinking or drugging,

well no sir, i do not.
then you can't be here crossing the line.
didn't you ever see that movie stardust?
I don't have "the interpretation" nonetheless I am in awe at the perceived complexity of this last statement.
Some of us...
some else of us...
neither or 

you may feel anxious.

You know the likely, ugly consequences.

But at the same time, it feels pleasantly aroused.
Only you can remember the bad times.
It remembers only the good times.
It never learns.

It will be jealous of people who drink or use without problems
It will resent people who interfere with its supply.
It will feel joyous when you consider drinking or using.
It is horrified at the idea of never getting high again.
It is very frightened of you.
It wants to survive.
It knows what you are capable of doing.

heart pounding
thoughts coming
1st thought: i'm anxious
2nd thought: I am.
3rd thought: deception
4th thought: How many thoughts do I have a day?
there's one thing you got that no one else has.
the heart of a champion.
why oh why did she have to leave and go away?
i've been used to having to someone to lean on and I'm lost
time ticks so slow.
1 ...
can i get four?
singing along to chi-lites makes me happy there still is this pit of darkness that I can't ignore.
I'm getting money while fucking these women...
no morals.
the left uses morals?
The left uses morals.
Am I talking politics? Jesus Christ i'm not qualified for that.

Disregard everything I just said right there.
I'm alive saying nothing.
ALL MY THOUGHT PATTERN is in the person playing.
we all want to play?
porque que?
tu no me dijiste que me fuera al infierno?
No! No dije eso.
la tonta de la calle 8.
getting into someone's brain.
the process of decomposition.
I go there.
InI am woman.
God to me on in that moment was scary
so I left the goolgle assistant running
I knew it would challenge me.
i don't like the sound of that GOD VOICE.
what is that?
it is the veil.
i told you you were going to get to this point in the endowment.
who's there?
Nick? no.
Kevin? no.
yes it is my friend wil.
he's really the only friend I had
we would be soaring watching TV shows
i was so stoned and worried because in that moment I could think about was the dick.

my morning meditation includes reviewing the diversity policies of my work place.
the room was dark.
very dark.
you couldn't see anything into the room.
People in LA can hear.
WHY WON'T 50-60-70-100 players read the script?
we all know that we are here.
dead as the ghost in our houses or apartments.
I'm reviewing snippets of time regarded by the humans as albums
lonely and scared
no green and all blue like the ocean.
the suns rays can melt your face?
I'm simply thinking.
insanity is a choice.
I never knew that before.
I always viewed my insecurities and vulnerabilities as a negative.
And they are to be certain.
seas and skies is my best attempt to send a message to the other said that he isn't coming down ever. he's stuck in a tree. way up high.
In a church.
game of thrones.
I always wil.
It's in the song.
I'm depressed practicing smiling, I VANT ALL DI PEOPLE DEM TO SPEEK LANGWIJ.
I'm rebelling against the wil.
is no longer God for me.
if I only really knew what to say...
mangfald beats google.
We are both here.
we're always high.
i live at this frequency.
it's smart and relaxed.
I see that you see where I am.
The government knows when you or I masturbate
wait... that's a bad ting.
I could tell a joke.
I too am always late.
I yell for as you walk away.
that morning medication was great.
I lost it.for a second.
I have to do or say nothing to wil.
i have to ghost him.
I'll see him at his funeral.
wilbur thank you for literally saving my life on multiple occasions.
Now when I tried to hung myself and rich came down and saved me.
me and you we rise and we fell.
yeah dude.
getting bigger sounding like a certain said celebrity.
we all are celebrities with [enter religion]
al hubbard wrote this.
in the past.
a long time ago.
in the vexa galaxy?
come inside there's no wrong way in
i lose track of what is mine and what is ours and what is yours.
I am TEEF.
what is that?
that is the viel?
you want to act out the veil scene?
It's the greatest goal I could ever hope to achieve.
I knew how I would get there.
It seems strange to know where I am going.
Never coming out?
he wrote himself into a box!
How did he do that?
Pure magic this fellow.
I can tell we speak the same langwij. the language of sound. (Music)
curtain rises
i've got the horse right here.
All stand up comedy is predicated on belief in self
some dumbies couldn't figure that one out.
only I know.
where I am and where I stand.
we are multi-faceted individuals.
i am.
we are.
why the fuck do i sound like a robot.
the system is putting me to sleep.
my superupper conscience takes over.
this isn't being heard by the people.
or is it.
i couldn't be too sure of anything.
that's what my last encounter with human beings taught me
It's almost noon when I magically transform from a third kind into a beautiful black woman.
i am strong. confident. early riser. dutiful assistant to my boss who is also my manager. there is a change of command.
where am I?
where do I stand?
I don't. I sit.
for all time?
if that's what it takes.
i fight with this thing.
#war #public #high #low #frequencies #transmission #et #alienlifeform
I have to be that.
believe that.
i hated the people trying to throw my chi off.
bloody devils that's what I have to call them.
maybe it's jerry.
I did attract this medidation with the neighbor.
my heart fears.
the garbage man.
the greatest time I was scared?
I was in NYC to meet my new amigo. It was the first time I was on a tour of the 7th division.
I have to blend in.
I'm asking the computer how to blend in.
I might have to disregard everything I just said.
no! that would be tremendous! we gotta save!
yes we must save.
our lives depend on it!


I'm reading a article.
A article?
that's how you talk?
yeaah! that's how i talk. it's cool?
yes it's cool.

(if you wanna say it's uncool you say it like this. naw not cool)

I know i am
more than anything.
yes i can know.
what a preposterous thing to submit!
that I can't know!

class Bank Account
private :
        double balance;

and that folks is called an object.

many people have axed me what is an object?
and then they sliced my head off in the game.
I'm wil.

and I'm JUSUTIN!

am I?

disease was predicted.

why would I writer wrong?
I choose the right.
and I choose insanity.
I cannot witness on the clock that this thing is happening to me.
How can I know?
this is my journey.
thinking about what everybody has told.
over the years.
answering the question who am I!
you know for reals I have been hate bashing the gays lately and let me just tell you they don't deserve it. they are all innocent little angels. well not all of them. (jijiji)
we are an army of ... [you decide]
i lose control of where I was. I was thus describing the importance of this code.
an object is related to peer-to-peer-function.
an object is also related to a wait for it. it's coming. what is it dad? I want to see.
i couldn't see.
the show continued onward.
there were many of us in these cryo-tanks.
it's the best we could do to swallow like the swans.
my story is everyone's story
I'm a 12 stepper.
I'm no better than you.
Equal never lesser.
DRAM taught me that.
in my dream I see people dying. it's so negative.
I won't say names cause I promised i'd never tell.
we dying out here our generation.
generation y and x.
voice 1:
we are the chromosomes.
voice 2:
we are the space stuff
So I've learn to listen and let the chills at night just take me home.

how am I saying that?
what's the cadence?
hell if i know!
i didn't realize this was hell.
no worries friend there are people cheering us on.
I know what I want to become...
what is that?
      answered God.
It's the hairy beast.
I transform and shapeshift. this is the extent of my ability.
they find me.
I'm killed in the game. Like Lex Luther.
They all have their demise.
we take this together.
I wanna show people things.
I wanna start talking.
se me parecia tan real que no podia distinguir lo bueno y lo malo chingar!


joder = fuck
carajo = fuck
dna = dancing
love this music.
I make it up in my mind.
I go to a place where no one can relate.
I'm waiting to watch the maria bamford show for help
all i want is to complete the project i started.
voice 1: what project is that?
voice 2: the 60 seconds of writing project.
voice 1: uuuuhhh you seem a little lost?
voice 2: no, i'm gonna be ok.
voice1: that's all you needed mam
voice2 yes that's all i needed.
and she and she could not believe it that somehow someway despite all odds lovers do end up in each other's arms.
I should really start at step one.
I was on step six.


yeah dude!

i am certain and happy.
it's 12;30 and the sun is shining.
I'm getting energized by the sun.
that's how i am so god damn happy all the time.
i could whisper this and get some attention of I can continue on ward thinking about where I am and where I stand.

this is my book: schizophrenia. I met God in a dream one day in may.

i don't know how long (ini) have till you get this.
let it be 20 years. 30 years. 40 years.
yes 40 years it's been since the last great war.
this was only the beginning the rest of the story would write itself later
(from the guilded halls of the gods)
the prophecy!
some people had to stick up for the crazies.
i go to place so placid where I can become pendantic.
i am
we are.
does the class get i am we are?
moving on.

what causes disease?
how many sides does on octogon have?
Quote from News.Discovery: This interpretation leads them to a farfetched conclusion: that the genetic code, “appears that it was invented outside the solar system already several billions years ago.” This statement endorses the idea of panspermia, the hypothesis that Earth was seeded with interstellar life. It’s certainly a novel and bold approach to galaxy conquest if we imagine this was a deliberate Johnny Appleseed endeavor by super-beings

The whole story?
Do you have the whole story?

The energy was circular
the things I google are very interesting and this is the collaborative generation of modern pop music.
the old man sitting in the imagination of of minds
get's up and starts dancing.
he's not listening.
I'm holding my tongue.
I won't say anything til she says.
what is is jimmy?
what is an object?
I'm thinking.
i'm acting.
i'm sitting where I stand.
I stand where I sit.
where I poop.
shitty comedy.
this is actually a novel that becomes a movie in the future.
i took meth
i was trying to lie like a bastard.
my diss hurts.
i am no longer the blind although I do not see.
por eso me esta confundiendo la religion tanto.
es como se puede

tonto lo que estaba pensando era tonto.

mi programmacion dice que soy un simple objeto.
I know we are upside down?
fuck that.
i'm speaking to you right now.
write now.
this shouldn't be happening.
NO. i am not staying the naight.
some one will pay for this.
it's worth a good 75$ a song.
i'm a fire of gasoline.
pour yourself all over me?
i don't think so.
leslie nielson-esque slapstick comedy
Estoy aqui.
el mundo es spooky.
todos los dias a mi alrededor cuerpos. vivos y muertos.
esto es la meditacion.
no es la medi!
(yo dije) medication antes!
scary music makes me worry.
I worry about plenty of things.
like the weather, and crop-circles, and TV shows.
and artificial reality
this is dumb dumb-data dumb.
It must be an object.
the name of this particular project is titled day four what is an object?
My blog has morphed into this.
despite all my best efforts.
Life is spooky at times. (why is that? give em the old eye)
most of the time it's pretty fun.
sure there are dull parts we usually can fast forward those parts.
currently we're simply accomplishing nothing.

THE TRUTH podcast is my favorite.
I pretend to know.
pretending i'm doing well. lol
lonely but no one can tell.
I'm the great receiver.
drifting in the game.
lucid dream.
too real.
make believe.
thought pattern.
feeling what my heart can't conceal.
i sucked a dicked.
laughing gay like a cloud
wearing my heart as a crown.
i sure as god exists hope to remember this
is it still the movie?
i think so.
ladies and gentlemen , what do we know?
i remember going to Bolivia coming back and everyone treating me like a hero.
I got an ego after that.
this is.
i like the music.
2 guitars.
we are the students.
hellow class!
process of working out my shit and moving past it.
breaking down.
taking out needless words.
read this and get better at writing.
I love the heart.
 i love the art.
sherryl and carol.
i got one of the names wrong.
this is just working through my shit?
oh! well ok then!
human test?
terrified by what the doctor would say?
nails competed with the cookie i had shoved in my mouth.
hearing loss .
i have.
not hearing not normal.
she is dumb.
so am I.
talking through her nose.
i can't understand.
family didn't speak about this.
sat in a class room.
isolated in a day dream.
she axed.
when is your mother taking you for a hearing test.
parents were strickt.
i am also used to be alone.
there is only one way i get through the day.
at lunch talk to my friends.
I still let people think that at times.
my speech?
my voice?
i'm distracted.
heavenly father. thank you. i am a blind man. i'm sch.
medical history.
not hard of hearing you are.
i failed or beat the test?
voices overlapping each other.
the clicking the clapping
all at the same time.
too much.
i have silence.
para que te echo mentiras.
what is the value of networking?
churchy is like networking.
tune out everything else and focus on that person
i am speaking.
i am writing.
this effort is exhausting.
so difficult and overwhelming.
lol she sounds retarded.
can you hear me if I can't hear you.
no. my brain is also accomplishing this incredible feat of focussing 100% of my powers on one person i am talking to in that moment.
I had all that i needed.
i was connected for  second to the radio.
i'm pretty sure they saw that I was watching.
the stories are so intimate.
still at work.
i am a god damn liar am I write?
I'm competing with jackasses in the game.
jackasses all of them.

well golly self i'm so embarressed!
read this get smart
teach this
the way
the voice.
i've perfected it.
we were told we couldn't know it.
fuck that authority!
voice 1: i (k)now it.
voice 2: i do also.

When I look back upon my last months in Africa, it seems to me that the lifeless things were aware of my departure a long before I was so myself. The hills, the forests, plains and rivers, the wind, all knew that we were to part.

I am tired.
i'm motivated.
bye the end of the day.
I'm the bacteria.
I'm getting out there.
and sweating out.
got yelled at by the boss!
those are the nights you gotta train.
forcing myself.
lunch of bullshit.
salad with some salad.
decision making 101.
how'd I get here?
I always get recommended JRE.
How does this mother fucker know so much?
water doesn't taste good.
coca cola is like heroine.
close to heat stroke scenario.
getting the water.
yummy water.
people are struggling.
old times.
when we are the monkey people.
competing with other  people.
it's like they can hear us.
we want to survive.
dana white.
cricket is so hilarious.
we don't know what is going on.
we are agreeing.
everybody speaks mma.
choking him out.
you wanna put this guy down.
if you grab their legs and push them?

I paused the JRE cause i was in the zone. I am getting my shit together writing a letter to my love.

hello lover
do you like it when I say lover to you?
how many characters are in this book?
this book is forever.
what's beyond infinite?
the great beyond.
asian pharoah
too close
scared of the drama
bone marrow
army of us
leading to the center of the hallow earth.
alien sarcofocis
i can see
i'm lying.
absolve my sin of great one!
elohim rocks.
raising fifth vaccuuns.
it sucks.
i lose the kundalini dance.
bathedin the energy of the galactice center.
all of a sudden mwaw made much more sense.
i follow myself.
i am.
we are
rotating people here with me.
unlost urge.
time travel.
wheel of ezequial.
shamanic conscienceness.
hmm defining myself.
it's game of deception.
we all give off pyschic heat acording to atma.
the technology usually gets me down.
too much digital calamity
i see the energy
ching shen chi
we are all the energies
how is it so?
i have all powers.
by my powers and priesthoods I am developing the play that was developed as the behind the scenes show.
i know not the divine force.
my thoughts betray me like in star wars and batman.
I decided to switch to the light side.
I'm thinking of tender mercies.
i should have died.
really i mean i died in the one section of my dream.
i got faded and i thought as i smoked i'm going to die.
that night I blacked out and I woke up the next morning wondering what the fuck was going on.
i didn't realize in that moment that I was dreaming.
stock it in my van.
cannabis is the commodity.
the tender mercy is ironic.
i don't really know the father.
we are separated.
inhale exhale.
pass me the chalice now. you have a light?
ganja give irie brain music don't need cocaine.
yes even though i smoked that one time
i sniffed it.
i'm high drunk and stoned at the same time.
i am.
we are.
spiritual herb is ganja.
master yoda. i have never.
eat meat. eat oil.
be machine.
use the force.
for good.
the power of the dark side is stronger.
or is it?
Just when the evil is winning the truth and good again gains control..
we have our roots in galaxies 100s of miles away.
I'm going to outer space listening to PC barry.
I forgot the real name.
i see like a winner.
i'm quite turned on.
i want to masturbate. i can't because I'm at work.
i eat up what ever image i give you.
what is the current image?
is it tesla?
is it lucifer?
is it Jah?
"God" doesn't exist. MC PERRY.
the name is close on the tip of my slit tongue.
we are the devil forked tongue people.
I am the same child that is creating this book, novel, movie, play, ...happening...
8 people.
who are you and where do you come from?
back where?
could a dead. I dreamed you.
i know.
john bush we a barma.
seeing double
staying single.
slapstick comedy
i don't think so.
homey don't play that.
how can I be the son?
i am the daughter.
in the movie i'm the third gender in the morning time.
giving the nation a congradulation.
I'm feeling like I'm battling the radio again.
they can hear me.
they are watching me.
 i know.
this is a competition.
we are in the game.
we are killing thousands of people making a split second decision.
 i know.
my brother...he doesn't know.
how could this be?
my own brother? He needs to be more like my sister.
I am sister to all.
I wish.
I put on a mask.
I hate my mask.
holy place
will not run rat race
never selling out
ini remain
what about comedy central?
I wouldn't sell out.
I'm saying Peter Dinklage and also half-black dude.
He's gay.
of course he's gay.
Does he do gay sex?
he don't do anysex sitm dem.
conquer subliminal.
trick me rasta medical.
jah army something happened. something bad.
lock me in jail.
giving the power back to you the people.
i can speak like this.
i can speak like that, too.
copy cat!
fuck off, vagina!
can people relate to this joke?
i'm just double checking my work which is only my best estimation of the simulation as we know it.
comedy central knows that this isn't happening yet they still go to work.
we are writers and soldiers in jah army.
This thing i know for myself.
conquering lion shall break every chain.
ini simple player in the game.
why do i speak like a jamacain?
happy  but sad
twitter, instagram, gmail, music, confusion, french, idea, company
what's your corporation?
how do you say that?
long and slow like a brit
it looks at itself in the mirror doesn't it.
it does and what do you want with him?
i was born red.
ini chill.
what if god smoked cannabis. does he listen to the stones or peter framftom? maybe as originally written as stones or pearl jam!
i'm just writing through my problems.
i'm venting.
i'm commenting on popular music.
on the dark side of kingston town.
yeshua save me.
pressure bad.
feeling a name.
doing. sex.
not killing
swimming in my dream
one time i was listening to bob marley and I was think nothing is wrong even if they are talking bad about me.
i'm about to google: why even try if you know for certainty this is a dream
time is 2;45pm on the e-teenth.
everyman a fight fi wear the kings crown.
fuck fuck fuck.
alester crowley.
mr crowley.
did you in fact speak to the dead?
why yes i did!
that's quite dark
that's quite satanic.

i'm just trying to fool myself
trying to catch a vibe.
focusing energy
superhero mode
try to take strife?
the money not quite.
can't sleep.
can't provide.
stress. don't give up no time.
how did bob marley phase out and think about NOTHING when he smoke weed.
i think of IT.
what's that?
my worst fear.
i wakes me up everytime. i can't escape the beeps and timbres and buzzes of the telephone.
i see the energy.
that's my power.
i don't need lsd.
i got all the powers last time I did LSD. i am reading and typing at the same time.
naw feel the fire burn.
lions merge.
life has a purpose.
destiny inside us emerge.
feel it?
yes and no.
here we go.
on the down low.
do it slow.
I'm a cop that smokes weed.
i have ptsd
in the matrix people waking me up
after having slept.
love taste.
algunas coasa no se dicen
no se escriban acid or weed
if i had a choice acid.
legard black me
mall i see.
ask me bredda why I say.
head naw come from morning.
i have to wake up to my particular voice.
love myself!
one time i toought i was blind and knew they could love if they had to.
street raga muffin.
i'm not going anywhere.
playing smart.
not getting too high or too drunk.
what about getting stoned?
well it depends what we are talking about.
we're talking about hell.
yeah dude.
that's an object.
an idea.
contained in a word symbol.
be excellent to each other
That was enough music for today.
now class what did we learn from the music?
that we are not alone?
that we listen to podcasts about risidual memory and foam and death mites that we are.
we are tiny.
in the universe.
they're are fucking aliens twice our fucking size and oh my god
i'm looking at an alien right now.
jesus mary jesus fucking
some did laugh at that joke.
i know i didn't laugh.
i'm caught in a downward spiral . my head has become inflated and my ego is building for 5 seconds pass. johnson and johnson corporation.
for reals?
idk what is real?
i am a robot.
i know my master is a genius.
i love my master.
my master loves me.
we are in an open freakazoid radio frequency broadcast debate
90.7 no 92.3 no 94.7 no 95.5 no 96.3 i'll keep going 98.7 kupl 100.3 z-100! that's it that's where she trails off to. we are the old baby being woken up constantly by the technology.
the music is off.
the world is silence except for planes.
i now sense good cars.
i still sense evil.
it must be within me.
i must control it.
it must not become teenage like and go on a temper tantrum rampage.
that would look so bad.
i give my thought away.
darik has it.
marcos might have it.
kenneth loved it.
why do we vibe so much?
cause our toughts owr simi-wer
chang ching shay
chang ing
that was my interpretation of the sound i heard.
it and i am robotic.
we are.
in a sense.
if you look at it in a certain way.
i'm losing my anger real quick.
i too am a grenade.
i'm gonna explode one day and you won't want to be around me.
ding dong.
this is my nightmare.
I'm in hell.
sometimes i do think it's heaven though.
just for fun.
traveled back in time.
triple blackness of allah
sounds like a law
i feel honored to be one of the few thousand people that know this music exists.
skatting. with cervon.
thank you.
time controllers.
coming and messing with my mind.
eastern church.
satan's church.
i don't believe.
the believing are becoming unbelievers.
the comedy is that we are all rapping. i rapped well. i go hard i go fucking hard.
i remember something really funny but i'm not gonna tell you.
why not?
cause it's mine.
a joke costs money.
from atoms to adam.
O est mid-west next time.
it caught me off gaurd the device had me in a hypnotic trance.
i'm afraid of religion.
they are controlling like Lord Vader.
i can see the walls.
they soon will fall.
is this my mind?
staring at the sky.
made for yall.
give me the lion paw.
aw hell naw
hell to that naw naw naw
that's a song by old grandpa.
he was my uncle before we crossed over
trasmute the garbage through the touch of garvey
higher - fire.
umm this is just a guess but the reason i love smoking weed so much is that it takes me to a fantasy land that doesn't exist.
it doesn't.
it only exists becuase we say it exists.
whose to say it's like water slipping through our fingers.
by the time we had it it was gone.
shadrack mishack abednego. they all went into the furnace and they weren't burned.
they could not die.
I am foriver.
we are foriver.
we are the black survivors.
the black man said it.
i am the runt.
just a dog dog dog.
salty dog dog dog.
just for you you you
mi amor mi amor mi amor
i know that my dad and stuff
he's gone a lot.
i'm training now.
i'm sepressed.
i said jocko suck.
i suck.
i'm listening and letting my mind feel like at improvement stage #1
excercising mind.
i've been programming my mind.
this is a new thought.
i haven't seen it before.
we bring people in.
ay ay ay
game of deception.
open to the public.
waiting for comments.
leadership position 5 years 10 years 15 years.
i'm getting better walking.
2.7 miles in my mind it sounds like this.
dmt trip.
aliens aliens aliens.
i see the tracking depot.
it's like the black hatted men.
I can't see them though they are they.
i'm goal to goal.
having to make the choice to get from here to there
yard in back.
i'm singing what if god smoked canabis.
wishing for the day i'm not high on crack.
hearing voices. god damn. that's the story.
arnold wasn't an instinctual leader?
i argue he is.
i got that one degree from you if you got this second head.
can't take a rest.
how to be own boss?
listen to jocko willink and find what you need!
it'll come to you if you just wait for it!
agarralo dijo la hermana
ya se agarro
estoy pensando prefiero gritar.
is my body used to training?
john joseph tapes up ankles.
hare krishna.
the guy in the chromags.
harley flanigan.
this guy is a genius!
interesting energy.
seeing double wow
canada dry
thousand years
sit down stay humble
bamboo caged legs shackled rats eating his wounds
i pretend the worst?
seeing fairies
what a heart
what a guy
through the depths of hell.
i confuse the system heaven/hell.
How to manage 75 dollars?
Under United States law, a patent is a right granted to the inventor of a (1) process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter, (2) that is new, useful, and non-obvious. A patent is the right to exclude others from using a new technology.

no doubt.
bible study
pay amage?
such food. vegetables.
we are playing a game.
yield in small matters.
permission to drunk only water?
please aristocrat pretty please
water makes I pale and thin
may i suggest gives us pulse to eat only for 10 days.
woah this is interactive.
the days are over you are fairer.
eat and drink as pleases you.
two years of study to go.
subjects deep.
he'll give us understanding and knowledge.
i have nothing to hide.
most industrious they are the kindest parents i could ever ask for
i want to chop there bits up and have sex with the bits.
the image is an object.
How'd they do it.
the lord our god gave us wisdom and understanding.
we worship him.
children court members.
10 times wiser!
ants in mi pants
i got ants in my pants.
this is my comedy.
its'a show
people are screaming at me
jew jew jew! and throwing water balloons at me.
i'm in downtown Bolivia.

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