Friday, May 12, 2017

Day Five

Everything is OK. everything. in theory this isn't even happening right now. in practice it is happening. so you gotta be careful what you say:
There's always a silver lining to each cloud. There always a step in the dance man's dance.
pick me up and go. slight mechanical advantage giving at birth. another day in my head. pretending not to have conversations with imaginary people.
I feel like I'm flying.
I can hear the wind in my face.
today if we can only get 2 pages or 10 hours. 10 hours is a lofty goal.
well there are a lot of things that will get be said
better look in the black book
this song by horse feathers is positively delightful. I curse myself because I never have time to go edit and revise my work. my comedy.
what jokes do you have to wait to ask until your high?
maybe I was high when I made this joke up. it's joke being really smart
what if it is a joke on being really stupid.
can we laugh at that?
why is their always the BUTT of the joke.
is that true?
that there always is a butt of a joke.
i don't think that's necessarily true.
since that was the truth!
I can just imagine myself getting booed off stage.
I'm trying to give punchlines one after another after another and you still think I'm funny.
I fear they will only laugh at 39.30 that will mean they don't think i'm that funny
that i'm just a woman driver
having smoked marijuana
will I continue?
I probably will lie as I do so.
Concealing is one type of lie.
I is another version of masking.
Did you do this?
I'm not gonna tell you if I smoked or not cause it's none of your god damn business.
huh....funny....the current track is living and dying by joshua hyslop.
maybe it's not that funny to you but it's funny to me.
line: i do accents
line it makes people laugh.
line some other people just don't get it.
ling: i'm trying to impress the people that see.
i try to show off.
some god damn authors try to shut me down.
they write quit! You're defeated! Give up!
But i will never quit. I'm in this for life.
when up or down.
right now InI are up.
my eyes are down.
I see this is all fantasy.
I love this new show it's called glitch.
it exactly show how my thought pattern is numbered.
does that make sense?
No it really doesn't does it! (haha)
interesting! Don't you think so?
[So you see {so}] having to take a break read something else and come back again
I'm back. reviewing albums and songs today songs by tony dekker.
it's kinda gay listening to these lyrics
however everybody is a little gay.
gay straight gay straight
we are good.
we are bad.
and we are ugly.
this i am sure of.
I am sure I am alive.
I am sure my conscience is being hunted down by an alien IN A DREAM!
Jesus fucking christ I say things
and The people just realize i am talking
i want to do comedy like:
- jimmy fallon
- jimbo falace
- katy perry
- kat person
(the fade out is conducted at the time of reading the names outloud)
settings: I'm content with 4-5 readers monthly.
thought and prayer: I'd really love 8-9 readers a month. Share please people!
I get tired of this folk, NOT!
i'm a little bit tired drunk.
I might fall asleep awake.
It's important to label.
what we are doing and what we are moving forward to
we are in stages of growth and that growth leads to momentum.
sounds like riding music.
i wanna go with the singer and not be gay and be gay.
I play both satans.
FUCKED UP LINE: i'm a select group of european nobles that are made fun of by popular media.
that's what I am!
There (temper tantrum) you wanna see me bomb doing standup
here! I'm going do the world's shittiest comedy routine and see what kind of laughs we get.
(nothing happens)
i think.
i think the joke is funny.
my joke.
i like the music says I'm a gambling man.
i gamble in the dream I'm having right now at 404 on 5/12/2017
ethipoian time was off the wall. COME DOWN TO THE WALL. still finding a way for this to be funny.
open letter to the people who helped to save me.
by grace of the father we interject the divine supreme-ness to our souls on this beautiful day.
i get caught in a loop.
for int n = brandonkang n
(hmm that's interesting. when I go to program I can't remember.)
get while
get a birthday while facebook program is still running.
do for each in the category.
organization is godlike.
though i like silver moon by Roo Panes I'm gonna pass and play some other music.
I know i'll regret one day passing on this group.
so many thoughts.
Moon babies
there i started moon babies radio
i make believe
i just adjusted the simulated universe's settings.
(said with deep comedy voice)
live from my room it's Tiesto On My Way
God I love this song.
the lyrics affect the people I hang out with.
i talk trash when I tell "stand up"
 nena explico esa frase
cuando uno entiende que es ser "gay" entiende el otro lado.
no seria confundido por la musica ya.
I was confused just then by a demon.
it was like an alien in my body.
i expelled him.
i'm a priest for the most high.
I have the mantle.
time is 4:14 on 5/12/2017
reviewing nevada feat mark morrison and fetty wap.
ashley said fetty wap i satanic.
I believe her.
she is.
 i am.
we were.
who am I talking about.
there's automatically someone implied in who I am writing about.
stand up comedy: formula read something outlandish or disgusting: controling on top of that: seen any tv shows lately? I saw one TV show SO effed up they injected babies with paint.
i saw it.
i'm mean like a demon old baby. I'm mean I shoot back.
song just changed to yellow claw song Open feath jonna fraser
racing makes me controlling.
i'm just trying to let go.
listening to pop star
living by my mantra.
that life is short and there is no wrong or right.
well if there is no wrong and right why do they have conspiracy theories?
How the hell am I supposed to know these GOD DAMMED CONSPIRACIES!
bottle rockets.
i can tell you i'm happy and fuck you and still have enough love for other people.
this might take you 15 minutes to read. it certainly won't take you 2 hours to read this.
15 minutes a day is part of the act.
my act is only 15 minutes long.
I'm planning.
I'm scheming.
I'm beaming.
i dream.
she represents the lifeforce in you that just keeps you going no matter what happens to you (read like an old man)
it's not that easy!
aching for the sound.
love this song by Kongsted it's called say my name.
of course they are listening I just don't fricckin give a fuck anymore.
i hope there wouldn't be any more deception.
what if I said my jokes like stephen hawkins. I'm gonna read this to see if it sounds good.
next up we have a song by Ahrix called Nova.
ahrix is an interesting name.
that say my name song is really good yeah?
Trying to relate with people instead of being such a pyscho.
that christmas love song was pretty good wasn't it?
Deck the hearts.
my angel i'm underthe mistle toe.
#for int i = 10 loop these lines
next song by MR RIGHT by Leona Lewis
God damn trump is making america great in.
some people are on that train.
zion train is the train in our dreams.
Each sounds and then it's just like I'm walking on a road naked.
some things never change. that's what the old man in glitch represents
he knew he could get a drink at the bar.
there have always been bars to get the parasite of drug alcohol
ok i'm not saying there are parasites
well there are
i'm going paranoid
the syllable om it carries my home.
I'm addicted to something grotesque and fiendlike.
yes. I'm finally starting to get respect on television sets. thats child's play J
i know
i'm hoping for a Christmas miracle on 4:45 AM on 5/12/2017 that we have a Christmas miracle on Christmas of course.
(I secretly wish the whole time of the world recognizes like me that Christmas time is all year round.)
continuing this music reivew with heart attack by demi lovato
god damn of love this voice.
this voice
is so beautiful.
this is self starting.
How does the engine work?
It's electric.
there is an axel.
this music is making me have a heart attack.
this is such a phenominal piece of modern music. it's pop music that is for sure
we design FAA-SHAWN.
Sean kid.
Kid I am.
we are adults.
converging wills
this is getting me hooked glee cast.
i never thought i'd be able to say this.
i don't know how this affects my thought pattern.
all i have is time it's 4:59 on 5/12/2017.
i'm getting hungry.
pausing this music called glee cast to go on breakfast break.
changed from glee cast to big time rush boyfriend
love affair
plot fall in love and
i come.
love is a magic word.
cause what am I?
I'm a bacteria. well the human race is.
we aren't a bacteria? are we?
We are a poison.
good song boyfriend.
next song: lately I got this feeling id on't know what's the feeling.
 strong over me.
if only
could be with me at this time.
I wish you were here.
i can't wait till children are created in labs.
i'd make one.
what does it mean I got Zendays on my radio?
wake up bake up
speed it up countdown
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
glee cast smooth criminal is further filtering me.
thinking like a scientist.
what's wrong with thinking like a scientist?
drugs aren't bad.
i have the propensity to exhibit warning signs.
camp rock
disney channel
open secrets
this is me.
gonna let the light shine on me.
no way to hold it in.
eyes in front wanna hunt. eyes to the side wanna hide.
demi lovato and jon jonas sing a good pop hit.
my voice is robotic and toylike.
you're the voice i hear inside my head.
i cry for the liquor
i go to alateen
feel good music on a Friday the 12 in may at 6:08 am
hoping i have two pages by now.
10,000 hours project
growth is growing.
all we have is love
in this secret society.
the prime ministers of resume of milenials.
i meditate
meditate on the fence again.
kendrick lamar.
what could I say?
some babies just have the special stamp
that's all i'll say
one more thing trying to stay loyal
what does mean?
no switching sides from something wrong.
we get and they give.
i'm loyal to ... love for the streets when the darkness sourrounds
i Don't know who i'm lie for.
i'm loyal to this "thing" called schizophenia.
it's got me bugging more often than not.
two pages is when I know yeah this is decent.
this could make it on market.
eyes like this.
I'm doing what I love.
I'm certain.
stealing from others.
mad showman.
suicide is less in clorazine.
am I medicated?
yes and no.
I stopped taking invega.
I started taking CBD.
reviewing big sean
808 mafia
just listening to the music.
back move
city moves.
reviewing music that is telling me to move.
naw i got the ball.
i pass it back.
something like jj abrams like
mini me in trap
i skipped the song in relative fear.
i didn't want to meet my maker.
knowing that they are listening.
we good.
perfectly blessed
blissful state of righteous of god.
we all are adictted
we have different vices
religion, beliefs, alcohol, marijuana, LSD
you might see a dmon on dmt.
most likely you'll me the alien or the being.
i've met him in my dreams.
not in real life.
i'm sifting reality as it comes to me.
all this mofo has to say is yeah. right.. look.
tell me how you really fil.
how do i feel about drake?
naw i can't really tell.
cosign cosign?
loyaly loyalty.
here we go again with the holy war.
hall of fame.
like i'm shirt off.
they are just showing off.
top five in the matrix.
we are all in the music drake...future.
losing my marbles.
on going clip in the stupid movie call dumbest and dumberest.most dumb
celebrating in my mind every day
so not really celebrating.
i'm the bad guy.
i'm dark.
i'm a bacteria.
i'm acknowledging the darkness.
i am a blood sucker.
i shall destroy you by sucking your blood.
sounds good to me.
fuck you wiz khalifa who you calling a bitch.
this game is 100% in my mind.
who stunting? Wiz.
i'm def not loving.
fuck him.
i'm not loving.
no loving gave to me.
"smoking weed and cracking up"
i can't believe I did that one thing in the past
present: going never stopping.
future: reaching the top.
diamond level
3rd dimension
elitist cosigned with a human being
monkey with hand gripping bannana in box
we are.
I wanna talk about one thing
how fucking annoying advertisements are
i can't help but think of her
ashes rise.
one name is all the names.
we are.
am I?
not yet
break for milk
i am we are.
i fear this divine.
i admit it.
my heart is pounding.
i can feel it beat through my chest.
i'm debating on
the religious mind is a subset of the scientific mind...
my belief is private just like this class is private.
I go to school online.
i just don't show up.
I'm getting my degree.
I used the same strategy that day I was photographed in front of all of them.
Woah if I would have taken acid I would be definitely high right now.
It feels like I am floating in a primordial soup.
thus evolution was born as I lucifer gave rise to it.
faith is involved in this bridge of a thought.
what is that bridge?
it represents my powers and priesthoods.
don't know where I am going :(
i am african and the whole world is african why then do we fight and yell.
I never do those things.
I live in the angel/dark angel world.
i am giving something childish away.
my raja tamas satva level was muy estereo-typical
one how or another i always end up listening to bob marley who is my book is alive.
the rythym of the music make me think of my dream.
that world is so confusing yet perfectly plausible interdimensional cosmic insertion

into an array.

linear matrix.
dumbing america down
dumb retard
I offend one type of person.
That is the 60% in the "war" reality
i am.
we are.
oh shit oh shit. I'm in a trance.
i see the colors.
13 stars.
i steal words.
treat her like a prostitute.
I'm thinking of tagging this planning.
this music has great momemtum.
I don't know if I believe in love.
i had it onetime in my life.
her name was Olivia yet her nick name was boo boo her real name was actually and this was given to me through me through the grapevine. does that make sense?
I sense my own intelligence intuinitively
My voice is one of a ... nervous yet calm fear based carbon based lifeform.
i draw the cartoon.
i don't swear even though all my friends do.
I go crazy.
like at lunch i go around chanting "suck a dick motherfuckers I'm coming through."
I might get mad respect or I might get mad hate.
I'm not afraid of each reality.
I thinking and reading of drugs I could take. There are a monton. MON-TON significa que el pedo existe en mi mente y solo en mi mente. No es posible son independientes. To some people my thought pattern seemed like it wanted to have sex. People thought I was gay. Some how and this is like WTF WTF just say I'm not willing to have sex with you.
Still some homophobia exists in my mind.
I don't want to be a wife.

Mormon marijuana?
MORE marijuana mon.
reminds InI of that thing.
what is that THING, your honor?
that thing is music.this particular album is lauren hill.
Only love is left. love has nothing to do with lust or dicksucking.
love is that drug that we all need to stay alive. and in alot of it's really lacking.
My sounding pretty blind. blind imitations. thank you for the kind words, friend stranger.
The voice I am typing with is old, decrepid but I still have my dignity.
I wasn't going to shit myself anytime soon it's 5:49PM on 5/12/2017
though it doesn't seem it cause I slept which I really shouldn't cause it's the cousin of death.
i go underground and underwater.
I live in this place called atlantis.
i effect the time.
I make it stop in this world.
what world is that?
estoy jugando jugo- jogando FIGHT head lock disturbance in force
quantum physics.
yeah it's the voices
I hear them.
so do I.
In LA it's crazy cause you say to a stranger hey stranger you hear that?
and that RESPOND!
crazy huh?
it's called decency some people don't have it.
some people don't have borders and boundaries.
like the OTHER COUNTRIES wink wink
comedy show
scientific mind.
political mind.
religious mind.
The philosophical mind is similar to the self-mind.
I'm making this shit up as we speak
right now 5:53PM on 5/12/2017 (CHANGE TO TIME OF READING)
I'm referencing time in this story. There is a transition.
Down means sad face cause I'm clinically depressed.
when in reality i have UTS when in reality I just stop breathing i start holding my breathe
and typing.
i'm panic
for reals doggy dog?
no nawt fa reals, winkie P.
I ain't gonna steal lines from other movies. two pages? I think so. it's been a good day folks. i'm estimating the number of pages I got and I say 2.5 peace out my black raced friends, my white raced friends, the fiends, the addicts, the senators, the children, Damian Marley IS THE SON.
son of man? yes. son of God? yes and no.
Yes with long hair bob marley claimed the throne of his father sellasie I. No because bob treat every one with the same respect and "love" that each divine being demand.
we all are not divine.
Some have fallen.
tribal seeds.
bump bump
electric avenue by eddy grant
clean face rudeboy.
having a plan.
momentum is related to the moment.
i just talked in my real voice.
it isn't the same voice I used for the first 26-27 estimation years of my life.

it's their fault your skinny fat.
for some people it is easy.
Chopping people into bits, lol.
eating the bits, lol.
fat people were infecting my faith.
I am mad at the fat people.
drinking liquor with my engineers.
got enough intelligence to actually be active and learning as a member.
active / inactive

heart one / heart two
fat people are agents of terror.
call this blubbery menance by true name.
Learning how to breathe
looking for drugs

Gray baby syndrome

is easier than people realize.
It's quite common.
I can even fall into the category.
I'm a doubter.
Freedom and constitution.
go cold turkey.
smoking ganja till I'm blind
a "habit" more dangerous than eating McDonalds?
I don't think so.
The word of the day is  agranulocytosis.
think people.
what does this mean?
Agra is field.
Nulo is none.
cytosis refers to the cell. I believe it implies cell division.
This guy is off his rocker. referring to the author of How I learned to eat air.
It's making me not eat.
I'm hungry.
a new enemy: fat.
I am forgiving, loving, gentle, and kind, and I know that life loves me.
This is a quote that I don't necessarily agree with.
becoming an angel myself after having been demonized for so long.
why am I the only one with the high ground.
talking bout my freedom
I'm really thinking i need drugs to be "OK"
it's like i'm depressed
i'm creating a vision
scientific evidence for what?
quantum physics?
quintessence material
materia prima
olvidar "put wax in your eyes"
i can't change the material once it's being performed
my purpose is help people have less "faith".
the prophet jones formally known as Dr. Jones.
review: he's gone crazy! Theres something wrong with him.
there's a moment when he goes blank and you can't reason with a dead person
the dead came alive in glitch.
I can't see nihon so I must be tripping and thinking this is flat earth.
I just believe it's something.
I have to get up and stand up for my rights.
I can't believe how motionless I am right now.
I'm fucking frightened.
My throat is getting pushed.
go away!
Shut up! she said.
I feel that they yelled from across the room.
he said breast
holding in laughter
careful not to get to giddy
I'm mining a comedy vien
i'm mining it for dogecoin
baseball is absolutely interesting.
friend a hugging third.
rattled in the dell?
I don't know this word and phrase.
CASEY! CASEY! they chant.
i give it away
i said it different last time.
casey was a baller.
in reality and in fantasy.
i'm afraid I really have lost it.
I'm wanting to take Clozopine.
I am drugs.
am I lying?
I don't know.
in a fishbowl.
ghost in a building.
we know collectively this is our identity
some people are zombie 
some people are programmers
some people are retail workers

i feel better ever since listening to moon worship radio.
I've deduced that I can't wake up underwater in the dream.
back here in my bed
hasn't left me.
haunt me till I'm alive again.
in brazil.
I can't wake up.
I'm a vampire.
 in the novel.
which is fiction.
that becomes non-fiction.
I wake up and become really cranky.
that's when I feel most alive.
and when I'm sucking.
we all suck.
fucking cunt.
vulgarity is my name.
i am a moon worshipper getting into flow state.
alt int = soccer
I'm slightly indecisive.
I'm here alone.
wading through this perpetual hell hole // show
little sun by (enter name of band)
makes me reminise 
old times. good times.
current times.
cry. :(
when dark comes around it's when you have to glow.
we are all beings of light or beings of darkness.
You can't be both...
unless you are a shapeshifter and you are better your sanity on this paper 
I am brown.
This is for a lifetime of learning (saying it slow and drawn out)
anything can be funny
saying words and trying to get people's reaction.
I'm here to kill you.
I'm a gay assasin.
not gay faggot!
(laugh track)
the name is gay assasin it sounds more better.
without google underlining the words I get wrong I wouldn't be a good writer at all.
despite my writing being very simplistic...
i hear the alien.
I've been talking with an alien.
in my dream.
6:54PM on 5/12/2017
accelerate to the red light.
your life is on the line.
glass partition.
i wouldn't try that in my car.
i'm consumed by darkness and time
some comedy gets claps.
when the comedian says something good.
"I'm from long island" you want me to clap for where your from?
new jersey
drive slow sit slow
this is the 5 'clock funnies.
truTV impractical jokers.
I don't think so.
homey don't play that.
end for today 9:05PM 5/12/2017

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