Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day Two: double literature

Two books I'll probably read as an advanced human being: Ulysses and Crime and Punishment. Ulysses is an epic. It's the happenings of a man in one day. Crime and Punishment is the modern 20th century novel published in the 19th century (1866). It's about a guy who commits murder. We get his inner most thoughts. I say I'll read these as an advanced human being. I probably will never read them in this imperfect mortal state.

I don't have much to say today. I'm kind of sad for no reason. I'm kind of mad for no reason. I am person with schizophrenia. Its not fun. At the same time living life on my own terms is liberating. I'm guessing in a year I'll look back on today and want to know more about Ulysses and Crime and Punishment. For now reading about them in my books is enough. I can't stop thinking about the dream I had last night. I can't even begin to describe it. "My name is Arthur more" "I don't belong to any church." I saw a man who had rose tattoos on his neck and then I realized he was dead. At that moment I said "dead"? And with that I woke up. I lay there trembling on what had just happened. I remembered the part where I was in a stadium and a girl voice said "we'll be here a while. best keep watching." I was superstitious about what to say. I said "dead" with disbelief. I said "alive" with hope. Then I went to use the bathroom.

Physics for a date

Put put golf requires physics and luck. The angle you shoot the ball with is mirrored as it bounces off the wall.

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