Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day Six: It's a early mid late spring day

Yo readers it's me.
I realize you can't be too nice.
people start to notice.
must needs be deceptive and cloaking while trying to kill people

David really felt uncomfterble.
I can't spell.
jiminy christmas get over it.
Angels and devils collide
cause the war in the begginning
how would there be a war when all there was adam and eve?
Who said adam and eve is a truth i accept?
The self wakes up to it's oneness blessing of the gods
seeing through the crack. standing up as a writer for health reasons.

now typing short standing
the words in our mind gets bigger.
ninjawords. i use use it consistently.
it's pay day
i cannot compute pay day?
aw computer you are so cute.
we can bake in the spring which this is a spring day.
what is the best possible outcome for right now.
Best possible outcome is I go to my high school maybe even seminary.
Wake and bake.
We live it up for the weekend.
This goes against.
church on sunday.
don't say it again.
politricks. InI
seeking to program myself as an annunaki revealing his one great secret
there is no secret.
I am.
we are.
the blog of J.Mo.have
true name Justin Movick.
i write jusutin and say it like a japonese anime.
I am a cat using feline science.
Life is small again.
I don't know whow its possible
i speak to the radio.
I know some people are riding this wave with me.
Click next blog.
It's essentially random.
good bye it was good to have you while I had you.

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