Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day Seven: Poem Description and a thought I had

Chapter One:
So I've been following this for a while:
The Ancient Arrow Project
The centerpeice of the WingMakers mythology, this book really needs to be read to understand how the spiritual forces operate in a world that is run by elitist groups. This version includes the 4 interviews of Dr. Neruda, the central character in the story.

It seems fairly benign at first but then it's just an idea by a man of the name of James Mahu who might actually be my blood brother. His name is James. He lives. So do I. There is no death. I write from the trance. It's making gay.

I've read poetry of the ancient arrow project and I believe it. It's like this we can get by on faith alone or we can get by writing from a new future form.
InI name Jim Kung Ho.
I live in Brazil from Japanese descent.
I have two children they are 15 and 12 girl and boy respectively. I like to keep these blogs to fifteen minutes. I give away the wi-tal information.
I'm drunk and seeing no demon.
we are essentially a country of angels with some demons present.
It is in order for my brain to comprehend I must talk like THIS.
I am a crazy celebrity.
I know i am lucid dreaming this right now like in Masters of None.

Chapter Two:
So I've been listening to the voices again.
I talk to them.
This chapter idea was conceived after continuing my next arbitrary thought.
When I get feeling good I just want to dance.
this is the hacking
read my book black survivors
just google justin movick black survivor

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