Monday, April 17, 2017

Day One: History and Personalities

Today I'm struggling with some symptoms of schizophrenia. I've been hearing some voices saying
"You're worthless" and "You're bad" and "You're stupid". I don't know if it is because my medication is wearing out or what. I'm good. I'm a good guy. I'm not an angel yet I'm not a demon either. I'm a human. I struggle with self esteem but who doesn't. Anybody who says they don't are either liars or superheroes.

Today's post is on the code of Hammurabi and Albert Einstein.

I studied the code of Hammurabi at university however it was refreshing to revisit the topic. It was the world's first written law codes in recorded history. Hammurabi was a king. It was written in cuneiform.

Albert Einstein was a genius of the 20th century. His work on relativity revolutionized the world of physics. In fact he was named the person of the century by time magazine in the year 2000.

I'm really struggling, fam. I'm trying. It sucks to know my best isn't enough. I feel pressure. Which is a good thing. If I didn't feel some kind of pressure I know I wouldn't be alive. This is all I have for today. It's 3:30pm. I try to have these done by 5:00 pm in the afternoon. Stay well. Be excellent to each other dudes. (I'm a dude he's a dude shes a dude)


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