Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day Four: Science and Film

The Solar System and Charlie Chaplin

8 planets and Pluto

Legendary actor famous character Mr. Chaplin.

I'm a little tiny weenie itsy bitty speck when compared to the solar system. Our solar system is just one of millions? Of billions of solar systems. Are there thousands of galaxies? Millions of galaxies. That is where I just don't know. Could you say the universe is infinitely big because it is expanding. At the same time we know that the universe is a hologram inside each individual's mind. That is mind blowing. The big bang is happening by each individual simultaneously. 

I for one don't pity Pluto. It is smaller than our moon. It's just a rock caught in the orbit of our sun.

I am an infinite being. I'm God. You are God. We are God. This is what is meant by the "I AM". The point of this blog is get everyone to realize this fact. Once we all generate this frequency we will evolve from the human 2.0 mindset to the human 3.0 mindset. 

I'm' fairly content these days. No more longing to be doing x, y z. I'm living the now. I'm fairly certain this will take me to happy places. Who doesn't want this happiness and peace? We are all the same. peace blessed love. 

getting medication tomorrow. nervous. sad. 

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