Friday, April 21, 2017

Day five: music and ideas and trends

Melody and the Luddites
Most people know what the tune of the song is. That's the melody.

aerial shots two cylinder helicopter motion fast forward tubes water park weakness illness.

I'm pretty fucking scared of going to sleep lately. I have these dreams where I know I'm living this shit. I never knew who was controlling all of this. until now. ALIENS. advanced human beings. I'm naive.
I can't remember my dreams. I can't remember my past lifes. YET. I will. They will come back. I'm planning on finishing this program of double learning daily and then I will carry out a program of shamanism.

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. I'm scared of these aliens in my dreams? Maybe I need to watch that show on tbs about aliens.

I don't want to be a luddite. A luddite was one who opposed the industrial revolution. that's all for today. I'm aimed to make it to the top.

ps i missed my appointment because I didn't know where to go. My medication is wearking off.

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