Friday, April 14, 2017

Day Five: Music and Ideas and Trends

The basics of music. Music is sound. Organized sound. Melodic and harmonic sound. Music is pleasing to the ears.

Ideas and trends: communism. I'm slightly communist. I'll admit it. Thank God I don't live in the red terror- McCarthy era. I'll tell you why I'm communist. I believe in the commune. I believe in the ideals of state ownership. With that said I believe that communism and capitalism can work together to create a new form of government.

Much more could be said of these glorious topics however I'm tired of writing. I've written a lot. Check out some of my old posts. I've still been dreaming. I'm not so lonely in my dreams. peace be upon you. end of message. 3:51PM on 4/14/2017.

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