Friday, April 28, 2017

Day Five: I don't know

My friend Nick fell off a building and I didn't even care.
The pgroamming.
I have seen into the crack.
butt crack
do the doo doo
but don't think like Autozone

his real name was Michael.
Michael Jordan.
This was a message to me amor.

I'm going to continue this race.
After I kept it moving.
which thing was impossible.
I don't know why I'm saying this.
Looking for a dad
How is every date supposed to end
with a date
with sex
with harmony
in the document
i am writing as an old man
playing the game as I am rapping.
one two
marcus garvey
vlue sky black death
i got to go
i play the part that is evil.
i kill people.
it's my power.
We're in the game.
maybe i will push the red button.
i am groot.
analien by my moters side.
laberint. depth as an auankot.
i am not breathing.
I think about him.
him is big.
HIM is reasonable.
Do I tell?
I might.
If this is comunnication.
seeing through the crack.
taking my medicine.
There are trace amounts of invega paliperidone in my system.
I believe.
I am.
We are.
It's pretty easy to figure out the rules.
I control the settings.
I am the programmer.
alt int nexus four s7
slaver music.
I do what I do and I do it real true,
I n I am like rip van winkle.
I ghost.
I don't quite know.I can feel my blood.
 it's thick and sludgey and cold.
Looking at the cieling.
I'm tripping.
I wrote it in my blood.
I am like in sega genasis.
I played.
I'm gonna make this porn.

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