Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day Five: Harmony and Zionism

Today I changed something up on my blog. No longer am I writing the title as the subtopic I'm just going to list the topic as the title. Maybe it'll be more conflictive I couldn't tell. Check out some of my older writings.
I'm thinking about this shit.
I take a seat.
read it!
rack - a doodled up
grew up under section 8
my connect came through.
I'm dead.
Check out my videos.
damn slim is fat now
how'd that orange get so tasty
the vegetable
the fruit
the garden
We are here.
Nothing has changed.
read my blog.
It's interesting.
The first entry is today 29.
When will it end?
how much?
Big bite.
turf wars
section 8/9

they would have a home for me.

harmony is the counter note of the music.
I am.
we are.
podcast 288.
we are far along in this video game.
The grand portal is the scientific discovery of the soul.
Mormonism didn't have it all; it has a good chunk of it.
What is it?
That is the question.
It is the pussy or the dick.
This is vulgar.
It's pornographic.
I say it.
I don't look.
I do take my medication.
I self medicate.
It's going to run out.
Who's gonna run out?
Who is getting talked out of it?
Fine I'll do it.
Is that consent?
I don't think so.
What a gay sounding man.
I'm narrating the pornography.
It's programming.
See you at who's house?
The direction.
the wingmakers.
Eating the chicken fries.
this is phschedelic.
odd request.
tell me
what is it about?
You own the hotel on the strip right?
I was just wondering?
Do something to get my friends a job?
What is there for me?
I'll show you.
taking clothes off.
wow i'm copy cat.
I like this.
That's nice.
Why don't you stand up.
Gay porn.
One time I tuned in.
So nice.
I love her voice.
how beautiful is that voice.
It's not porn anymore.
I'm going to do something tomorrow.
I'm going to work.
I'm going to show up.
No one had to text me.
I guess that thought I would forget.
I'm not angry.
This is the new jerusalem.
David the son of David.
Just gave birth to himself.
Let all nations dispute things in a court.
Externally they play ball.
Who does the world court take advice from?
No one gives the president any advice.
Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
20,000 laws for just gun control alone.
Social duties
Personal rights
what's the equation there?
End time
Currency is time.
Scraping to survive.
Living each day like it's there last.
Optimal age.
No quiero run out of time.
In bolivia they tried to get me to believe in that also.
it's live. as of mar 27, 2017
get it loud who don't have a conscience
free to do whatever I want
universal karma
harmony to these guys?
The infinite
A borg
be not a cancer of the earth
prescribed these principles
Kings of yesteryears
are they practicing what they preach?
great question.
i feel them.
Age of Reason.
age of construct
3 dimensions
senator pam
people of the state of cascadia
the right to parents gaurdians caregivers who act in their best interest
the right to wellbeing
humanity party constitution.
new new world order
not the old.
We reject the old.
The old world.
social and emotional well being.
sounds like a cyborg.
I am here.
We are not here.
I am.
We are.
nail polish in vaccines and inject people.
I'm not getting my shot anymore.
I'm stopping the scheme.
Snake in my dream.
Should not include this aspect in the work black survivors (Jan 2017)
what's healthcare?
i lost it.
preexisiting condition.
vitamin K shot
cancel it out.
quality healthcare
Thaddeus Russell is the best feminist I know.
I am really a Nazi.
I see the picture of the girl I want in my mind.
Oscar Kerner.
Jan 25 1875
karl kuhn 1897
karl laforce
student oct 28th 1904.
Clouse van pappa.

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