Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 7: german youth do not forget you are a german

I'm listening to mien kampf. I sincerely want to follow this leader his majesty. I know the war rages on. The sides sides divided in their both opinions. I can speak for myself. I say what I mean. and I mean what i say. most of the time. sometimes i'm drunk and i want to talk to myself in my dream. Hello greengage how are you?
My energy is over 9000.
dueschland uber alles.
youth educated politically.
Loving yourself isn't an action.
or is it?
In my writing 7 I wrote that it is an action.
what then is action.
is this not the philosophy of men and religion?
I love you, Rome!
classical studies
Galdalf the grey i am
Not quite just enough darkness.
not being able to eat cause of guilt.
starving selves.
mental gap.
i am.
we are.
the will being swallowed up in the whole.
InI lucid dreaming.
I'm afraid somebody else might take my place.
I'm copying merely reciting in the distant future of 2125.
Religion: Cain and Abel.
Pop: The little rascals
I see demons in my dream. It is a future scenario I have trouble distinguishing reality. the kid world and the adult world are separate. Cain slew Abel because he was jealous. I honestly wish I could kill. When it comes right down to it I'm not a killer. I couldn't pull the trigger. In another lifetime I am a serial killer psychopath.
Right and wrong don't exist and life is short. the demon mantra.
My mantra is i am alive God is one and at the same time different.
I'd push the button and kill millions of people. By 2025 the population will have reduced itself significantly. If you'd have paid attention to my website  you would have noticed that I am an elitist concerned about population control. I follow the Georgia guide-stones in my opinions and beliefs.
truth is relative yet at the same time not relative.
this is a work is a continuation of the three realities found at
In some way completing the vision of x set of aliens.
the set of y set of aliens is more broad and vast.
I see angels now. the demon has vanished into the part of the brain where fantasy dwells.
I see them. They are fighting over who is right.
Jah-hova or elohim. They are conflicted as if playing looney tunes. Going back and forth "duck season" "rabbit-season" I see them only for a second then the flicker and vanish and I am back alone in my dormitory. i hear the wind. I hear the voices. I am part of it all. The war rages on in my mind as I view the holographic universe. I am. We are.
the will of mine be swallowed up in the great will of divine.
this is my purpose.
trying to capture the unspoken with words.
I read the poem now as light converges with dream matter.
I must mention my friends in the battle. They are.
I used to view them as the enemy. Then i realized that this first source revelation is found in the second universe which has a name which name I have forgotten.
I was blackmailed and it doesn't feel like fun. I've revealed too much. I must go now.
Though I'm afraid I continue on in the race knowing there is always another life.
Always my dear friend?
Not always. Some incarnations don't come back. I know for a fact Lou Gherig came back. My "fact" is hearsay. I child's testimony. I believe. I believe in Spring. What do the athiests call out the believers of doing? Hipocrisy? Please forgive our genetic light from the other side. The sin is absolved through the great soul keeper.
I keep on having the word "AKARI" flash before my mind. I hate it because "acari" are shit eating mites which haunt my dreams. Maybe i'm no better than a shit eating mite. Soy malo. I'm bad. I want to become a good guy.
i ask my readers (in good faith) to please leave a comment. Show yourselves.

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