Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 1: starting a new program

Mum axed InI what do you want to do? My response was help people build businesses. I change my answer now. I want to blog for a living. As a person with schizophrenia I'm the percentage of the population that does not work. My work is keeping myself busy with books. Some say this is no life. InI argue that it is a reality that makes me happy. Today April 10 I start an intense program that includes learning from several books. Everyday I will blog about topics from the books "The Intellectual devotional" and the flying circus of physics. This program will last for at least a year. It will then be renewed. It will be a valiant effort to keep the mind active and engaged.I'm interested in the timeless wisdom and my posts are designed to play into that wisdom. I don't plan on writing the best posts. I do  however plan on writing consistently.

The Alphabet

I was taught the alphabet as a child. I sung the alphabet to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star. I love the 26 letters. With the 26 letters I construct words. I am a wordsmith. English isn't the only language with an alphabet. The Hebrew language also has an alphabet. Their alphabet is a bit more esoteric than ours. Each letter has a mystical background and meaning. It's amazing.

Sigmund Freud

I don't know much about Freud. I know he was a famous psychologist or pyschiatrist. I know of Fruedian slips of the tongue where you say something too honest and hurt someone's feelings. A freudian slip is the real truth. Freud experimented with cocaine. Now I don't feel so bad having tried cocaine once. Freud came from a family of Austrian Jews. His sisters were in Nazi concentration camps.

Physics for a first date: the hanging spoon

When on a date consider asking the question how long can a spoon hang on my nose. Ask why breathing on the spoon acts as glue and helps the spoon stay. The answer is because friction. The breathe acts as glue because of the static electricity built up.

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