Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 7: german youth do not forget you are a german

I'm listening to mien kampf. I sincerely want to follow this leader his majesty. I know the war rages on. The sides sides divided in their both opinions. I can speak for myself. I say what I mean. and I mean what i say. most of the time. sometimes i'm drunk and i want to talk to myself in my dream. Hello greengage how are you?
My energy is over 9000.
dueschland uber alles.
youth educated politically.
Loving yourself isn't an action.
or is it?
In my writing 7 I wrote that it is an action.
what then is action.
is this not the philosophy of men and religion?
I love you, Rome!
classical studies
Galdalf the grey i am
Not quite just enough darkness.
not being able to eat cause of guilt.
starving selves.
mental gap.
i am.
we are.
the will being swallowed up in the whole.
InI lucid dreaming.
I'm afraid somebody else might take my place.
I'm copying merely reciting in the distant future of 2125.
Religion: Cain and Abel.
Pop: The little rascals
I see demons in my dream. It is a future scenario I have trouble distinguishing reality. the kid world and the adult world are separate. Cain slew Abel because he was jealous. I honestly wish I could kill. When it comes right down to it I'm not a killer. I couldn't pull the trigger. In another lifetime I am a serial killer psychopath.
Right and wrong don't exist and life is short. the demon mantra.
My mantra is i am alive God is one and at the same time different.
I'd push the button and kill millions of people. By 2025 the population will have reduced itself significantly. If you'd have paid attention to my website  you would have noticed that I am an elitist concerned about population control. I follow the Georgia guide-stones in my opinions and beliefs.
truth is relative yet at the same time not relative.
this is a work is a continuation of the three realities found at
In some way completing the vision of x set of aliens.
the set of y set of aliens is more broad and vast.
I see angels now. the demon has vanished into the part of the brain where fantasy dwells.
I see them. They are fighting over who is right.
Jah-hova or elohim. They are conflicted as if playing looney tunes. Going back and forth "duck season" "rabbit-season" I see them only for a second then the flicker and vanish and I am back alone in my dormitory. i hear the wind. I hear the voices. I am part of it all. The war rages on in my mind as I view the holographic universe. I am. We are.
the will of mine be swallowed up in the great will of divine.
this is my purpose.
trying to capture the unspoken with words.
I read the poem now as light converges with dream matter.
I must mention my friends in the battle. They are.
I used to view them as the enemy. Then i realized that this first source revelation is found in the second universe which has a name which name I have forgotten.
I was blackmailed and it doesn't feel like fun. I've revealed too much. I must go now.
Though I'm afraid I continue on in the race knowing there is always another life.
Always my dear friend?
Not always. Some incarnations don't come back. I know for a fact Lou Gherig came back. My "fact" is hearsay. I child's testimony. I believe. I believe in Spring. What do the athiests call out the believers of doing? Hipocrisy? Please forgive our genetic light from the other side. The sin is absolved through the great soul keeper.
I keep on having the word "AKARI" flash before my mind. I hate it because "acari" are shit eating mites which haunt my dreams. Maybe i'm no better than a shit eating mite. Soy malo. I'm bad. I want to become a good guy.
i ask my readers (in good faith) to please leave a comment. Show yourselves.

Day Seven: Poem Description and a thought I had

Chapter One:
So I've been following this for a while:
The Ancient Arrow Project
The centerpeice of the WingMakers mythology, this book really needs to be read to understand how the spiritual forces operate in a world that is run by elitist groups. This version includes the 4 interviews of Dr. Neruda, the central character in the story.

It seems fairly benign at first but then it's just an idea by a man of the name of James Mahu who might actually be my blood brother. His name is James. He lives. So do I. There is no death. I write from the trance. It's making gay.

I've read poetry of the ancient arrow project and I believe it. It's like this we can get by on faith alone or we can get by writing from a new future form.
InI name Jim Kung Ho.
I live in Brazil from Japanese descent.
I have two children they are 15 and 12 girl and boy respectively. I like to keep these blogs to fifteen minutes. I give away the wi-tal information.
I'm drunk and seeing no demon.
we are essentially a country of angels with some demons present.
It is in order for my brain to comprehend I must talk like THIS.
I am a crazy celebrity.
I know i am lucid dreaming this right now like in Masters of None.

Chapter Two:
So I've been listening to the voices again.
I talk to them.
This chapter idea was conceived after continuing my next arbitrary thought.
When I get feeling good I just want to dance.
this is the hacking
read my book black survivors
just google justin movick black survivor

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day Six: It's a early mid late spring day

Yo readers it's me.
I realize you can't be too nice.
people start to notice.
must needs be deceptive and cloaking while trying to kill people

David really felt uncomfterble.
I can't spell.
jiminy christmas get over it.
Angels and devils collide
cause the war in the begginning
how would there be a war when all there was adam and eve?
Who said adam and eve is a truth i accept?
The self wakes up to it's oneness blessing of the gods
seeing through the crack. standing up as a writer for health reasons.

now typing short standing
the words in our mind gets bigger.
ninjawords. i use use it consistently.
it's pay day
i cannot compute pay day?
aw computer you are so cute.
we can bake in the spring which this is a spring day.
what is the best possible outcome for right now.
Best possible outcome is I go to my high school maybe even seminary.
Wake and bake.
We live it up for the weekend.
This goes against.
church on sunday.
don't say it again.
politricks. InI
seeking to program myself as an annunaki revealing his one great secret
there is no secret.
I am.
we are.
the blog of J.Mo.have
true name Justin Movick.
i write jusutin and say it like a japonese anime.
I am a cat using feline science.
Life is small again.
I don't know whow its possible
i speak to the radio.
I know some people are riding this wave with me.
Click next blog.
It's essentially random.
good bye it was good to have you while I had you.


Whoever my followers are this is for them.
THEY are the best.
Shout out to my e*
breaking it down to the nitty-gritty.
I'm flying.
In my dream.
I all of a sudden got up real high and I didn't come back down.
I see people for who they are.
Today is sports and philosophy not philosphy.
jinsang - alone, together
i came down naturally.
not higher state.
low state.
low slave class
high master class
private class
public class

Day Five: Harmony and Zionism

Today I changed something up on my blog. No longer am I writing the title as the subtopic I'm just going to list the topic as the title. Maybe it'll be more conflictive I couldn't tell. Check out some of my older writings.
I'm thinking about this shit.
I take a seat.
read it!
rack - a doodled up
grew up under section 8
my connect came through.
I'm dead.
Check out my videos.
damn slim is fat now
how'd that orange get so tasty
the vegetable
the fruit
the garden
We are here.
Nothing has changed.
read my blog.
It's interesting.
The first entry is today 29.
When will it end?
how much?
Big bite.
turf wars
section 8/9

they would have a home for me.

harmony is the counter note of the music.
I am.
we are.
podcast 288.
we are far along in this video game.
The grand portal is the scientific discovery of the soul.
Mormonism didn't have it all; it has a good chunk of it.
What is it?
That is the question.
It is the pussy or the dick.
This is vulgar.
It's pornographic.
I say it.
I don't look.
I do take my medication.
I self medicate.
It's going to run out.
Who's gonna run out?
Who is getting talked out of it?
Fine I'll do it.
Is that consent?
I don't think so.
What a gay sounding man.
I'm narrating the pornography.
It's programming.
See you at who's house?
The direction.
the wingmakers.
Eating the chicken fries.
this is phschedelic.
odd request.
tell me
what is it about?
You own the hotel on the strip right?
I was just wondering?
Do something to get my friends a job?
What is there for me?
I'll show you.
taking clothes off.
wow i'm copy cat.
I like this.
That's nice.
Why don't you stand up.
Gay porn.
One time I tuned in.
So nice.
I love her voice.
how beautiful is that voice.
It's not porn anymore.
I'm going to do something tomorrow.
I'm going to work.
I'm going to show up.
No one had to text me.
I guess that thought I would forget.
I'm not angry.
This is the new jerusalem.
David the son of David.
Just gave birth to himself.
Let all nations dispute things in a court.
Externally they play ball.
Who does the world court take advice from?
No one gives the president any advice.
Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
20,000 laws for just gun control alone.
Social duties
Personal rights
what's the equation there?
End time
Currency is time.
Scraping to survive.
Living each day like it's there last.
Optimal age.
No quiero run out of time.
In bolivia they tried to get me to believe in that also.
it's live. as of mar 27, 2017
get it loud who don't have a conscience
free to do whatever I want
universal karma
harmony to these guys?
The infinite
A borg
be not a cancer of the earth
prescribed these principles
Kings of yesteryears
are they practicing what they preach?
great question.
i feel them.
Age of Reason.
age of construct
3 dimensions
senator pam
people of the state of cascadia
the right to parents gaurdians caregivers who act in their best interest
the right to wellbeing
humanity party constitution.
new new world order
not the old.
We reject the old.
The old world.
social and emotional well being.
sounds like a cyborg.
I am here.
We are not here.
I am.
We are.
nail polish in vaccines and inject people.
I'm not getting my shot anymore.
I'm stopping the scheme.
Snake in my dream.
Should not include this aspect in the work black survivors (Jan 2017)
what's healthcare?
i lost it.
preexisiting condition.
vitamin K shot
cancel it out.
quality healthcare
Thaddeus Russell is the best feminist I know.
I am really a Nazi.
I see the picture of the girl I want in my mind.
Oscar Kerner.
Jan 25 1875
karl kuhn 1897
karl laforce
student oct 28th 1904.
Clouse van pappa.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Day Five: I don't know

My friend Nick fell off a building and I didn't even care.
The pgroamming.
I have seen into the crack.
butt crack
do the doo doo
but don't think like Autozone

his real name was Michael.
Michael Jordan.
This was a message to me amor.

I'm going to continue this race.
After I kept it moving.
which thing was impossible.
I don't know why I'm saying this.
Looking for a dad
How is every date supposed to end
with a date
with sex
with harmony
in the document
i am writing as an old man
playing the game as I am rapping.
one two
marcus garvey
vlue sky black death
i got to go
i play the part that is evil.
i kill people.
it's my power.
We're in the game.
maybe i will push the red button.
i am groot.
analien by my moters side.
laberint. depth as an auankot.
i am not breathing.
I think about him.
him is big.
HIM is reasonable.
Do I tell?
I might.
If this is comunnication.
seeing through the crack.
taking my medicine.
There are trace amounts of invega paliperidone in my system.
I believe.
I am.
We are.
It's pretty easy to figure out the rules.
I control the settings.
I am the programmer.
alt int nexus four s7
slaver music.
I do what I do and I do it real true,
I n I am like rip van winkle.
I ghost.
I don't quite know.I can feel my blood.
 it's thick and sludgey and cold.
Looking at the cieling.
I'm tripping.
I wrote it in my blood.
I am like in sega genasis.
I played.
I'm gonna make this porn.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day Four: Science and Film

The Solar System and Charlie Chaplin

8 planets and Pluto

Legendary actor famous character Mr. Chaplin.

I'm a little tiny weenie itsy bitty speck when compared to the solar system. Our solar system is just one of millions? Of billions of solar systems. Are there thousands of galaxies? Millions of galaxies. That is where I just don't know. Could you say the universe is infinitely big because it is expanding. At the same time we know that the universe is a hologram inside each individual's mind. That is mind blowing. The big bang is happening by each individual simultaneously. 

I for one don't pity Pluto. It is smaller than our moon. It's just a rock caught in the orbit of our sun.

I am an infinite being. I'm God. You are God. We are God. This is what is meant by the "I AM". The point of this blog is get everyone to realize this fact. Once we all generate this frequency we will evolve from the human 2.0 mindset to the human 3.0 mindset. 

I'm' fairly content these days. No more longing to be doing x, y z. I'm living the now. I'm fairly certain this will take me to happy places. Who doesn't want this happiness and peace? We are all the same. peace blessed love. 

getting medication tomorrow. nervous. sad. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day Three: Music and the Visual Arts

Arnold Schoenberg and the Parthenon

Schoenberg. SHOW-EN-BERG?  Schoenberg was an Austrian composer. Because he was Jewish his works were labeled degenerate by the Nazi party. Sad. What a load of elitist bull****. I'm listening to some Schoenberg right now and I like it. It's not quite a Wagner piece yet it is rich with emotion. Life can be a whole lot of waiting. I do a lot of thinking lately. I'm not employed. I don't have a family of my own. I'm just here as an alien species trying to transcend and be the best human being I can be. I'm part of the deception that has been going on for millennia. I'm tired of deceiving  yet I do it still. It makes me a liar. This music makes me worried however that is the plight of life. It's not all colors of flowers and rainbows.
Now the Parthenon. The Parthenon was an ancient greek temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena the patron of the city of Athens where it was built. It was built in the Doric order. You can tell a Doric, from an ionic, from a Corinthian by the pillar design. That's all I really got for the Parthenon. Oh wait. In the fifteenth century it was turned into a Muslim mosque. It is featured in the visual arts because it is a great work of ancient architecture.Visually it is stunning.
Back to Schoenberg, the piece I'm listening to is Verklärte Nacht, Op.4 - Boulez from 1899. Something night. VERKLARTE night. I don't know what that is. From the picture on the youtube video it's the mask of face of an alien.
I am. We are. InI infinite being trodding the earth in this human 2.0 form. The reason I got diagnosed with schizophrenia is because, I believe, I am more in tune with the multiple dimensions that exist. That doesn't make me better it makes me different and it gives me the responsibility to stand up for truth and first and foremost apply the teachings of His Imperial Majesty to my life as best as I can. 
10:03 5/10/2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day Two: Double Literature (W3)

Wandering the halls of a mental hospital seemingly without a purpose. All of a sudden I'm found regretting my time like I didn't choose the right things like I didn't use my time wisely. There was this girl who said a prayer and she said thank you god for these uniforms of blue and beige. I totally saw the uniforms but I didn't pick one up. I was concerned with pamphlets that had to do with revolution. At one point I was judged by the overseers and I had a plaque written on the wall. It said my name and love to my companion eterna. I think that's what it said the plaque. I distictly remembering the letters e n a embedded in this coat of arms. Then a lot of time went by with nothing. almost as if there was no more conciousness. Then all of a sudden I remember me saying to myself I'm an hertical rasta man. Then I heard the words I'll see you soon. And the whole mental institution exploded with music and fast foward the camera to my bed where I woke up in a tremor of fear.

Now as far as this dream is unusual I have been in a mental hospital. Strange things happen. I hear voices in waking life life that tell me "I'm scared aren't I" Maya was the voice of a class mate I first heard in this strange manner. The voice has haunted me ever since that day in Jan 2015. My school (BYU) had an exhibit on necromancy. I don't know if that has anything to do with the strange happenings. The writing on the wall is some indication that I'm solarian at heart. I forgot to mention I saw a girl I liked in middle school in the dream. Sitting at a table. I think I said something to tease her. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. Why would I hear the voice "I'll see you soon" and then get violently ripped from the dream world? It's all too strange for an explanation.

Today Tuesday day two is double literature day in which we're looking at the Harlem Renaissance and William Butler Yeats. I DIG the harlem renaissance. I've been a huge fan of Langston Hues. He was an author of the renaissance which took place in the 1920s and 1930s. Theres a lot of history there but basically people with deep hues of melatonin in there dna found themselves through art and poetry.

I had never heard of yeats. Yeats was an irish poet. He was an influential figure of the 20th century. Google image search "poem yates when I am old" for a good poem of his.

That's it for today folks. stay well. be excellent to each other and make it a great day. Peace.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Day One: History and Personalities

dream: i was at a fair as a 5-6 year old. I was with my older brother and stepdad. i then dreamed I went back in time as a grown up to the fair. My little self didn't recognize my big self. I was extra excited though. My stepdad did recognize me . He gave me six dollars to spend on food. I went to go buy a corn-dog but they didn't have any so I bought I Philly cheese-steak.

next in my dream I had to sell tortillas with a gang. There was a girl. Then there was motorcycle man. The motorcycle took coins US Dollars and Euros.

Next thing I was floating underwater with scuba gear. I think my stepdad and mom were together with me.

I wish I could describe the detail of these situations. It gets fuzzy.

Now for today's topic entry. History: sparta vs athens. Personalities: Pablo Picasso.

I'm pretty tired. This is the chronicle of a person with schizophrenia. It doesn't feel like I have it though I've been told I have it. Sad. I live to dream. It seems the dream realm is reality for me. I went to high school and our mascot was a spartan. Sparta was made popular by the film 300. I don't train the body as I should. I admit it. I'm about 20-30 lbs over weight. I'd rather be a lean runner or a wrestler type. Today I conversed with my mother.

I'm a blip on the radar of the world. Famous in my own book because I'm divinely endowed with the spark of light that lights the world. One light in a sea of other lights. We all are god like. My religion is love. I testify of Yeshua, Haile Sellasie, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Donald Trump. These are good men. InI love pablo picasso. I'd like to be rich enough to buy his artwork or better yet duplicate his pieces on my own.
love and peace I leave you in the new name. JAH.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day Seven: Religion and Pop

Today's short blog is about Noah and Mahjong. No relation not to my knowledge.

Noah is a tremendous figure of the Old Testament. Mahjong is a game played throughout the world.
Can't. Seem. to. focus. Trying. mental illness. effort. games. try not wasting time. stumbling block. ministering to others. joy. random. modern culture. ancient culture. lay my head down to rest. No place to lay head. sad.

the end.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day Six: Sports and Philosophy

Cy Young and Socrates

Cy Young is a famous pitcher. He played baseball.

Socrates is a famous philosopher. He was made unto me by Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.
SO-CRATES as opposed to SAW-CRA-Tease. You know this entry is going to be really short my sleep schedule is messed up. I stayed up all Friday night. I'm aimed to stay up all night today. For shame.
I dreamed I was a vampire demon. That's the easiest way to describe the reality I saw. I can't tell if that life is a future life or a past life.

I'm less than human. I saw the subhumans lives growing up. I was in the mosh pit. I still had braces. My mouth was cut up. Maybe I have alien DNA. I'm a person with schizophrenia. Bollocks.

the end.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Day five: music and ideas and trends

Melody and the Luddites
Most people know what the tune of the song is. That's the melody.

aerial shots two cylinder helicopter motion fast forward tubes water park weakness illness.

I'm pretty fucking scared of going to sleep lately. I have these dreams where I know I'm living this shit. I never knew who was controlling all of this. until now. ALIENS. advanced human beings. I'm naive.
I can't remember my dreams. I can't remember my past lifes. YET. I will. They will come back. I'm planning on finishing this program of double learning daily and then I will carry out a program of shamanism.

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. I'm scared of these aliens in my dreams? Maybe I need to watch that show on tbs about aliens.

I don't want to be a luddite. A luddite was one who opposed the industrial revolution. that's all for today. I'm aimed to make it to the top.

ps i missed my appointment because I didn't know where to go. My medication is wearking off.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day Four: Science and Film

Eratosthenes and Birth of a Nation (1915)

I watched the JRE where Eddy Bravo Brenden S. and Joe Rogan argued over flat earth and round earth. If they would have known Eratosthenes they could have resolved their problems. Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the earth using an ancient method. We've known the earth is round for milenia. This flat earth business is just rubbish.

Birth of a Nation is a film I haven't seen. I probably won't see it. It is old. It's over 100 years old. Jesus I can't believe it's 2010s.

I'm really worried about getting to some schizophrenia appointments on time and on point. Anything can happen. Tomorrow day five I have to get my shot. I don't like getting my shot. But I stay humble and be a part and a cog in this gigantic political machination. So help me God.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day Three: Music and Visual Arts

Scott Joplin and the Bust of Nefertiti

I didn't die in my sleep last night. I did have a dream. I dreamed something so scary I woke up. I lay there surprised and scared. I wish I could describe what actually happened what I actually lived.

Today I blog about Scott Joplin again. The first thing I think of when I hear the name Scott Joplin is ragtime. That is with good reason because he wrote ragtime music which was popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

so tired. not sleepy tired. I'm tired of the mental illness. It sucks the life out of me. I'm trying to read about the bust of Nefertiti and write an article about what I learned.


I got a visit from my "counselor" today. It seems like this guy is trying to make me feel bad for nothing. My view of reality is distorted.I'll try to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The bust of Nefertiti is a head statue about 20 inches tall. It was discovered in 1912 by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt. I have know clue why they call a bust "a bust". Comment on why that is.

And with that I'm a sign out. peace and blessings be upon InI.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day Two: Double Literature

Ernest Hemingway and Anna Karenina

Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. He wrote one of my favorite books The Old Man and the Sea. I'm sure he's known for other books however that's how I know him. Mr. Hemingway was fond of Cuba and even lived there for a time. Like many of the greats Mr. Hemingway took his own life. He used a shotgun. Some may think wow what a morbid way to go. I am for people deciding their own fate and if that means they choose suicide then so be it. I don't have a gun but if I did I'd use it to end my own life. I'm in a prison, the prison of life. I'm learning to cope and handle living. The thing is I've lived so many times and had so many negative experiences it's getting old. I'm a person with schizophrenia. That means I see into other parallel realities and worlds. I used to hear voices the voices of the little people. I can't wait for the second season of sens8 to come out. I love every aspect of that show.

Next in today's double dose of literature is the work of Anna Karenina. i had never heard of it. It was written by Leo Tolstoy in 1877. Apparently it is "still surprising readings with it's immediacy and freshness." Anna Karenina. I am hoping I remember the title. Anna KA-RE-nina. If you have read it please leave in the comments why you like it. According to one amazon reviewer it is really good. Who knows maybe I'll have the chance to read this book at some point in my billions years of existence.

much love from Hillsboro. I may die tonight in my sleep. All my dreams are full of danger. Today they are filled with fire and dinosaurs. Watch out you might get hurt or get catapulted into the pit! Love jmo

Monday, April 17, 2017

Day One: History and Personalities

Today I'm struggling with some symptoms of schizophrenia. I've been hearing some voices saying
"You're worthless" and "You're bad" and "You're stupid". I don't know if it is because my medication is wearing out or what. I'm good. I'm a good guy. I'm not an angel yet I'm not a demon either. I'm a human. I struggle with self esteem but who doesn't. Anybody who says they don't are either liars or superheroes.

Today's post is on the code of Hammurabi and Albert Einstein.

I studied the code of Hammurabi at university however it was refreshing to revisit the topic. It was the world's first written law codes in recorded history. Hammurabi was a king. It was written in cuneiform.

Albert Einstein was a genius of the 20th century. His work on relativity revolutionized the world of physics. In fact he was named the person of the century by time magazine in the year 2000.

I'm really struggling, fam. I'm trying. It sucks to know my best isn't enough. I feel pressure. Which is a good thing. If I didn't feel some kind of pressure I know I wouldn't be alive. This is all I have for today. It's 3:30pm. I try to have these done by 5:00 pm in the afternoon. Stay well. Be excellent to each other dudes. (I'm a dude he's a dude shes a dude)


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day seven: Religion and Pop

So happy easter everyone. I don't believe in the resurrection of Jesus as a physical reality however I believe in the resurrection as a spiritual reality. Maybe next year my beliefs will change about this. I have no evidence to support this claim of life after death. As a matter of fact I don't believe in the resurrection even though the new testament and book of mormon support it. I choose not to believe in this third act. As far as I know I have this live to live and I plan to live it to the fullest. With that said today's topics are religion and pop.

The religion aspect of today's post covers what is the torah which is the old testament which is the five books of moses. Wow these books are very rich in tradition. These were given to Moses on top of Mt. Sinai.  I believe this is where jah first makes himself manifest to the world. The creation story is given in this sacred text. I ask myself "How can I benefit by living the torah?" It's a question I still am looking to answer.

The pop section of today's post covers coney Island. I'm not sure what coney island is. I'm pretty sure it's in new jersey/ I want to say they had a bunch of freak shows there. Was this the location of the hot dog? Let me consult the book. Correction it's at the southern edge of Brooklyn in New York. It was an amusement park. Ok. So the park was popular in the 1890s till about the great depression in the 1930s. It had a sketchy reputation; still millions attended the park. I was right about the hot dog. They still have the annual hot dog eating contest there.

So that is today's post. short sweet. to the point. check out some of my old posts if you like random nonsense coming from a person with schizophrenia. Thanks for checking this out. Leave a comment. Peace.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day Six:Sports and Philosphy

Naismith and appearance and reality

Sports: Naismith invented basketball. Only Basketball has a clear inventor.   I'm grateful for Naismith because I enjoy watching the NBA. I'm rooting for the Portland Trailblazers. GO BLAZERS!

Philosophy: Appearance can be different than reality. As a person with schizophrenia I often lose track of reality. Though it may appear to be a certain way it actually is another. I'm getting medicated for this disease every three months. I don't enjoy getting shot. Whenever I start to have a trip or a panic attack I remind myself I'm medicated.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Day Five: Music and Ideas and Trends

The basics of music. Music is sound. Organized sound. Melodic and harmonic sound. Music is pleasing to the ears.

Ideas and trends: communism. I'm slightly communist. I'll admit it. Thank God I don't live in the red terror- McCarthy era. I'll tell you why I'm communist. I believe in the commune. I believe in the ideals of state ownership. With that said I believe that communism and capitalism can work together to create a new form of government.

Much more could be said of these glorious topics however I'm tired of writing. I've written a lot. Check out some of my old posts. I've still been dreaming. I'm not so lonely in my dreams. peace be upon you. end of message. 3:51PM on 4/14/2017.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day Four: Science and Film

Cloning and the Lumiere Bros.

Dolly the sheep was the first cloning experiment that I know of. I remember the story when I was young. I don't have any ethical problems with cloning. I think people should be cloned. It seems to me there's a group of people that think that cloning is playing God. Perhaps this is correct should that stop us however from achieving great scientific feats? I argue not.

I had never heard of the Lumiere Bros. They are some of the worlds first filmmakers. They patented a special kind of camera to make movies with.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day Three: Music and the Visual Arts

Day three: Music and the visual arts

music: Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky wrote the 1812 overture a fantastic piece of music celebrating Russia stopping Napoleon. You'd recognize it if you heard it. It has cannons scored into the piece. He also wrote several operas.

visual arts: Lascaux Cave paintings. The French caves have some paleolithic drawings and they leave you speechless.

last night I dreamed I was playing soccer. Doesn't surprise me. I've dreamed that before. Overall it was a good night's rest. I woke at 5:30 am excited to finish JRE #666 which I started the night before.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day Two: double literature

Two books I'll probably read as an advanced human being: Ulysses and Crime and Punishment. Ulysses is an epic. It's the happenings of a man in one day. Crime and Punishment is the modern 20th century novel published in the 19th century (1866). It's about a guy who commits murder. We get his inner most thoughts. I say I'll read these as an advanced human being. I probably will never read them in this imperfect mortal state.

I don't have much to say today. I'm kind of sad for no reason. I'm kind of mad for no reason. I am person with schizophrenia. Its not fun. At the same time living life on my own terms is liberating. I'm guessing in a year I'll look back on today and want to know more about Ulysses and Crime and Punishment. For now reading about them in my books is enough. I can't stop thinking about the dream I had last night. I can't even begin to describe it. "My name is Arthur more" "I don't belong to any church." I saw a man who had rose tattoos on his neck and then I realized he was dead. At that moment I said "dead"? And with that I woke up. I lay there trembling on what had just happened. I remembered the part where I was in a stadium and a girl voice said "we'll be here a while. best keep watching." I was superstitious about what to say. I said "dead" with disbelief. I said "alive" with hope. Then I went to use the bathroom.

Physics for a date

Put put golf requires physics and luck. The angle you shoot the ball with is mirrored as it bounces off the wall.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 1: starting a new program

Mum axed InI what do you want to do? My response was help people build businesses. I change my answer now. I want to blog for a living. As a person with schizophrenia I'm the percentage of the population that does not work. My work is keeping myself busy with books. Some say this is no life. InI argue that it is a reality that makes me happy. Today April 10 I start an intense program that includes learning from several books. Everyday I will blog about topics from the books "The Intellectual devotional" and the flying circus of physics. This program will last for at least a year. It will then be renewed. It will be a valiant effort to keep the mind active and engaged.I'm interested in the timeless wisdom and my posts are designed to play into that wisdom. I don't plan on writing the best posts. I do  however plan on writing consistently.

The Alphabet

I was taught the alphabet as a child. I sung the alphabet to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star. I love the 26 letters. With the 26 letters I construct words. I am a wordsmith. English isn't the only language with an alphabet. The Hebrew language also has an alphabet. Their alphabet is a bit more esoteric than ours. Each letter has a mystical background and meaning. It's amazing.

Sigmund Freud

I don't know much about Freud. I know he was a famous psychologist or pyschiatrist. I know of Fruedian slips of the tongue where you say something too honest and hurt someone's feelings. A freudian slip is the real truth. Freud experimented with cocaine. Now I don't feel so bad having tried cocaine once. Freud came from a family of Austrian Jews. His sisters were in Nazi concentration camps.

Physics for a first date: the hanging spoon

When on a date consider asking the question how long can a spoon hang on my nose. Ask why breathing on the spoon acts as glue and helps the spoon stay. The answer is because friction. The breathe acts as glue because of the static electricity built up.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Considering my situation as a person with schizophrenia

In a recent meditation I came to know my purpose to "help future generations understand people with schizophrenia". I complete my purpose by blogging. Blogging is my religion. My life goal is to live with dignity and be a friend to those I've met through the years.

As a person with schizophrenia I hear voices. I also hear the voice of God. God in my paradigm is that little voice inside your head that whispers yes or no. I don't think of God as an anthropomorphic being. I view God as an extension of the consciousness granted unto me as an advanced human being. All I have is the now. As far as I see there is no past. There is no future. There is only now. The real truth might be different as far as past, presents, and futures go however I know this moment exists and that is all I'm working with.

InI am a pronoun. InI not a he. InI not a she. InI be InI. Hard for some to understand. The closest translation would be He'n'She cept it's InI. Bob Marley said he's woman in the morning time. That mean he have a soul of a woman alongside the soul of man. The most sublime truth for any individual is InI. I-man soul and i-woman soul. There is a lot of gender confusion in the world in 2017. Well I perceive there to be much confusion. I might be mistaken. If we had these truths go out that each person has two souls for every one heart we'd see greater happiness Each has an emperor and empress inside InI. See the pronouns himself and herself are outdated. InI is simpler and it conveys much greater truth. The only time InI use the pronoun HIM is when I refer to divinity. H.I.M. which stands for His Imperial Majesty.

I haven't read the Urantia Book in full. I'm working on it. However someone said in a forum to believe that Haile Sellasie is Jesus Reincarnated is wishful thinking. I'm guilty of this crime. To me the time frame is this. I know not when Jesus will return and set up a righteous government. In fact my conscience tells me that will not happen. My conscience tells me that Jesus came back to earth as HIM he came black. through the line of king Solomon and king David. Africa has yet to rise. I hope and pray for a united africa. How much longer Jah shall we suffer a sickly body? When shall be the day of African repatriation?

So again I contemplate how I'm a person with schizophrenia. Does schizophrenia have me because I believe man is god? Or does schizophrenia have me because I hear voices?

The closer I am to God (InI) the closer I am to the veil of forgetfulness. The closer I am to the veil the closer I am to the voices that are jealous that say "Stupid!" "Worthless" "Slut!" "Kill Yourself". I'm close to these spirits. I pray for their eternal behalf. They are a fallen lot. I never met a baddy that couldn't become good. So even when I'm tempted to scream "Fuck off!" I don't I take my time and get closer to my creator Jah Rastafari. En el nombre del mas alto Dios. Amen.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Welcome April

I sit with writers block before actually typing anywords. I want to write the perfect post. I know that is not possible. I saw on social media the other day "IMPERFECT" spells out "IM PERFECT". That is how this post will be.

I went to bed yesterday evening with a head ache. My intense, real dreams only made it worse when I woke up at 6:00am. I dreamed I violently threw chairs in a classroom after being bullied. When I went back to sleep after taking ibuprofen I dreamed I was in a hotel. In this hotel there was a naked chick walking around. It looked to be my ex-wife. In that dream I kissed a girl for the thrill of it. I was directed to the 11th floor to find a person, a man whom could further direct me. It was a strange dream. Very realistic. I can't why any of the things were happening.

I''ve found "the truth" in a Marvelous Work and a wonder. I still can't decide if I'm solarian, lunarian, or stellarian. I wonder if I have time still to decide. I better still have time. That probably won't mean much to the average reader. I'm disorganized. I have disorganized schizophrenia. It's not fun. My condition is hearing voices. They say "don't do that", "You're worthless", "You're stupid", "kill yourself". I hear them at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. I hear them during the day when I'm awake.

 I enjoy sleeping much more than I do living. When I'm sleeping I'm dreaming. I'm not limited by anything in my dreams. I get afraid in my dreams. I'm not without fear in life. It's being able to go on in spite of the fear that determines my place in the race.

Something I learned from the radio is that I won the race of life before I even started racing. I still have to keep up the pace. This stage in life is a lot of contemplation and meditation. It's a lot of reading. I learn line upon line precept upon precept. I'm grateful for the warmth of a house. I very well could be homeless. I'm going to do something else. be excellent to each other. :)