Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Vision

My vision is to be tripping through life on DMT. Knowing that the world knows me for what I did in Mexico. Mexico is the world. They are mexico. little mexico. Coming to know the being. Being a peace with I-self. Seeing the hideous monster. Being ok with being orge. hey at least I'm not a troll.
Having a certain way of looking at this particular aspect of the dmt trip. Very similar to the marijuana trip except way more concentrated. Much closer to salvia it would be. yoda talk. InI. see I-self. Shout out to my ex you broke my heart and it made me who I am today. I deleted all the objects I had about you. No wait I didn't. I'm a real piece of work. No pun intended. I needed the dragon shield to be whole. Bulk and Skull really know what they're song is. It really helps them get in the mood. We've been gay since the beginning of time. That's funny I thought that is what I meant. We are just the shells. We are all the shells. I don't relish my time on earth. I am here for a season and then I move on. I'm like the annunaki. I sleep in my waking time. I am a vampire. I am sleeping on this chair. Playing the game. Strapped in the matrix. Seeing the woman in the red dress. I have her in my mind. What else would my creation be? This is like the babies creating more babies together. Please somebody Nicotine help me. Slug like the burn. Nasty vomit. Nasty hobbitsis ini am hobbits see the ring in my mind with the all seeing eye. I never put on the ring. That was mi marriage. I ditched that pussy before she turned into a real dick. I was getting tired of being told what to do so I divorced her. Isn't that the worst reason to get divorced? What would Paul say? He'd have empathy and tell that he'd gone through the same thing. This is equitable.What if I kissed you. (plagerism) hism and schizm

Shakespeare, schizophrenia, modern culture, crucialConversations, countrymusic,

I am the alien. Helloworld. I-duddits. So small so innocent. I am not from this planet.
We're dealing with a strong nuclear force sir

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