Thursday, March 9, 2017

My dream

is indistinguishable from my dream. They are one. there is still some thought that has me. This is one. This is one. This is one. The true challenge is knowing which parallel to shift into.

I am (native).

I am (unborn)

The powers that be checking up on me.


i'm the star of the show

InI know my history. That's why I'm a mother fucking buffalo soldier.
I'm not the only one theirs my brother. We are a teamwork.
I become weak. They voices told me don't go to the coffee shop. I'll get sad.

I'm annuaki.
It's a historic  epic showing of identity.
My dream is right there.
brainwaves encaged.
I'm stealing. Can you tell which race I am stealing from?
No I cause I don't see races like you.
Babylon land of the law where crime pays.
I spoke with a man. his name is avatar. he told me don't go to LWNW because They can't help me with getting paid.drug seasgull
i didn't make sense
must be disorganized schizophrentic.
but that system of organizing schizophrenia ended in 2013.
there were multiple stars of this experiement. I need be careful. I could die at any minute.

there is no other star but this star. the son. I am here. I am safe.
I am beyond safe I am the wind.
I am the mask.
I am the game.
That is being played.
The great intergalactic chess game as to what comes next.
in this reality there is no fucking
it made the game super super boring.
I lost all motivation.
I had become a bum wearing the same communist uniform every single day.

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