Thursday, March 30, 2017

I've said a lot of things here

I've said a lot of things on this blog. I can't keep track of all the things i've said because most of the time I'm high. Naturally and unnaturally.

sometimes as a man you wear where were clothes.
it's easy to get lost in this reality.
speaking. spe-kan. be-a-can. life.
babylon system try to sift InI.
seperate good from evil.
sometimes i got lost in the evil.
there is more to get lost in.
I'm not the first one to say it.
shapes drawings. notepad.
program execution.
I should have never done cocaine.
God judges.
I gave into peer pressure.
I don't do coke.
I'm an angel.
I hate to admit it well it just seems so much cooler to be a demon.
I know what comes with demonhood.
intensity. propensity. complicate simplicity. no matter ethnicity. all for the sake of publicity.
stealing. not giving credit.
we broke all the commandments.
jah tafari saved InI.
I was and now I am.
how could I describe this situation other than shekina.
it doesn't happen every day yet it's happening now.
people be watching me.
i don't dare steal anymore. I and I don't do that. Need to listen to other music.
what is lowkey flex? Is it more than advertisments?
It sucks to know that no one can help me with my problem. It's a serious problem.
I'm really quite scared by it all. I'm full of fear but not without the conviction to go on in spite of it.

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