Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm really sad

I read somewhere if you're really sad you should probably start a blog. Get it all out there. Like a crackhead. I lost the soundtrack to my life just now.
It was coldplay hypnotised. I'm slightly dizzy trying to keep my paradigma in check
you're what sir?
My things. I have a difficult time keeping my things in check.
It appears that sadness has morphed into anger. I rebuke thee!
Whoever thou art doesn't matter to what it breaks down into
fleshy zombie flesh eating selves
getting up for the big one.
See you on the big one.
I'll go back to facebook when the big one came.
I believe we'll be hit with the biggest catasrophe mankind has ever seen.
This would be nuclear in size and proportion.
I'm slowing this train down.
Stop that train.
Just put on some cold train music on and we're riding the wave of black independent artists and free thinkers.
propane thinking
just about lose it!
fused with myself and I came out fat.
so i sit for eternity.
we don't slow down.
We don't play.
InI play.
I gotta go now.
Yeah right like that could ever happen.
I'm righting like my proper andy samberg named cuckoo movie pop star
I'm messed up
only me
only me
plucky duck with the ego
Empty conversation.
You have my attention.
you always had me but at the end of the night they're was always me not wanting you to.
InI messed up.
Special. being guided by the radio and the voices. gasp.
the horror
the nasty porno nature of the blog post
that's what my disease makes me do.
It's the sickness!!! It's got me.

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