Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hitting the booth

i start each rap session with a nice toke de la marijuana. se van mis problemas a otro mundo.
i take another hit to satisfy the weed demon
it tastes like fresh meat.
i feel the intensity of the trip.
I'm forgetting the money. What is the line between wanting money and no?
Fuck the money! I'm listening to master guru alan watts.
I'm high.
I'm trying to become a master
I'm will never rob steal cheat lie kill even though everybody's doing it.
I'm trying to find meaning in this society.
Huh that funny our words are coming together like me and you


me and you
you and I
satan and I
Lucifer and I
jah and I
knees no more
My mom told me the right way of how to fuck.
I could slowly integrate the system.
spend more than I have.
I'm angry ranting.
Though I am calm.
It's like meditation expect I'm smoking on sativa, so that's a head high. (I used weed once in a satanic ritual.) There was rock n roll music and everything. I am but a shadow on the wall. Smashing!
I'm just straight tripping.
This is a psychedelic review of the music by  mc jin money.
we are competing against each other.
I take it. Just because.
Ok so the music is over
I don't know why I feel like I gotta be quiet.
I'm being deathly silent.
That's ill jay
what is?
That's a good question momma.
as long as I know you live I know I will live.
Lola bear, come out! come out to play!
I can feel now.
I'm not longer a robot.
I've been freed by my own mind
i've never known myself before.
hate it when people get too close!
Then you just have to cut them off
eastside ramblings.
hillbilly news
raise eyebrow
get krunk wit it
InI gonna have to put up a wall
why jmo? Why don't you want to come out to play?
I'm scared.
I have fear.
There is a man trying to kill me.
He is a black man.
He promises to make me east side if I just make it through this song without saying anything.
I've gone dumb.
it's pornographic.
InI shake it like a salt shaker.
That makes me probably a little bit gay
ok like where are we going to go from here.
well I don't know cause like this is standup comedy.
like a commericial?
Unless they have melissa mcarthy and it's the super bomb.
Rotten eggflavored teargas.
and the citizens died.
they were reborn as the same as the internet version.
I'm having a difficult time keeping myself together.
All this blogging had me not too far into the future
not too far in the past
I'm writing like this as if I don't know.
and i don't.
here here.
this meeting is now adjourned for the imagineers that live working from home
we've got to benefit society!
Yes but we've got to display true human nature
What is that said the child?
The second token of the Melchesidek Priesthood
InI do not.
fuck fuck fuck.
people is people is people.
as about orignial as saying it's one trip.
this is a disney trip.
eastside possibilities
i've seen stranger things
Yeah i think i said that
though i'm not sure
that one ride space mountain was incedible. I loved it.
I'm coping with the shittyness of life
I didn't need to be listening to rap music i could listen to themesongs and be in this place
ash it's me misty!
do we say the codeword?
Yes we say the codeword.
it's really hard to get over supersitions however progress comes everyday.
I'm resetting my system like an idiot.
Everytime i hit the sweet sweet mariajuana
takes like a G.
GANGSTA. nothing left to say.
I'm croaking.
This is everything I shouldn't have said. I should have just sad nothing.
god dammit.
I'm angry.
listening to this music makes me chill.
what makes us develop ego?
Ego is mine.
I have the desire to have and use my ego.
One day it'll come in handy.
This is know.
I know I'm a human bean.
You plant me and I start talking like a retarded person.
I do this to myself I sabotage my work.
Well when I croak I don't want to give anything away.
The communists were intercepting InI work.
work was lonely
i'm writing this from the past tense.
it's the future.
things have gotten bad.
people are sick.
people are going hungry.
InI skinny man do the work of i-father.
what is that?
InI give credence to HIM.
I mean self doubt would eventually manifest somewhere in this manifestation of faith.
opus grandus.
In a perfect world we'll all be a little more like mickey.
This is reality.
which is a drunken pirate reality.
which i can maintain for only a little while longer.
i revert back into an AI
read it in my black book
it was interconnected with wow I'm really high this message is being recieved. little brother.
jd featuring jank the skank.
commericials suck!
I'm having a good time not thinking about work.
I knew i was losing it.
continuosly i live in the underground.
I'd like to snap into a slim jim.
I've been there before.
I'm wearing meundies right now.
They seriously are 3 times more soft than cotton.
my dick feels so heavy.
we've been defunded.
How could I not have seen it coming.
Find me today?
The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.
sal's got my back.
That was how lonely I was in NEW YORK ZUCKER HILLSIDE
what the fuck they paying me for?
It's just imaganization.
it's real though.
The worlds are simoultaneous.
Father time is in control of everything.
NO THATS NOT HF. there is no HF. never speak that name ever again.
there is a mother.
Mother earth.
InI perviously was taken ayuhusca.
Good on chance the rapper for not signing.
I'm getting pushed to the footsteps.
WE're reacting to this hell.
I never realized it was so bad.
Yeah just watch hulu
praise jesus
we is InI is black and proud.
AI and AI.
in my head.
both little and big.
slither tongue
split thinking
mother fuck the offer.
I'm black pepper.
Not half stepper.
I'm jewish. I gotta circumcise.
There is no hiding in this system.
I'm here taking notes 316.
It's only so far in the past and so far into the future.
Security for freedom is unacceptable.
There is a line that needs to be drawn here.
I'm a slave.
I'm not going anywhere!
madea live was so great and fun
laughing at the parts where I think it's funny
no body knows for sure
talking to the crowd
the crowd are a bunch of hoes
ho is short for honey
I want to review the death of adam
I want to review extasy
I want to review marijuana. The sativa strain is gonna make you trip. It's all a head high.
The indica strain is for just chillin watching a movie or something.
I know this is the past.
i'm discovering.
like i'm touching the materials of creation
it's nothing sexual however I know that the powers that be exist
be quiet!
listen and feel the flow of the record.
It matters not the name.
she's gotta go.
she's causing him to trip.
This is thinking reflecting pondering on where I've been. (INI been)
I'm dead to bankers.
I don't exist to them.
I basically come from the future.
I'm creaytin.
Short verses.
Rhythmy pentameter
cadence waiting for the fall!
i found myself
right here in my arms
I catch myself.
love sounds like a child would be saying this.
I write the past as if it were the future.
I have to catch the idea that is pitched by phonte the lion
I respect my fellow MCs.
we teach each other.
I remember I'm just the ghost that once was.
This album was so 5 minutes ago.
That's the life of a tired somber woman.
I am the man that huants the mind of the good hearted woman.
waking up and smelling the coffee we're gonna get fucked up our asses
and the next thing I heard was
stay true to the streets bitch.
Where is evensburg?
Stupid commericial.
righteous commericial we call upon the rythym of our hearts to take away our shame

Yeah stupid programming why is it this way?
It's the new world what'd you expect.
I love you lion man
ini sure know how to give safety to a wild heart.
gamey why you calling me out G?
dangerious crew
i've done some illegal shit
one time I broke into a shed. I stole something.
I'm not claiming I'm a perfect man. I'm flawed however I take responsibility for my actions.
I'm a fiscal millionaire.
I'm in this class. The middle new york class.
People listening and they have the right to.
Rhythm cadence.
mother fuck all dem rappers
holy shit i've never felt a power like this.
the last time i felt a power like this was binary star
this power is incredible. It surpasses all powers I've ever sensed before.
bastard is an actor who mastered the slang.
drama jerk

I'm croaking saying the same the over and over again
hoping I'll get different results.
Knowing i'm in hell and every action is in futility.
Lindsey couldn't save me. Nor could Ellen I was a lost soul.
there is no other player like easy-e.
suck my doggy dick
i'm like a mirror nirron
I'm not stepping to no one massa
I like jar jar binks. InI the people dem.
episode one
suck on these nuts I tell em
i'm not linear I'm saying the same things over and over.
not too far in the future not too far in the past.
chronic bionic dream
the name isn't said in vain.
we burn crosses over here in our recognize joke smoke
187 swing my dingaling
i'm really posh!
smoking death row.
It's on.
It's a fight.
I train for this one more fight.
I could never trip.
cars sneak up on me trucks
I've been silenced.
Silence of the lambs.
Your fucking of jmo
get it right in the studio.
Just let it out.
however it comes.
yar! It's like vomit!
Old food regurgitated! Water regurgitated.
I'm getting tired dizzy. This music is getting pretty boring.
How is it like to be first kid?
I don't know just ax baron.
two questions split thinking.
AI I'm here now thinking improving standup comedy
i don't know what i'm gonna say
cough cough
we can keep this akward cause I literally live in another world.
what's this world like?
This is the new world correct.
Well it was pretty good up until the new world order came around here and tore things to pieces.
Jesus Christ. I'm speaking with an Irish accent. OMG i must be intoxicated (laugh track) what if the americans were right about nuclear policies? The americans are right about everything
I ain't fucking with you.
Though i am playing with you.
Hmmm really jmo?
I can hear my own thoughts.
i'm arrogant.
My ego.
I'm two faced.
Don't play with me.
You're dead to me.
who is it?
I don't know
a spirit
the holy ghost
i'm not playing with the holy trinity
haile quadamawi haile sellasie
break the seals
live the book
fulfuill the prophecy
wanting the government to nuke a country if they spoke bad about the US.
This is a dictatorship.
The way it works.
not too far in the future not too far in the past.
rhythm rhyme cadence quality quantity
orders product
that's all she had to do.
On the streets I'm like a hater
i struggle.
what's beef when you bitching
I'm a woman.
i'm confused.
I'm listening to this rap music playing the part.
I'm not trying to fuck with the boss?
This is as far as I get.
I could get farther rapping in my head like dragon ball z training in the hyperbolic training room.
balls bitches is all a nut about
game over
now it's the new game
It's mine
snorts coke.
you are pure evil!
this nigga he different
he how be?
that corner of the smile that i recall with my mind.
like azaelia banks expect my sister.
I'm like totally
punk pussy drunk little ones
broad we are all the voices.
We are playing the pretend game.
fuck with me.
no men allowed in my bedroom.
I'm a rebel with Armour on.
I need this for my ego.
I'm not saying yes cause this isn't a blogger reviewing Tyler the creator. Life is like constantly the demons are all black.
So all evil is black?
I'm evil and I'm ...
i'm still indecisive.
what's my race?
latino. whatever you want to call it.
unemployment line of cocaine.
they can never take away the fire
sega sonic 3
goblins vs martians
god why am I in here?
I chose to be here.
How can I be so crack rock?
Fucking Jesus.
Full cleat adidas.
I'm straight.
was there anydoubt?
There was at one point.
writers block.
what's next?
toxcitity? masturbation?
Want to be the reason lesbians hate dick.
Well my friend that's a noble cause.
I also had a threesome.
we are demons and goblins.
i chop body parts straight off.
satanus we're dangerious
it was ketchup
i'm going in blind
i can't see. anything on madea live wouldn't have been the only webback trying to fuck dolphins.
odd future wolfgang at the chuu chuu.
blackest suicide
fuck faggots!
I can say this with out having fearing OMG
InI in here.
who hears this?
what do slightly stupid goblin cock and the grateful dea
i'd all have in common?
They do.
They are.
I speak for the trees.
I'm up and out.
or so I thought.
What can one lone man do however?
That's a real stumper considering this person transcends all race or notion of superiority or inferiority.
stuck, stoned in a LA courtroom.
is in session
i'm in hybrid.
get fat.
let fat be your goal.
I hate the powers that be. Putting a gay test in front of me.
It's not gay only if I want it to be.
I like all aspects of being expect for gay sex.
I'm not hating but you're the ones who initiated the dark side anyway.
it's ok the dark side is working. I don't think the LSD is working.
Maybe it's time to quit.
Nah. I got one good hit left then I'm dry for the next while it's been good spurts.
do you ever feel like this is a game and it's called on no i think the gays have got me?
well i feel like that alla di taim.
where we're really tested.
back in the day it was all ok
alla do is win
I don't do anything else.
Just ball and win
encontrar solucion
play the game
rap the song
where I started was totally different where I am today. I am still the dark side. I believe in taking power when it is mine to be taken.
This is a mickey mouse reality.
this is a broadcast to all the people. x
is the name.
x is the mark.
i see the robot baby of the person I made in my mind.
it's beautiful.
i hear the robot.
my savior.
longing belonging
rhyming dictionary
rotate the object
shoot it off into space
we do argue everyday.
InI argue.
it's war.
How can we get along when we're black and white?
The real question is what does it mean to be black.
They not taking everybody but they taking a few
just take it slow
it's not a movie.
no fairy tale is making this up right now.
rise and we fall
wil had a song called rise and fall.
My dream has it's specific parameters.
I'd take a coffe double mocha. black mocha. thanks babe.
we don't know which way to go.
I agree. very much so.
if this was blogging I'd say I'm not myself anymore since writing everything down here.
I'm nothing until I start lifting weights
this is the sublime truth.
I could be gay?
No or could I be. Being gay is being dirty morally. I don't believe in anal sex.
I don't believe in the poop snake. GCU is leading in IT courses. WOW i'm really interested in these advertisements. I used to have it.
Now I'm fly with my rolly up in here.
Calling Geronimo.
Geronimo is the spirit the resides in all of us. He's the warrior and youth fighter. Not much else can be said kind of a mind eater.
I'm just believing the programming that was given to me. Yes. I know.
Can't you see what you do to me?
break it down for me.
I'm an open book read it at
I'm a commericial for myself in the game and I rap freestyles frequently in here down here. In the projects and ghettos all over america. where martial law has us shaking in our boots.

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