Sunday, March 26, 2017


this is a script someone can read for money
hi my name is _________________________.
What's my name?
director! What's this character's name?
Well look at it it's a baby
one two check one two
it's going rain
mc fresh baby checking in with the shitstem.
life is dirty here.
that fresh feeling when you took care of business and all your paperwork.
she sells it
this is the movie
inside the movie.
give me 96 seconds
cataract count the caps
pick the off head
annointed king and queen over the universe
i don't understand this.
what is this?
This is lebron rap.
I respect my fellow MCs.
Gods ali-rockbar
this could be exalted but it's not it's just music to chill to.
Who has the most chill set around?
Now this is something unexpected... dark model. Never heard of it before.
let's see what happens.
Wow gosh, B. this music is really pounding.
that's what he's doing. this is pornography?
There will be kids watching this.
kids see worse on twitter.
come on man just read it.
I listen to satanic music.
however I'm not a child of satan.
i mean if I had a choice I would be
however I'm not so I just go on wishing.
Whom do I worship?
Whom do I worship?
Now that's a rather silly question isn't it?
I really think that is private information I mean I'll tell you. Vishnu.
yeah ever since that miracle happened.
what miracle.
i don't know i just believe do I have to back up everything InI say?
Well yes you do.
prayer for death and fire.
the is only one god the Lord.
who is the Lord?
that is the great question.
it hides. it is big. it is robotic AI advanced human being.
would InI call it the overseer?
I've heard people call the Lord the overseer, yes.
i simply believe in nature and the spirit of the pachamama.

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