Monday, March 13, 2017


playing a riddim + resisting against the system + fighting against hism and schism
waking up in a dream in another life completely 
looking for an answer in an advertistement.
most likely we're in an advertisment.
diga lo que diga voy a creer
until la luz yo la puedo ver
esta es realidad
valle de muerte
is it hell?
Sometimes it's heaven
sometimes it's niether
it's earth and we need the ayuda of the native ancestors
somebodies got to speak for us
i won't be the same hebreos 11:1
jesus es mi amigo.
doesn't mean I'm jamaican.
I'm messed up.
I speak for a lot of us.
where would I go from here?
Only I know it could go much more dare I say it gangster.
Niggas complaining this story is predictable
listen sonny we gotta make money and mack on hoes.
if you got a problem with that then get the fuck out
And just like that I was still riding
I'm not making the music although we all want to make it.
we all have that desire to paper chase deep down as gangsters.
we all is the same as saying niggas?
I'm taking the challenge to say it. I'll be rebuked or I won't be. This is me the same kid I was in high school writing as an old. I got a white beard and everything.
InI clean face rasta. We do this c walk. I'm giving vital information away to the enemy. that's how it 
I might have
i copycat
love eastcoast but we westcoast assasins.
I'm from the east but I moved to the west.
I want to be the same. I don't know if this is school of hard knocks.goes sometimes. There are croakers and then there are tokers. Wait did I just make that up?
InI dread dis system that downpress the yuman bean.
InI speak with the rastafairy intellect and tone that is so often discriminated against.
InI lively it up and well tell a touri.
fijate que hay mucha accion en esta historia
es de la mano de rastafari.
da king him say
    if you are open minded and ready to learn, there are many things which you can learn not only from books and instructores but from the very life experience itself.
awa dis mean?
yes but look chill
we're just trying to get along
DIS MEAN we can learn from schools but also from jobs we have.
So when people ax myself?
A what you do for a living?
I respond in unison with the crackheads.
Suck and little dick and smoke a little crack.
It's a joke Rastafari knows the intention of the heart.
If we just do what he says like
OUR YOUTH MUST BE STEADFAST AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BENEFITS OF MODERN CIVILIZATION. Do not fall prey to idleness for it shall be a curse to you and to succeeding generations. You must set yourselves us as examples of determination and hard work. Plan your time and use both your physical and mental powers purposefully and productively.

So I'm for one rebuked  by the King. I don't shy away for that redemption that is in Jesus Christ Haile Sellasie. It doesn't make my confusion any more amplified. 

this sounds gay?

no it doesn't.
I defend this armour with my life.
It's an armour of life and faith.
Does this faith have a name?
It does not.
The label-less tasteless faith. THE FAITH.
somethings gotta catapult us out of this life into reality.
I've been meditating in the hyperbolic time chamber. 
I'm a little kid hooked on narcotics.
I've written documents before
but they were all written under the influence of narcotics.
I can't remember anything I've written.
Legally this is important.
Facts matter.
I don't know where I'm going but it's ok
what is now for is today
I'm souinding medio borracho verdad?
that means half a drunk.
There is a level of drunkedness to my writings.
I'm about at a four of drunkedness. I woke up at 12:20 and I haven't stopped gazing at the clock.
Like a game I play. I 'm terrible at real games. I can only stand the long term viritual games.
OMG a man hacked an alexa to speak out of a skull. TALK ABOUT CREEPY!
our feelings are always out on the table
we simply are
girly laughter 
(evil laughter)
sex pussy and dick together going in and out
sex appeal 
fatal attraction
be careful
what's a man with his wife?
I believe this and i'm superstitious.
superstition is paranoia 
is schizophrenia
is labeled for life
is hearing voices
is going through 
gone i'm getting influenced by the enviroment
you the reader can't hear what I'm listening to 
however I can describe it
it's hip hop
that counjours up visions of black neighborhood slums right?
well should it?
That's where I'm not too sure as a man. Being real. I can play the part of gangsta.
Being real however is taking off the mask and being yourself.

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