Monday, February 13, 2017

sadness happiness singing on my behalf

InI grateful for the angels that sing round InI. On this day I have heaven in the terrestrial realm. I know not what the angels sing on that it brings happiness and sadness to my soul. Peace to all.
With Christ we can all be Christians and immortal? InI no seek to live foriver. InI seek a rich life dedicated to jah work which is never finished.

It's now 11:10 on this fine monday morning. It's easy to get down in this world. InI stay naturally high. I get those endorphins firing by going on walks and runs. It's now 11:11 on a monday 2/6/2017. Who are the time controllers? I submit that they are InI. Say the lines to the play we are all involved in. Fa-sa-ra-rock. I am. I forget. Time controllers. AGC records. I smile. It hurts. We all feel that hurt. None of us are immune to the great disease. They are mining us. It's hunt or be hunted. Seems like a bleak existence. Trust me. It is. Tuning in to the frequency helps me. It's either eat or be eaten. and I wanna eat.
america do you recall justice for all?
InI boogie. InI skank.

It's been several days since Monday the sixth. I am in a melancholy mood listening to melancholy music. My heart goes out to victims of terrorism and rape. There is so much trouble in the world. Universities are graduating thieves and murderers. To think these are the type of people that rule the world. Still I believe in the hope of the people. My dreams have been vivid. Especially last night. I was hanging out with Wiz Khalifa when a chinese man threatened us. I faught the chinaman. I didn't lose yet I didn't win either it was more of a draw. From then on Wiz had my back. He introduced me to a honey and we later cuddled she and I. There was more to the dream but I won't go into it. This week has been tough. I'm planning and scheming pretty much everyday. I can't say with certainty what exactly the future holds I know it is well though.
I'm never without fear. I fear my parents. I fear this life which is hell. I fear missing my bus and creating a time blip. Yet at the same time I meditate and these fears are dispelled. Love is the only thing that is real.

InI duppy living in this depressed world. This is dark paradise. where a certain amount of things are possible..It's like my brother is still alive. I know i treated my brother bad. I don't know why I don't want to repent. I don't want to do the father's work. this is a magic carpet ride. Going to hell. it's the story. It was the meaning for me and the mountains echoed. I'm an ambassador for cannabis culture except I haven't lit up. I'm planning to get high. I already celebrated in a past life.
4 dlc packs for one price
I make decisions. I am playing in the game. Sometimes our realities are created by the music that we play. I'm playing as a woman wanting no use with babys. InI had my playlist. This was evil. Read it in my book and the mountains echoed 2.
I'm going crazy. I'm going blues rock. That's what I orignally wanted to listen. Well if you wouldn't mind could you put some reggae on? Naw woman i'm not gonna put reggae on. that shit gay!
(laugh track)
When will stranger things season 8 come into existence. That should keep it running that long with the same characters. and the show would get more complex and less complex and evolve and turn into many types of different shows. #Netflixsuggestions.
I'm woman in the morning time. I divulging everything.
I couldn't beat the judge. What was I thinking?
I wasn't. Or was I. read it in my book and the name was good 1.
I'm in a completely different world. I'm dancing. In my dreams. I'm not standing up.
what does evil do? What? does it scare people? It's like the words come to me.
I was being nasty with my fellow beings. It was giving me something to do as if I was taking a ride.

first of all these are private so respect
InI a god soldier. I read it in a book.

Which book is that?
that is the question we're all talking about.

Which book is that?
I'm 100% certain.
I'm a cowboy shooting people down.
I don't need it to work.
i go to think of a persson. and i choose the father.
business. sell items.
just read my books. Would you please?
Would you watch my video?
A message to the world.
(I am drinking llodka and it is making me drunk. )
I am a duppy. That means I'm a ghost. I'm a nobody. It's just me in here.
Except i know theres the little people.
I'm trying to sell this one. and this other one. yet and I don't know.
Oh baby that some really good dick sucking.
I'm as dumb as the singing monsters. I'm divulging yet I say nothing.
I just do like the first lady.
i don't know.
I'm a little kid.
I have a lawyer.
and he'll soo your ass.
This is the conversation with the judge. InI complex organizam.
ini shithera-zAID, It's a bad word. yet InI am saying it.
How stupid. Word and script.
followers which are also my fellow watchers in the game listen to the music and let it hypnotize your soul. hahaha.
I'm worried bout the abduction.
this is spoken at the same time as the music.
i am time controller nice to meet you. next up on the radio would be chronotrigger.
what is music?
I don't know how to describe it.
Pure magic.
what is magic?'
magic is hard to explain. It's like a science except not
it's like a belief except bi.
what retake.

Why would I say that?
I don't know.
The greatest play ever.
well done.
damn who else is in here?

i see the chronic of the persons and the people that I once formally knew.
I"m not too concerned with selling this shit.
it's more famous than I think. The radio isn't getting this.
I am a robo.
I hit iself with xp.
no way! that was like 40 xp!
next up on the radio would be this joint by slightly stoopid.

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