Friday, February 3, 2017

Hashem Yahweh Elohim

This is the name by which I know the universal father. InI father different than i-man father. InI see John and Rich in this dream. I get up and stand up for my rights.

gets situated.

Right. I want to be docile getting my shot.
I know the voice I'm going to use with social security.

I'm scared for my life. I'm scared of this God.
I used to worship Lucifer.
Now I've flipped the track to worship Jah elohim allah creator. The name is the same. Rastafari is InI. Have you ever heard of the natural mystics? That is InI.

what has been taught to me:
its a war over good and evil
is that true?
yes and no.
In one sense that is happening.
In another it is not happening.
Ever since reading the Urantia book I've felt more at peace with the great lie.
The Indian didn't need the great lie. Indians or Jesus? I choose Indians every time. I however respect the Christian Jesus for his humility and wisdom displayed in the the New Testament. Still why revere this book as scared scripture let alone a credible historical source? InI believe in the "renacimiento" or the "renaissance". Each individual need be rebirthed. Unless a man be born again he cannot enter into the kingdom of god. A reporter once asked Bob Marley if he could be a rasta. Bob replied you have to be born again to be a rasta. The reporter then axed the question do I need to be black? Bob retorted "Do you have a choice? If you have a choice you better be black." Here is wisdom. We all have been playing this game for milenia. Which side do we choose? Do we choose the side of the black race? Or do we choose the side of the white race? This is why prisons are so divided. Race all of a sudden becomes an issue. If in prison I would go be with the hispanics. However my heart resides with the blacks. Here again is wisdom. Until the color of a man's skin is no more important than the color of his eyes there will be war.
According to the native american, war is an essential part of existence. It's hard to know where InI stand in this war. I'm small. very small. My heart is like a cloudy rock. Impenetrable yet nebulous. I'm good said the mowglis. Life is like recollecting you're favorite bands. Om, ... it takes myself a long time to remember. When we're speaking I have a terrible memory. Lucifer's lights. other metal. InI represent the movement of rastafari and reggae music. It's a movement of kindness and love. Do InI always "bring it"? Do InI always "represent"? Probably not yet my heart is there 100%. Some days I fail to complete my purpose. It's hard to shine all day all night. this is probably why I need to get medicated. My tale is one of having two masters. I've said it to myself that I have two souls. One soul is gay and worships Lucifer and loves to smoke weed. The other self is straight and is very defensive. That's why InI say InI cause InI am two. Shh. Keep this on the down low.
What do we do to survive? We evolve. What does the evolved version of jmo jusutin mavick look like? InI ghangster. I retain words of the past yet I move forward in this tamastic field. A great question is whether karma exists. According to the truth it doesn't. There is not good and evil we are advanced human beings having a negative experience. So choose wisely. peace.

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