Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Facebook Music Review

thoughts to one day share with facebook
waiting for the music to come on
we are programming.
raising kids.
How does logic work?
I'm listening to myself.
I once talked bad of this song.
I couldn't speak for the band. Though that's what I'm doing.
the world's not supposed to work like this.
I'm blogging this thought instead of sharing it to facebook.
One path is fi life and one path is fi death.
InI choose advaita yet still have opinions about what I should be doing or who I should be seeing.
This is weird. I can't be seeing this right now?
Real deal or faux beau.
You got to ask yourself if she/he is the real deal or FB. I hate FB. Like OMG me two.
I see catholic shit everywhere. Is it a sign?
What would it be a sign of?
When I finally came home seems like there was no one around?
The storm carried me right out that door.
skin turns to blood and hair goes clear.
I sound younger than I really am.
Seas and skies. The suns rays can melt you. that's for sure.
I am lost in a realm of insanity. It begins to shift. like an auto.
All the signs are telling me I'm a woman.
I'm behind the curve slightly.
I sit in the chair?
I'm simulating a high except I'm not that high.
You can't get too high man!
Life is hell.
Let me check my stats.
Same as before.
I'm listening to myself and I find that InI am the same person as I was when playing music alone in my room. Just making shit up.
Mangfald has some dopeaz songs and more people should check them out. They are meaningful songs. You won't find yourself singing along to many of their songs however you'll find yourself THINKING GOD DAMN THIS SONG IS GREAT. bob your head. not your your . i digress. We could be having a philosophical conversation to this pschedelic music. It's stoner rock. we just get high with lsd weed coke meth and listen to ourselves play music it goes on forever.
when a child's born nothing holding him back but immuturity.
Right and wrong. Live like us. They is telling us what to do and where to go and where to stand. I sit where I sit. and I stand where I stand.
Ok mangfald is over.
InI am going to listen to RHCP
I'm so hungry.
Their full album.
Ok I have to be ready to do this.
I'm committing.
I'm committing to what?
Getting cock rammed up my ass?
Giving a massive blowjob to my boss?
Fucking steve with my ....
sorry kids I'll stop with the pornography now.
Tact is a word we should encounter more.
Courage the cowardly dog show.
They took it off netflix. I'm committing myself to one chick for now. WE'll see if I actually make it.
It's 300 o'clock on Tuesday the 21st and we are going to listen to RHCP love sex magic. here we go.
excuse I it's sugar sex magic.
What I would give to have sex with my friend.
Here we go! in 3
that's a fake high. still feels pretty good.
Let me tell you what I'm feeling right now.
wake up mf and smell the slime
the power of equality.
visit nativeunborn.blogspot.com oh no wait this is nativeunborn visit my website jmohave.github.io
I'm still depressed. Which kinda sux slightly living in the past. I couldn't get past this level.
I don't know the parameters of this level.
Let me google it. See what comes up.
The workload of TCP connections represents the demands of applications for sending and receiving data in a reliable, ordered, and congestion-responsive manner. How well TCP can satisfy these demands depends on the conditions of the network path between the two endpoints of each TCP connection, and the way TCP reacts to these conditions. An obvious example of a network condition that affects TCP is congestion that leads to segment loss. When a data segment is lost, TCP must retransmit it, and this implies some reduction in performance (e.g., throughput) as the same data segment (rather than a new one) has to be sent again. In addition, TCP considers loss as an indication of network congestion, and reacts by reducing its sending rate. Different versions of TCP implement different ways of adjusting this sending rate. This means that the characteristics of the set of segments in a TCP connection are not just a function of the source-level behavior of the endpoints. This fact will have profound implications for the validation of our approach to synthetic traffic generation.

Intuitively, demonstrating that synthetic traffic is ``realistic'' must be based on a comparison of the statistical properties of real and synthetic traffic. If these properties are reasonably approximated, we can argue with confidence that the traffic generation method and its underlying statistical model provide an adequate foundation for experimental networking research. The comparison can be performed at two levels. First, we can compare source-level properties using the a-b-t modeling approach (see for example section 3.5). Second, we can compare network-level properties, i.e., properties of the actual segments that make up individual connections in real and generated traffic. The material in this chapter is concerned with developing methods for making this latter comparison meaningful.

Since network conditions have an important impact on TCP connections, comparing real and synthetic traffic at the network-level is difficult if network conditions are not incorporated to some extent into the traffic generation system. For example, if we generate traffic that is intended to resemble that of some real link, and connections on this link experience substantial loss rates, the characteristics of the synthetic traffic would be rather different if the synthetic traffic did not experience comparable loss rates. Otherwise, the synthetic traffic would experience higher transfer rates, shorter durations, etc. The first part of this chapter considers methods for characterizing three important, and perhaps the dominant, network-level properties of TCP connections: round-trip times, receiver window sizes, and loss rates. These three properties will be incorporated in our traffic generation method as input parameters, and will make synthetic traffic more comparable to real traffic. Additionally, we also examine the properties of a number of real traces to illustrate the wide range of network conditions in which TCP operates, and how this range changes from one network link to another.

The second part of the chapter considers the actual problem of comparing traffic at the network-level. The research literature has identified a number of statistical properties of traffic that can serve as metrics for assessing the realism of synthetic traffic. We describe these properties and consider their application in the context of comparing traffic traces. We also examine a number of real traces in light of these metrics. Our analysis reveals important differences between the traces, and uncovers some dependencies between network-level metrics and types of source-level behavior.
(source http://www.cs.unc.edu/~fhernand/diss-html/node24.html on 3:13PM 2/21/2017)
There's a certain amount of preparation for this album. Just like this blog.
There not equal however they are like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.
We are many.
it's hard for the male to recieve. If he does he's gay.
Sending? Anyone can send.
i just sent. I'm not committed to recieve. I'm cold I'm tired I'm hungry I'm wet. I'm thinking of the moans of my wife giving birth to our first child.
I'm in here somewhere. We really outhere. preach muzac. InI preach everywhere I go.
I 'm getting tired of RHCP.
The album goes on. I'll review the whole thing.
He's talking about favorite things.
It's kind of mindless pop rock.
I hate to say it. Sugar sex magic it means less than what I commented on youtube.
Crank it. It's like a machine. I didn't know give it away now was on this album. I love this song.
I'm thinking in my head. having been on the light side going to the dark side.
bloodclat. lol. scary. music. movie. movick. InI here with my friend the ghost.
I live with and in this strange world. Slightly insane. sanity begins to shift.
cold. listening to the lyrics. hump de bump is the song I really want to hear.
Good song.
interesting flow.
the album continues.
This album goes on forever. I'd rather be listening to some post metal.
It's like this is also the thinking man's rock and roll.
kissing her virginity.
here's the key track of the album. blood sugar crazy she has it.
drugs make InI salivate.
I believe I'd live from now on sipping on whisky.
sipping whisky. mentally.
I'm scared of all the sugar sex magic. wow I'm alive. For the first time I'm categorizing myself on this side.
I'm going to pause this album cause I need some food. When do we feed ourselves? It could be at anytime.
InI she.
InI can wait.
42:42. I'll finish reviewing this album in another sitting. I can't take it all at once. It's too much cock to receive and review. I'll probably wander around find some piece of bread and wander back. I might stand as a S for sometime.
ok. ok. under a bridge! great song. The city I live in the city of angels. Lonely as I am together we crime? haha i'm not quite sure
just one of those great songs to kick back and relax. take me to the place I love. Fuck yes. I'm thinking about the commercial youtube just put on when I fired up the machine. advertisements influence us. I used to think fuck advertisements. however lately I've become quite privy to them.
the next song is pretty good. again it's not post-metal however it's not pop rock either. It's rock and roll at a 8 or nine. Dr doolittle what's your secret? Give it to me. We all want honest information from our doctors. We don't want it sugar-coated. Give me the medicine full strength.
Oh snap I like this next song. Talking about new orleans and crucifixes? sounds like a land of la la land. This song is pornographic. turn it up! lol
i forget many times that this is for facebook. facebook. I'm not a huge fan. I don't need it. however i use it. It's convenient staying in touch with friends.
anyway this album continues and i'm still giving it a thumbs up. I'm not going to call these songs filler because I'm sure they grow on you. They have cool riffs and cool lyrics. Cool licks. It's a cool album all-around.
a long long long long time ago. self pyscho. same here. Not right now however. lol devil in my dick and demons in my semen. rock and roll in the most sublime truth there is. one could argue that it's mwaw. however who needs a spokesperson? InI get by soley on this rock. I rock. My teenage self reminded me of that not too long ago.
I'm being blessed with game? I certainly hope so. I get typing and getting so smart and then I need to snap out of it.
pussy i kill. this is some next level shit. I gotta say it's not my self to swear and include all this pornography but I gotta branch out. I can't be ashamed of pleasure and activities that are natural that were introduced by the father in the garden before the beginning of time.
This could be called porn-rock for the images it conveys to the mind. so good! awesome. japanese!
we all commit the dirty deed. we someone we love or with a stranger. It's the act of love. sex. i grew up in a sex taboo culture. I think to a certain extent it's still there. At the same time I don't need other people's sex lives invading my little bubble either.
And with that last fade out I think the album is coming to an end. Just like that it's over. It started out great. It ended great. SURPRISE! they're red hot. it's a bonus fun track. I love it. I'm a yes man today. Yes red hot chile peppers. bravo. if I wasn't a paraplegic I'd stand up and give you and ovation however my legs don't work like that. Good job. Yes YES yES!

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