Sunday, January 22, 2017

Understanding why good people turn evil
InI am  retired heathen I've had my mastourbous ways but now I'm clean. Saved in the blood of the lamb.
Se habla del amor. Amor es mas que querer. Es comprender. Yo aprendi eso en la casa de Jesus. Mas no soy cristiano. Ni soy mormon. Soy rasta y mi testimonio de salvacion se trata de Haile Sellasie. Eso es que el universo quiere dar. Siento como me quiera crecer mas no se como se hace. El crecimiento.
Jesus me enseno: amar es mas que querer. Es comprender. Una leccion que jamas voy a olvidar. Cuando Jesus se bautico habia una paloma.
Era una voz suave y penetrante. Asi es Dios. Yo no soy. Soy el hijo.
Me no believe war in heaven before. Me believe this is before. The lie told was this is after. It's before. Jah can't define too much. The being that actually is jah on another sphere? I can't believe something like that exists. Anthropomorphic no. Conciousness and being presentness schehena. This is Jah.
As soon as I'm bout to dial in this herb I'm going to run out. After that I need let it go. I'm feeling like the guilty heathen. Really I known I'm the chosen of Jah.
Hey man I man an herbalist. Dat mean I can get you some herb that satisfy dem soul dem.
God is so fleeting. One second he is with us the next he is not. We.
No se lo que hice mal. Nada. Nada justin este es el sueno. Lo he sabido desde nino. No se sabe no se sabe? hahahaha en mi mente tiene sentido esto. jajajaja como la lady dinamita.
I'm always silent cause I'm on the vangaurd. It means i care about the rules and I was writing everything in my book.
We are children of destiny.
Having picked up the art again. Realizing I am not a product of my enviroment. Nature vs nurture. I too had lived many lives.  I had lived a white palestinian life during the  meridan of times and also a slave by the name of marcellus lovelace. I'm myself now.
I'm understanding the brain as bacon bits. This is the album review. That was ride slow by Absoul, Danny Brown and Delu. Solo. Run quick so. Inhale mary. Exhale mary.
I had to change my opinion. I've been thinking everything is a simulation. It is but we are more than just binary we are flesh and blood as we were created in the image of JAH.
The mormon church should make ab-soul an apostle of Jesus Christ.
When I don't pray to anything all that there remains is a tribe called red. Earth and sky is my DNA.
What if I were constantly tripping?
Writing in order to solidify my beliefs. Those are private. Trying to keep a sraight face. Cause I'm joking all the time in my mind. I swear.
I was told as a kid not to swear so I didn't not until I got old enough to see the difference.
No manches se me escapo.

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