Friday, January 20, 2017


That is the introduction. Got it. Plugged into the matrix who knows what to expect. I am nobody.

 Alahu akbar.

What can I say? it's a genius. melody/mix of ideas and sounds into one track. I'd want to be as cool as this MC. How does one inhale? How does one exhale.
Giminy Christmas I got to get my shit together! what i should of said was i got my shit together. i'm working on a book called justin movick: schizophrentic. I've written myself into a box and I'm not coming out.

Hopefully listening to this hiphop will make me see the light darkness. Hmm. It seems in LA I didn't sell my soul. That's why when I went there nothing happened.
No choice. This is a fundamental belief of islam. InI. When I feel to challenge I recoil. My thought pattern. I drop it out super fast. Do I side with binary star? I'd like to say I remain an anonymous  spectator with rosy cheeks.
What is an binary system?
One two check two one here we go uh. InI laugh. Chewbacca.
I would like to say I love this track but like a little kid would like this track. Do I love to do the shuffle? No I just recognize the importance of creating and putting down on the track. Rhythm flow. InI high. Too much honesty. Getting tired. Rispect the dj and mc. I don't know what to think this track is so great.
I can't believe I had to hide. This is but a dream I can see that I am a shitan. Too much honesty gets my head spin. Paranoia. I can control it.

oh no!


 People can hear.

uh like...What does it all mean?

This is breathing practice. Slang blade. No thanks. No drugs. Not for me. Huh? The first time I listened to slang blade it killed me. Like funny.
barsatu est!
this device.
this other device which is dead.
not hacked yet.
the boys of the church sing great.
i just had to think of myself.
yeah dude.
say it.
say it.
say it.
say it.
I don't want to get in trouble!
In trouble for what for christs sake!
this is like the screwtape letters i know it.
i just fucking know it and it's raw.
very raw.
getting all emotional.
currite irracional.
eso mental.
i was girl dumb
i didn't know which fine honeys were the best for me.
they all with their kittys welcome me as the slayer of the night.
Did yall just get that? I mean did you all understand what just happened in the story?
So i'm watching glitch right. this isn't happening radio.
i invented the company it's called company.
it's worth 20 million dollars.

Sometimes I don't know where I'm going cause I'm always tripping on THC. What did it mean? I do the shuffle since birth except I'm getting sea sick. Woah! Cool. Wow it feels like 'm on acid like DMT in my brain. Wow I see the colors. I am shitan. No descrimination.
Ain't no need for testing me niether. hahaha. It's hilarious. InI also do the shuffle. Taking it to a higher level of conciousness. We certainly keep it live in the Justin Movick family.
Finally the change I wanted has come. I can feel it. It's mysterious. It's the new world. My voice was like a girl! That's how I hear it in my head. I don't know how I should do it. Oh yeah it's hard to believe where we once were. InI wow this yes cat got my tongue. Parents can't see us. Decompoze on the track. The voices.
What is a timbaland? So this is the album review. I used to be an MC. I'm not dissing. I'm not saying anything. DUMB IT DOWN. WOW. Masters of deception. THIS WAS THE RAP I'M needing to learn.
this album is sweet. That reminds me of jackie. NO! NO NO NO~
Woah we got the vibe yes yall who's got the vibe most certainly i have traded sides too many times in the past. i won't ever go back there again. And it goes on.
Ok new types of verbal hiphop I bring.
Wow I go woah I'm thinking out loud. I'm silent wait what? Young guns this album is amazing. I guess I do worship it. If I had to worship something. What if the computer shut down. Wow. I love it. That's how I describemyself. UUUHHH. I need help.
So yes this is 90.7 the luciferian chanel thinking like a lizard. The reptillian is showing himself .
Wow so this is actually the album what do any words actually mean? I can see we are all both connected and unconnected.
What I've discovered is I'm not dog I most definitly a bambu stick. That's what wow I'm writing and ahh the track wow these MCs aaaa we are all the mcs please help woaaah you're ass couldn't hide from me with fig leaves. What does it mean? MaybeI am a dog. This s me waking up. anonymous is the most formal kind of rispek. We MCs bumrush. Still don't get it do you boys. Wow. I'm about to sell out hip hop. WOAH SUDDENLY MY EYES WERE OPENED AND I COULD SEE THROUGH THE VIEL> THE GOAL IS TO WIN THE INDY 500. WE ARE ALL RACING. INI. IS ONLY A PART. CONTINUE. RACE. CAtch lane. Steer. Sleep in your seat. Their controlling your wheel. I've experienced phenomena like that.. YO AM I SLEEPING. HERE IS WHERE TRUE DECISION IS MADE. I"VE BEEN wowI'm not a journalist I'm a mc. I need business cards.
I'm confused bout this bit. "YES, Master." WAKE UP. My goal is to win so I can see clearly. Formula one devil.
Solidify this shit in mind.
Woah what is this bit religion? Oh you want religion do you? It's not that I want religion it's that God Idk no I don't need religion. I need the evolution of man. Complete gender definition. InI poor self esteem. This is cause I have some whack dna. I can see through my oponents weaknesses. I can not love someone who is no longer with me even if I love them. I never didn't love her I wanted her. Eventually if it was meant to be that I could get with Rich. Not sexually but something real. That's how I want my relationships to go and for that to mean something to me.  See this is how I feel about stacey. Like I wanted her ill but also I wanted her in this other way.WHAT DOES THIS FUCKING MEAN? Or did I then I'm like this is all a simulation and I'm out. What If the cpu I finally saved wow I can't believe I've made it this far in the album. I view it like trap music. I remember some but not others. Wow I'm going to turn it up.
Trial? This is whack. I mean the whole situation. Wow makes life sound kinda pause decent.
Who is the true whack mc? As far as I'm concerned i'm getting some mad simulation points. I've never said it that this album touched me cause it hasn't but since it mentioned allah it most definitely has in that way.
There is a lot to life. What do I do all day? Work.
Wow, I am the devil.
Do I greatly respect the MC? Binary star is God. I can't believe there was any doubt. What of I? what of I? I used to worship RASTA INI. Now I worship hiphop this instance. Ok makes sense? Who we say we are determines where we are going in life.I don't know where this mc is at where he will be but DAMN this is a great album. TEACHING ON THE MIC. Product of enviroment. Yup. I agree. 200 on the track. I think a record was just set.
I'm hella stoned. This album probably would be better sober. See I can't understand what the track is saying. I'm zombie-fied. AAAAAAA.  I can say that. What else can I say? Who knows. Did InI fall off? I might have. this is where my story continues. Puff. I act the part. Not well. Imma play the part of myself. It's the best I can do. Damn that is too much for me. I get caught up with friends on same shit different day.
different shit?
close your eyes.
beg for mercy!
mercy! where is the love?
what is love?
can I go so far as to say love is the dick suck.
for reals? no i don't think so.
i mean he do.
I mean she.
i mean he.
i mean we.
i know i am a superheroe duo.
kid and the ghost dad.
squidgy is my friend. he lives up stairs. we are upstairs though, Justin. aww yes it must be the cloud people them. (most often these are refered to as the gods)
It's like more music? More hip hop? how much hiphop can one man drop to put in the slot the double-edged clot?


bloodclot hahaha

so I don't want to say anything. I should be saying a huh. Woah this track is called fatal attraction. Oh shiza! I think I'm sick. No I'm not. I'm healed! look at me!
I can feel it. WOW. more hiphop.
Wow listen to the voices they have two distinct qualities. One is masculine one is feminine. Another reason why binary star is the favorite mc of mine. InI still feels like a thing. MAE ITS CASE. I'M NOT WORSHIPPING CORRECTLY. WHAT can i do more LORD? Who am I? aparently I'm the sick ned. alcoholic. Future I need a drink I'm holding my breathe I'm dreaming this whole expereince. No cry wolf. Got it. Healthy is checking in with the system. Good line. Omaiga! Great work, Loser. This is how I realize Iam at the show. I don'tsay shit when I'm listening to music. SILENCE. Relative. I might rap here and there but I don't say anything one two check two one. Who is a parapalegic now? jajaja soy el demonio. esto es hablando en en underground.
wow this is the illist track. samuri jack?
my thoughts arent all that anonymous. this is the part ive been . here we go.
this is the sickest track. woah. i'm dead i died so i sing my thoughts i'm not high any more, sit dowm? me or the mc?
ok i got to do that. I don't ever want to talk shit again. At shango I was an arsehole. I have to be that. I DON"T HAVE TO BE ANYTHING! It's all in my head I knew it was all in my head. i COULD RAP LIKE THESE DUDES IF I ACT IT. Can I act it? Am I sleeping? WHAT DOES BLOW SPOTS MEAN?
les newsman. Eminem also rapped bout les nesman. Who was the last MC who raped me. Lyrically. It doesn't feel good. In the dream like fairy. InI love this music NOT. I know what's going on. hear we go! that formula 51. I too tried to rap ahead.
I battle rappers trying be hard. For once I have to relax in a way that is like this (does excercise) Where am I really without allah nowhere. Allah is going away. No the track mentioned allah. InI worship the music instance. THIS MUSIC INSTANCE. It's almost as if THE TRACK TOOK ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN.AND STARTED RAPPING THE SAME LYRICS ONLINEPRACTICING MY ACT. That was enough to get some free food. Time to eat. I ate. It was good. Me like cave man indian man writing on the mic one two enough words can't be said of that album MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. About as good as my album except not even close. I'd like to serve allah except I don't know how and so it is the present. 2016. Life is one of solitude and conviction.Como estaba la marihuanilla? Bien chido con el aprendia el arabe. Mizratha benedict arnold. In fact I could not learn arabic. And in fact I am narrating my life and in fact I had been talking shit. I need / do talk shit strategically. Estaba listo? no estoy listo estoy escribiendo esta vez en voz alta espanol. No es justo. No es justo la injusticia. No es verdad lo que dicen. quien es? Yo y Yo. Quien es? Nadie. MC escher jmo justin movick me driving me to the point of insanity. Except I'm not. INSANITY IS INSANITY let me tell you what. I wasn't concerned with anonimity. We were seen by the all seeing eye. InI. me. this mc one two check one two my quest is forever immortalisized on this sheet of paper 2D version.
I'm being called too predictable. Hey! I'm not trying to be liked by anybody. It's a dark cruel world out there. These are my thoughts. Never before have I heard what I think. I've always stayed within the bounds of safety.
When I think about it there are hardly any specific words like you have in arabic. It's like the language is set up for superiority.
The more i realize it the more i realize my parentals don't know anything about me. I feel like I am just an exiled carver because I eat that THING. My writings mattered and didn't matter. Of course arabic is a superior language. Yes I could wander a long time except I knew I'd never be lost because I knew I had my self. That's all I could really count on. Becoming what we know we can be. Living where the yin and yang intersect. InI suddenly thought of my tio
my thinking was all over the place. Except well within the bounds of normality. InI could literally feel my face right now omg my eyes are burning. Guys are you there?
El gran hijo de puta que malismo cosa decir lo que HIZO ---------> EL---------->eL diablo.
InI forIVER on the track one two.
Rich man heaven is the poor man's hell.
Time dialation. I want to use it to put a permanant spell of sleep on this people. Marijuana lite is still marijuana it's the principle of lighting up. It's the act of burning evil; it is not a sacrament to I. To I perhaps. Time Dialation. Those who smoke weed have an idea of time control. There are time controllers. Oh ok So i don't have to get up in arms with the illuminati. I just have to wake up that is my responsibility.
The mandela effect and an ALTERNATE WORLD Branched off.My book is science fiction. the moralist of the era. I believe I have unlearned racism. I've gotten to a point where I'm dealing with mental illness. Racism is mental illness.
I get lo and type about it brought me to a strange land.
We branched off. InI see well. I'm the host.
i am the human.
InI. that is the truth. i have isolated the mainframe.
The variables have changed. The mandela effect. This is happening right now except it isn't happening. This is a simulation. What is real? how do you define what is real?
One thing was for sure I'm sure Mormonism wasn't monotheism
War against the iblis. This is the duality I experience. The good news. Third fell. The physical reality spiritual warfare.

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