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Starting up slow process. work from home. InI coworkers all imaginative. As bossman I decide to put on some tunes. InI am weighed down by all this honesty. Shabot shalom InI tapping into the mysteries of the universe once again this is the Justin Movick family hour. The idea is discuss politics and other current affairs, etc. Temptation.Writing. Soothing. Words. Empowerment. Ayayay what am I doing? Rapping and writing a book about the journey.  I dance to the sounds of the universe. Ayayay I don't know the words. This is an intimate journey I hope you know. InI begin to have a real relationship with my readers. No never on my knees never. I'll never bow down. was this some sort of game? InI didn't understand. So this is my thinking. We don't have a king. InI have a king Haile Sellasie. Why not have a king? This is my thinking. And while I do have a king I do not kneel. And in that moment I could've asked God for an answer and I know that would have worked except I wanted to do it my way and that's why I'm writing my  true voice. All the better to skilly deal with you. (laugh track) Picking this up after a joke not that hard to do. Silence is golden. In fruit of the gods they say, "give me that fruit please make brain bigger." And so it goes. These cavemen like idiots proceeded to take these mushrooms and started having these wonderful halucinations like living in a tube. Does that make sense? This conversation continues at InI high stay fly in sight of the gods. Omg can they see that I'm totally effed right now. Oh well. hahaha and all it was was checking out which world I'm in and honestly there was no way to tell one world apart from the other world. This is where the dualism comes into play. GO TO HELL! I command and summon thee. What's with thee and thou? I mean hypothetically this is a greeting for readers. What is my greatest fear? That I won't be liked. Well in that case How am I? Recognize there is no difference in thinking one from another we all want the same things. well not all of us. You got freddy mercury over here. This is the afterlife. I knew it. Phew that makes a lot of sense. InI could tell. Hell is being held right over us. We all know by who. So yes as the soft cool jazz suggested we are all being lulled to sleep. There is no awakening and InI don't actually exist. Ya no existen. Yo lo he vivido. Es bien tonto lo que dicen sobre los robots que van a tomar riendas del gobierno que tontera.Tal vez no tenga todas las palabra mas tengo lo sucifiente.
Miremos esta palabra sucifiente
si vemos es una mala construccion de la palabra suficiente. Mas viendola primera parte vemos suci quien es suci donde vivio? con quien? Still I knew there was more I had to experience it for myself I had to suddenly InI was teletransported to a completely different place. Aqui rasta don't mean nothing. It's cold yet there are not jackets we are suspended in our thought. Donde esta la justica? El capital nos viene por encima. Es decir que el dinero se cree de la nada. Ese es como lo hacen. Communitario. Es establecer una sola voz sin quitarle el valor de ninguno del grupo.
Its 9 am on a wednesday morning. I'm salivating I'm that hungry. I'll take care of that bill no problem. So aparently Michael Strayhan clothing is doing very well. Omg I love Michael Strayhan. Secret: No thank you
No secrets I'm disclosing everything in this memroirs. To be the greatest rapper InI got to be able to see from this eye. It's always come down to that. I've had enough!
My angry voice needs some work. I'd rather give myself reasons so I can work that anger muscle. Suddenly I'm a hardcore addict. Fuck! why is this happening.
There you go little baby there you go gabba wabba ding dong. I wuv you yes I do I wuv you yes I do wittle baby
sometimes Jimmy got carried away. New lands undiscvered trails visions of future self. What else in life is there? InI see-saw the beauty of where I'm at. This is what it means to live n band land. ooh ok. the helpless trans  creation thing said What has become of the subconscious mind? Ravaged completly.
How many times must a man be reborn before they call him a woman. Ultimately I'm just looking to write and listen to modern music and live peacefully with the neighbors. Learning how to break out of your current deproductive lifestyle the vision: linking up with other people via the mind keeping this bitch alive. That's the relationship I at least have with her, mother earth. Tribal  sense dream water dream pitcher dream catcher doctrina y convenios lugar publico control sexual mirame en los ojos momentos dolorosos nunca se comunica EXACTAMENTE lo que se quiso. La imaginacion ya tiene programado una imagen la cual se enfoque en la automatacion. Digamos de robot.
InI know how to break out of this trance. It took me a long time before I knew how to explain what I was doing. I was going through worm holes and shit and have been on the daily. I'm talking rainbow bodies man.
Is any body getting this message?
InI am Justin Movick. Survivor of Oceanic flight 815. I was added as the Oceanic 7. There was one word to describe my life that is "wierd." Is it spelled wierd? haha hi I'm pough dockerman the universe does as the universe is. InI trying to keep this G. InI sick and tired of all the moaning and groaning. I had to get up on my soap box but not before any cigarete: we all have our downfalls and disabilities remember you can do it you can learn how to ride a bike. InI was scared stiff this system had got me deepl afraid I thought I was capable of saving the universe with a thought. Except I lost that thought. I was am deeply scarred by this. Need InI scream. Beatbox motion start machine incredible perpetual energy. It's free energy.
You deprive InI right to get up and stand up and listen and to byarms jah say cool youth ba wa if Ini kyan help miself. Kill to eat you must. InI king fari reckon these varmin round yonder need be exterminated. To know that InI was on this side. Never again would I be lost. Not in a world  where all i hear is my voice my voice whatever that sounds like. "I'm angry and depressed" thought no one. What rich color I might add you add excuse my bumbling. Wance the touri was told by those of honorable aat. This is the cyborg. Does it have the apple or windows AI? niether it has linux AI.
So in conclusion I don't think the world is as hum and glum as lightbearer displays with their album Lapsus.
Omg this is a world hardly anybody goes to. InI go there. InI so hardcore. No oh wicked a twisted man whom the Lord I God do hate. This is the abomination of the nation. InI need repent? InI know InI chosen been taken up raptured baby me born again so how you calling InI when Its InI who have been doing it the whole time InI mind like that.
Vamos a una aventura.
It didn't matter anymore. Now that I'm getting better. I felt the grand need to write all fronts unite on this basis. Was that a lie? I don't know can I trust myself? Absolutely. It was like I was being driven to madness. Literally thinking.
InI overwhelmed with life's goodness. still there was a figure in the air that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Work is slow and drudgerous. InI being slapped continuosly
you'll never get the information out of me
Asi supimos que nunca habria duda mas de una sola cosa. tenia rumbo lo que queria decir. InI would idk this is my thinking. It's afternoon? No. InI  rayo de luna swiper no swiping quien esta alli? muestrate. solo estoy pensando no es cosa ningunga dandlo a  la vibra de lo que no se. No se lo que estoy pensando. No estoy equilibrado para escribir un libro. Desde luego la vida es asi de esta manera. Segun los espiritus no estaba aqui estaba entre los muertos. Esta es mi chida vida. Narrando a la cosa desde Earth. Si tendria que quitarle la vida a mi hermano lo haria. No es cosa ninguna.
"que rayos" dijo el autor
So I couldn't imagine a world without the sacrament. It is my life my obsession. InI front den we muscle em we gods ali-rock-bar. For once in my life I was taking a  message from a friend. It's so green I know from years of toking. She didn't care she sucked it still the same. Trying to keep a pornographic novel G rated. One must go to extremes. Come back from the dead. What was death like? Death was fantastic. There was decay of the body despite a beating heart. InI wasn't so sure about that. Maybe I should take a second look.
InI know this MC will destroy me mentally. its suicide! Don't do it. There was no coming back for me. Race! Writing is what I am InI been inthis game a long time. Nobody could tell me InI who is on the mc mic? one two here is a land where InI think the rap transfered footage seen reality vaporized by friction in the atmosphere. InI need react to this music. InI recognize HIM. Nope. InI waiting in vain. I check the ground. THat is the key to exhaust the DJ. Hold down the torch. InI had been doing that. So again check out more at  Literally the message of rap hezbollah had gotten to me. InI do the shuffle. InI think twice as fast as most people. Having twice as many thoughts as other people. Where I was lost now I am found. Straight up. Soldier. Hip hop. "I got what she lusts for" I think I know which side I'm on. I needed acid. I needed it for a spiritual awakening. I had let myself be manipulated. I was equally doing the manipulation. Change the song change the sound change the atmosphere change the vibe change the guey change the langwij change la religion y ya estamos hablando de la filosofia.
No other album quite does it for me like Deltron 3030. it has that hypnotic lyric. You can get too high go to that place in hiphop and then it doesn't matter anymore. This MC talks about time worps. Rainbow bodies. Listen Never let a computer tell me what to think. Place of imagination. Place of creation. Place of creation. Will not even solid team work save the universe? InI am awakening there is no other explanation. InI am the devil LGBT worse nightmare InI escaped hell snatched delivered thanks USPS. I love listening to music omg so does the rest of everyone. InI am observing the world on acid thought. As long as I think I'm on acid I will be. I just haven't found it yet. The trip has yet to begin. Grateful dead. State of consciousness. Swinging shifting. Emancipating. Mama africa rise black is beautiful. Somehow I have this genetic mixup where I kyan get it up. Very funny powers that be. InI was content that afternoon on a Wednesday. It's like I can literally see  the time passing before my eyes. Sung "Got to give iself reason to get up" To party or not to party. That is the question. I will not party because those people are all fake. Omg who the hell are you to judge me? Who the hell am I to judge you that a great question. Why does it feel like my soul is being ripped from me. Signs of schizofrania. InI hadn't been in control until just now when the tables turned and now everything would be going in my direction. (sleep)
InI hazy the world is hazy
InI not lazy misguided misdirected.
The vision of who I am supposed to be interrupted.
love. for self.
love for other.
the first sounds of JME is like pow in your face? As soon as that bro comes at me with a knife I'm out. Other than that I like it.
Every body knows what drink in my cup mean. Can't assume. Ass ume you InI captivated by your thinking. InI gets as close as I feel comfortable.
How does one become a certified rap star? InI concieve the notion is available everywhere everywhere of every race creed color beliefs InI rambling creation continues AI linux this music in ths work place is "dopeaz" dopeaz? who says dopeaz? I say dopeaz. Well you are an idiot. InI life flash before InI eyes mine one two
the dogfather kiluminati Lord have mercy
wow i didn't know michaelaveli prays to the father
this is how righteousness was supposed to fulfil.
ummummmummmm edits one two one two rap game. One two.
Anxiousness due to plumbing pressure
Seeing the real you and saying "Ok great"
Angels sourround InI seraphim. I can't take it anymore this class struggle. As far as I can tell you have the 1% and then you have the 99% I say redistribution of wealth. I'm that socialist. I'm going to write that in my novel. omg am I drunk? I've never seen myself like this. This is the  most intense  track I've experienced in a while. Typing. Time as far as I can see all I have is time. Black heart. Internet sounds.

Feeling the rush of traffic. Functioning off a never ending high and shame. Yellow brick road pyschedelic experience wildfire InI caught between the pages senses tricking measuring observing packets of information sending recieving Hitting the g spot In i mind third eye blind memories assorted gear cogs innerworkings of mind. subtle fish symbol constelation normality edge of world
So I'm going to look up flat earth. First heard about this on the Anthonia Cumia show. Aparently BoB believes in flat earth. How farfetched! I could go into why I think tolerance levels of reality cannabanoids spelling thinking ah yes Farfetched. I can't think like that omg I remember this one time it was me marcos darik and godsoldier and we went into the BYU libary blazed AF. We were going to watch a video. When it didn't work I said out loud "Oh no now it's not working now they won't trust me." Like an idiot right thinking out loud on the middle of all these dudes. Truth be told we a group of excellent looking guys. Don't get me wrong I think I was enfatuated by the trip seeing as the alien and couldn't wait for that fine stussy. Got to spell it out for me. This writing shit was the next level. I could write all night. Bada-bing bada-boom!
Hi I'm Trough Bloggerman and this is my life one two can I get some more dijon on this guy excelent
So flat earth does it exist? There is a flat 4D universe. We're merely on that plane.
Sometimes I fear I can't feel the THC and then I'm like nooope I feel the THC.
Click. Things are going really slow time is moving very fast. InI percieve the world as a 2 year old alien. Eyes wide open cause you know I been token
The truth about the Gods. Finally the truth.
They don't favor me or you. InI concordo. Que nao entendo. Explicityly CERN. Wow I'm way too stoned to be writing. That is the first step towards getting clean. Becoming an anti-schizofrantic.
It feels good to be alive. So I was back in the game. InI do my thing. Ain't  nobody got to be be telling me what's up developing cause it sounds like feels like I'm in high school yeah for reals it's 24 7.
Wondering omg am I high? Omg I am high and I must be dead more like a zombie what does it mean to be exalted. Its nothing. InI am writing and don't have to defend myself. This is the turtle shell the phalanx. Welcome home is what I want to say? Except I'm not couching I have a reaction to this man who is killing me softly with his words yes this man who else do you think omg is it god yes the god of this world.
So if my father is Shitan I'm islamic terrorist I'm defined by how we confine ourselves. I would never harm anyone in reality. I would kill all the people in the matrix. See I'm a health risk when  I can't distinguish them.
I was just gonna go with it as if nothing had happened which was the truth
InI writing first time new fresh canvas
InI agree with the music more so than I think
What I'm thinking is communication two way. Similar to telepathy.
Some body must a changed you. This is album review. I shall not reveal the name. Fuck me stan! All of a sudden I had achieved my goal of having pornographic novel. InI down here just doing my thing writing constantly going past expectation or possibility.  i can't expect fear. I let go of fear. I have no reason to fear and yet I'm fearing. let go.
The son of man has no place to lay his head.
I love that philosophy "the game is mine" it's got me thinking I need to be careful out here. InI lacking what oh what InI flipping out omaylawdy. InI so white guy rapper damage latino nacion mexicochileno preguntandome quien soy que tengo quien me ha molestado. Colera queria salir. Ayayay. InI mom high. I ain't listening. I don't want to give the name as if my life were in danger yeah one phone call and I'm a dead man so do I plan on publishing this album review. Yes I'll publish it. I'm exalted never insulted. InI on a similar level. Honestly I don't know who to credit so I don't say it. Now what of the new name? Does one know about the new name?  It actually feels pretty damn good have a secret that I could share with no one. Oh shit I've given it all  away. Better now than later whatever is haunting me go! Go away power of the word! Babe that's like Squirrel to the max. I know I can't help it. It keeps me grounded. My strength is exactly that being the first one to say "LOOK A STRAWBERRY! Its so bright!" Describing the situation with voices from the little people. I can't remember what I've typed. Over this 3 week period of writing I've written the story of myself except it's probably 20-30% true. For example, this whole time I've been saying I'm rasta since birth. I say that go since before earth. Yes so it is true the reasoning session is one the rastaman hold with the people in love. What is beyond that? Only InI know what is beyond InI. The vision continua es mejor en espanol king selassie eye es natural algo de la madre spread the love InI lost it falling poetry mentally unstable schizofrania come down gradually wake up. Hey when I think about it yeah I love my brother Quinton. This is a real life narration of me admitting my love for a girl how could I let her go?  It's funny readers life has just got me like right there? I'm losing it as I type this I am literally losing it. It's like all of a sudden I can see the future. I'd be inclined to answer to what you except however I live where the forces that rule see everything. That is straight illuminati. Dark side. Damage what does it mean? It means The Gods don't favor me so no use aligning myself with them. I'll go through this life fairly lonely except in control. So many tangents so many plotholes plotpoints ghost particle.
To any body who hasn't smoked,
Why am I even trying to convince you. Smoking incense is great to appease the spirits.. It relaxes you. Please don't think look I've said too much already just try it sometime. Check it out. Peace.
InI see that this thing must be.
Then I realized to my self my situation was like the world's greatest knot. Getting this done wouldn't be as easy as I thought. 10,000 hours. and it all comes down to today. I'm creating with imagination.
I could see mentally how homo sex is very brutal a different kind of passion than when you know you can make a kid. highlo  thoughts jmo
Woah this is quite revealing. InI suddenly suicidal. 75% are reading magazine. New Orleans got me for reals.
InI all of a suddenly was trying to get my family to accept InI as a clean face rasta. Just because I didn't say hello didn't mean I don't love them. I love them. InI was looking forward to getting clean and not being so dependant on the plant. I've just gotten to the point where I'm like ___Look my life has become unmanageable. Still my certainty about that was about as sure as the gaze my dog gives InI. Hear the voice i said to myself. Hear your true inner voice. Write with that voice and everything else leave behind. We can sus it out. InI know we cansus it out. What InI love about you is your on point to the most high. InI get caught up in this need to take a break except I won't maybe that's the level the track is bringing. And of a sudden I knew too I could feel hear. Wow everything coming together in one moment. Wow wow this album is off the chain! Black Star and Common bring it. I can't take it either. Feel that lady breathe. All of sudden I thought maybe I had gone to far. Then I'm like no I've seen this brother he dies a tragic death. InI sourounded by tamastic field breathing it like the city learning to take the best from your situation. Letting go letting grow.
I couldn't believe what my computer was saying to me "I want to pay you back for loving me."
I am who I think I am.
Who is it
There has to be something better. She left I a beka person.
creation is rolling waking up to i-duty

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