Sunday, January 22, 2017


Control del esmokmonster yo tengo. Ni me contaste el secreto. Saving the bud for future. IS THE THE PROLOGUE now? 10,000 hours project exactly when I think I'm done I'm not I'm writing about other exciting things.
Write on my son.
We are working our ways back into the future.
Seeking inspiration from multiple sources holding one jah in my  mind.
Just because I say the word in my mind it doesn't mean I say it out loud.
Que puedo decir? Para romper este habito de tomar mas que uno al dia tengo que pensar de otra manera. Mi punto es que no me se la diferencia de un mundo que si se nota que uso marijuana. casi no fumo y punto no es de la marijuana la cuestion revuelve alredor del planeta. La cuestion es que estoy en recovery. Al admitir que estoy sujeto a las leyes del comportamiento quedo mejor. Hasta ahora no se lo que estoy pensando.
Todavia no  he fumado. Fumare en acto de rebellion. Fume. Se me olvido lo que estaba pensando. Realmente es logico que quiero fumar. Sabemos que es una simulacion. Soy como los sims literalmente.
You can light up with two things: fear or love. For a long time I've chosen fear. The Jesus and Sellassie problem bring up something very interesting. I might be Musalman. No estoy segudo. Estoy seguro de uno de mis spirit guides es musalman o fue cuando vivio el. Negro y muy grande es. Hay mas nombres mas no los quiero divulgar.
Having the persistence to realize this is the new book which is really the book within the book within the dream which isn't necesarilly rasta it's allah and jah duking it out for number one spot in the competition. InI am innocent bystander. Do the kind thing. That's what this book is about not directly. At one point in the future all of my adventures will be dictated by me  myself and I along with my spirit guides.
I feel the ________ from the weed.
Not knowing what to say other than I think I'm finally getting my cookie together. I was intimately connnected to the child of jah. This is the vision. This is hearing the name of Jah. Am I ashamed? Why would I be ashamed? I see this I'm single handidly fighting the evil forces of conciousness. Yes I'm wicked! I've been running away for so long. My crimes against the black man can no longer go unpunished.
This is the reign of HIM. Anything is possible here. Even Disney mickey mouse world salvation. The aliens will come and they will speak to the rastas. They come in peace to talk specifically to the rastas. They set up alien rasta communitys. they are the next big hit. Everyone wants to go to the rasta colony.
Everyday was different lost in my eternal madness.
Continuing on the subject of new zion. New zion should be established in the heart of each black man. Personal confession. There more I realize race exists the more I realize race doesn't exist.
If it were all pyschedelic we would see more clearly.
On the subject of seeing ourselves. I've seen myself in my madre. I see the faustian devil. Perfectly evil and harmless.
The chinese proverb coming to pass. Being like water seeing salvation in the day by day stream of conciousness.
Knowing that'd I'd probably never see you again. You'll be you but not the kid you.
Make things right with iman father.
I'm living a dream. Stuck in this facade. Knowing I couldn't make it in the real world. Once this bit of magic weed dried up all the good things would be gone. I wasn't insane. I was perfectly sane. I am perfectly sane. Whoever is reading this will have their eyes gouged out. Is that the correct spelling of gouged? Wow what a morbid read. Yes folks it appears as if I'm inebriated at the moment. Shifting time over the track waiting for you. So it appears that "playing" with music turns out to be way more than playing. This is real work for the computer. The sourrounding spirits hear the "vision" of the artist. InI am simple observer of that fact from a safe observatory. This is the Halluci Nation. We are living in the end of times the end of days when wars have been played out and simulated where we just have universe after universe after universe of copies of each other. This is the God particle. In our own mind one need harness the power of dmt and say my imagination is that powerful.
Living lost in a Patsy Cline task oriented society.
10,000 hours project keeping me oriented. It's hard to stay low in a culture that demands you be high. I'm low writing my first book.
Having to put up the turtleshield for protection. It's a warzone out. I like this music. The vibe is feeling right. Giving thanks and praise.
I'm not playing any more. No more MC. I'm strictly rasta living in babylon. I have lived many lives.
Idea: create videos just to mess with people


InI feel good. InI cougar today. Cougar forever.
I'm not proud of it; it something that must be done since I gave the go ahead. The whole of the go ahead is to not feel guilt.
Cancer has already gotten to me.
I'm frustrated because my friends are having babies. I should be having babies too. I am a soft hearted monkey when I think about it. I'm not all hard like the zef side. I stay humble inasmuch as I can.
All temptation is the same. It could be sexual. It could be food. It could be killing.  Here is the question: are you a kid or a big kid?
I've seen the big kids, the giants. If I was high I could remember that moment with Fredy Arce.
So there was no amount of weed I could smoke that would be too much. I was set for life. Living an abomination with pride. being the heathen because I have seen myself. I am like faust who has the diablo within. Perhaps for this reason I feel most guilty. As if even the Christ couldn't save I. Salvation was for those who wanted it. I am saved since birth I don't believe in sin. Nothing natural is a sin. Yea say all these sexual activity is sin. Natural part of living.
Thinking my thoughts can be picked up on. Thought transmission? That's a clear sign of schizofrania.
Making voices creating personalities for myself in mind mind.
Being a schizofrantic and using that as an excuse.


Smoking with the sunroof open. Having a good time. Unnaturally. Pppot defies nature. IT IS A SIN IN JEHOVAH's eyes. I believe cannabis not only is a sin but the highest sin someone can commit in the mormon's eyes. Who do the mormon's woship? I worship hashem. I'm just staying afloat in the waters of life. They are dark. Placid. Fairly certain there are crocodiles.
I am bringing serious matters to the table. That sucks. I'm comunicating with this motherfucker. I'm high on a pyschedlic trip. I'm living multiple lives and having drymouth. I get HIGH.
Having the voice to stand up and say hello dear friend.

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