Friday, January 20, 2017


Good morning world!
I'd like to say welcome to the Justin Movick family on this beautiful summer day of July 12. One life to live spark up the sinsemilla. I'd like to not be an addict one day. This is I on a proper vibe not even knowing when I've lost it. I seek groundation.
I get intoxicated on your time and love but mostly time. Truth be told I'm not feeling all that great. InI am going to continue. What is there in life? There is the rod of iron.
Plenty of writers use cigarettes as a form of fuel. Here I have the same in a computer simulated world. I have a cigarette ready to light. Does guilt come over me when I smoke? No. I would say a euphoria and sense of acheiving the impossible. The first toke is for my roots. The second toke is for my generation. Whatever that means.
I pray dread the weed of wisdom have no more effect on my brain, not in that way. Except I knew the power of the universe was very close. It was a thought. It is a thought. There are plenty of people out here in my line of work. I'm so glad I can plug into a radio chanel and broadcast out these sounds. The spoken word would inevitably have a different pace.
I have nothing to say for myself. The future of our mental illness depends on what we say. I can't believe it's tuesday3. I just thought it was original Tuesday for peet sakes. I want to sing but then I remember I can sing in my head. Filling our head with vision. Christ giving our lives to them. Realization. Groundation. Poetry never wanted to write a novel I.  It just came out that way. The planes alaround us. I feel blind. Yes but I feel blind. Like I believe I will go blind.
It's a dark gotham like world out there seriously. No more play as I write. I'll be doing so much thought intensive work I blow up. Spontaneos combustion. All roads lead to Rome or Islam. Peace of the soul is what I've been searching for. No it's not true I don't know you. I never knew who you were.
It was then I knew I had a complicated relationship with the powers that be. They had bailed me out so many times I should be more grateful but I'm not.
I'm asexual but I'm not abstinent.
I know why I have a sore throat; I don't want to go into it.
What do I see?
I see a vision of a woman. I'm hungry. Eat says the Lord.
Is not the Lord Haile Sellasie?
Yes this is correct.
Reasoning sessions
"highly" meditation
wheat wheat wheat
dreaming songs hiphop
iblis war soldier schizofrania
Mi primer pensamiento es, "Acabo de despertar."
Mi segundo pensamiento es "Estoy bien bajo"
Mi tercer pensamiento es "hay que escribir para elevarnos."
Mi cuarto pensamiento es "que tonterias?"
Mi quinto pensamiento es "Estoy bien high"
Mi sexto pensamiento es "Estoy flotando"
Mi septo pensamiento es "Esta bien chido"
Mi octavo pensamiento es "Que sigue?"
Mi noveno pensamiento es "Owe. That hurts."
Mi decimo pensamiento es "Take me Jesus"
Mi primer pensamiento "Hola. Como estas?
Mi segundo pensamiento "Que esta pasando por aqui?"
Mi tercer pensamiento "Explote mi pensamiento"
Mi cuarto pensamiento es "No se"
Mi quinto pensamiento es "Estoy enfermo."
Mi sexto pensamiento es "Lo bueno es que puedo corregir lo malo con reconstructcion cellular."
Mi septo pensamiento es "Me suena como epigenetics. como de antes me hubiera enfermado....."
Mi octavo pensamiento es "Es possible vivir en lo hubiera"
Mi noveno pensamiento fue "No voy a hacerle caso a lo que chelsea diga"
Mi decimo pensamiento es "Por que cambio es para fue?"
Mi primer pensamiento es "Knowing there is always a new day with new opportunity."
Mi segundo pensamiento es "No. No soy vampiro."
Mi tercer pensamiento es "Veo la grandeza de lo que es Dios."
Mi cuarto pensamiento es "Quien es Dios?"
Mi quinto pensamiento es "Se dice que es Harvey Lane."
Mi sexto pensamiento es "Harvey Lane?"
Mi septo pensamiento es "Harvey Lane."
Mi octavo pensamiento es "Estoy aburrido."
Mi noveno pensamiento es "Chida esta la musica."
Mi decimo pensamiento es "Programmacion."
Mi Primer pensamiento "Tu no estas viviendo la realidad"
Mi segundo pensamiento es "Concordo 100 porcente."
Mi tercer pensamiento es "Estoy completamente en un lugar infantil adulto."
Mi cuarto pensamiento es "Vivo como un imaginador y sonhador"
Mi quinto pensamiento es "Estoy cansado. Hay descanso?"
Mi sexto pensamiento es "No hay descanso. Que crees que esto es el circus? Trabajen."
Mi septo pensamiento es "Rencor. Un volcan dormiente."
Mi octavo pensamiento "TIempo pasa bien lento."
Mi noveno pensamiento es "Soy muy tonto."
Mi decimo pensamiento es "No se cual sera mi ultimo pensamiento. Esa sera especial para el dia que vienen por mi. Yo espero que los alien speesheze. Voltealo.
Mi primer pensamiento es "Que mas?"
Mi segundo pensamiento es "riquezas y diamantes.
I'm asexual and I'm like a little kid. I go silent. I withdraw. I get scared. I lose sight of what  was doing.  I'm writing mis pensamientos en el orden en que se reciben. Se recibe del otro lado, claro.
I love the work enviroment I can create. InI finally have solace in the work place. Great no more sexual harrassment.
I don't necessariy buy this guys sale. He trying to preach that Jesus is God.
And it looks like I am schizofrantic. I can't just write my thoughts. I need plan this shit.
It's a new speaker.  He's trashing on the previous speaker.
hello I'm shizofrantic nice to meet you.
I saw the whole debate over God futile. I don't believe--I BELIEVE.
Magnestism and electricity are the same force.
Watching "The Universe in a Nutshell"
How much of an asexual was I? Only time could tell. I just couldn't tell if I was part of the LGBTQ movement.
Hahaha was I just confused or was I actually asexual. Yeah I don't desire sexual things. Maybe it's because I have permanent ED. I'm always a noodle. Why am I thinking like this? Who inspires anyone to think any way. Put a label on it; call them the wier sisters. They appear out of thin air and start saying chants and spells.
I couldn't stand being cooped up all day. It was a paint unimaginable. It wasn't as bad if I had wisdom weed. Everything was better. It seemed jah was always shining the light on me. It's not religion. I don't seek religion. I'm seeking love. Whatever wherever I can get anyway. I wasn't gonna say anything unless it was in rapping form.
Hello I'm always high and my name is Justin.
I'm high all the time to discuss my true problem of being sad all the time. I'm sad all the time because I'm so lonely. I'm in a viscious cycle. I'd call upon friends except I think they all went away. I'm high enough to laugh but not loud laughter. Loud laughter is of the devil. (laugh track) The movies killed the books. Maybe I wanted to wait to I was 45 to start reading the books. I could be 45 one day Imagine that. Having that many days.
When it really comes down to it I'm not gay I'm asexual. So in a sense I am gay like gaylord. I think I just called myself gaylorde. Fuck it he's a drunken little toddler.
I remember how much  I dread relationships. I feel like I was being forced into one. Ok this is not a date I'm going only as a member of the "crew".
Going forward best face forward.
Killer I'm a killer. I just woke up this is the first day of my life. This is a race. Here we go. Ifwiith these things theres no telling. Great song by Bright eyes. Getting stuck in the simulation.
Now myself was getting anxious cause I didn't know what was going to happen. I'm such an airhead. I take that back.
I just don't know what to say if the moment came up. I prefer asexuality.
Oh my gosh Justin
You're using a label as a crutch that doesn't even exist.
Whatever the message was I was recieving it had to do something with home. Plausable denyability. What is it?
Maybe one day I'd have a one of those. Not what I originally wanted to say but that's the way it came out. I'm here in a safe place narrating the story of my life. Nothing much has happened. But that is a good thing. Praise the Lord Jesus. That's what I was taught. You just do. It was like a reflex. It was like waking up from a bad dream. The loneliness se vuelve el proposito. Estar firme en un lugar. Immovible.
The world of the recording studio is "other worldly". THere's a peace that comes from laying down some track. I'm just thinking of what to do next.
"Like it gives you access to my heart." I have to shut you out. Thoughts they swirl and combat themselves. Listening and learning in one epigenetic wonder. GET DOWN OFF YOUR PEDASTAL! PLEASE.
I used to be sad in life but now that I'm up I'm just dazed and confused. I believe  that was a led zeppelin song. Where I would end up was unnown. As long as I had this album and this testimony. I believe I have lost it.
We idealize the celebrities we see on TV? Do we? Or do we idolize them? (evil laugh track)
Getting myself get right meant knowing I could see where I wanted to be and then realizing I'm already there. I'm just a cog in the system.
I'm really nervous I have to meet these people. I'm nervous enough thinking I have to interact with my family. I'd make it. I'd know that some how I'd make it.
Japanese yesuquito
I'd rather be like a cyborg gargoyle with three souls in me. I'd be in control so far as I could see it. Other than that.
I could get upset on my ass for sitting on it except that wouldn't prove or help anything. Get up you little pnk. Fairy fond fairwell? Me don't tink so.
I will follow you into the dark. That's as far as my will can conjore up. I didn't really know what that meant. I will follow you into the dark. I got to keep it real. Fear is the heart of love? That doesn't sound right but that's what the track said. I'll follow you into the dark.
Hacking the system one two checkulousis one two speaking directly into the matrix. Being proud of what I've achieved in life so far which was in reality nothing. Him have conquered death. I don't know why I go to a place of complete solitude and condemnation. I see the firey pits of hell on a daily basis. I was going forward. I am going forward. Thought correction equals gene correction.
I let them shoot me down.
You may be in the midst of turmoil. Soul conciosness. InI love energy. I make it free. I wish.
From what I say before I take it back I am not lucifer satan. I am a child of the most high yahwey.
Not. I am what I am. Don't put a label on it.

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