Friday, January 20, 2017


InI not growing dreads. However I do know Jah not dead that hit and conviction was given to me by the Cimarons. I've had some dream realizations. I need to take myself to the next level. Hosting classes perhaps. I feel like some of my best friends muslims.
hello son
Yes it's I.
why do you sound different?
I had to think for myself and set my voice as individual.
My standards are constantly being reset.
It's easy to get discouraged wihen you're always beating yourself up.
I'm all of sudden doing an album review except it was more than an ablum review. Seeing the distictions InI suddenly here there everywhere the force jedi InI vibration meditation I've seen enough to know this isn't everything (enough). I can too remain anonymous if I follow the plan of the shitan. Never. I'll never conciously make a deal with the devil. I too represent the fact that all life goes on amongst other things. I finally came crashing down naturally. It all drops out. THE THOUGHT PATTERN. How does Binary star shine? This applies to me because at one point I was an inspiring MC. Imaculate conception. Why do I want to make myself like this? See flow is ever go one two check one two this is how I get down like parapelegics that are getting  up.
I can't even yup I'm one of the dogs for sure. Wow I was killed with the slang blade. Woah it's a crazy thing. The power of technology and human thought.
And then I saw I was a lost MC. I was really sad cause I didn't have time to voice my thought. That's what I'm talking bout. InI do the shuffle. Es decir que de verdad estaba enojado. I'm getting taught. My system is hush hush much will not be said to the father.
I knew the place where I wanted to be. It was one step closer to death but still alive.And so it would be a drugerous day filled with getting better. Drops out. My thought pattern. Apparently I'm trashing you. Life is like having a bunch of demons that try to convince you of your own thought being too slow. That's why I'm in a wheel chair. Right now. MC BIBLE 101 I know espanol. InI surprised that this album touched me. I don't want to be misinterpreted. III. this is the vision I am seeing. It's love but it's not devil. This is the message of mohammad.. InI can see this far. How far can I see? Don't know whether to speak or listen. I'm speaking in this way one two. I know what to say to myself to get up stand up for what I believe in. I just don't go PTE reject a part of my soul just to have it rejected. I wasn't meant to be on crew except I recognize the level of DJing. I can't speak for hip-hop. Honestly I've never heard anything like it. Why was that chopperso prevelant? InI vibration InI traitors of life. I suddenly had mad beef with the mormon church cause they say people need shave everyday. Woah suddenly I saw in vision the glory of jah and I could feel the power there was a wind. I couldn't maintain sight from the brightness.
My goal is to tell a good story. Out loud. When my book is done the nature of the words sounds natural and devil.
I could write my religious theory but now I didn't have an axe to grind not with them. InI couldn't get over my personal issues. They were affecting my writing.
I can't believe I'm watching this I'm somehow breaking the rules of life. This seems pornographic. InI agree. InI am retarded. I'm actually getting a special pass to be able to put this in a blog. For the first time ever InI unleashed! Drop it out. That is a more beautiful thought. Drop it out. rather than bragging I can tell the truth.
The truth by Justin Movick
I didn't see the truth of my reality until reality was far gone. InI have heard all these songs. Lots of times and for the first time I just feel one thing peace.
AInI am whack MC one two
this is my rap. what is it about? It's about prison.
Rispek that's all I can say. 27 months of my life I know why the caged bird sings. Life is like that. Experiencing something for the first time. Hamdulilah alfirdulilah. I'm the world's slowest rap artist slow anything down enough and it's considered rap.
How well do I act? Hmmm InI am close to the edge. InI going in ass backwards? No.
Ha i always forget this is the album review. Good. I'm on Glen close. It's a trip I'll tell you what. This is the fairy life I was living. Completely without filling. What is the donut without the filling! I don't really know what any of it means it's too fast I will say the DJ is great. I don't speak for hiphop.
I can feel the darkness. InI would rather stay up. I could always go to bed. OH I see this is the pyschedilc experience. Damn It's so dark in here. I'm literally in the matrix right now.The world of alcohol is strange. Life is the same as death. There are demons everywhere except for now that I see they are potentially there right now but not a threat. InI must be dreaming... InI know that I am dreaming wow. MC escher check one two. InI like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even I have the potential to be corrupted. I was perfect "AS IS" It wouldn't be easy trying to help my self but I would be a dream interpreter.
That ultimate track ultimatey puts things into perspective. This is where the competition sets in. I'm totally peaceful and this rap is quite violent. It's making InI uncomfortable well I did realize I was dreaming the whole thing. I couldn't say "I got beef with you" to Q cause I don't still I have nothing to say to him. InI split brain in two. Murder. I can hear the voices as part of schizofrania.
Who is this that is the question.  The world may never know. This is the MC breakdown. Gotta bring the rolls. I just about had a break down listening to the KGB I couldn't hear the lifeline I was a visitor. It was the only possible explanation. Social engineering. It's why you see so many fat people in the world today. I do love fat people I mean I love them so so much. Life was all write life living this place where allah guided and directed. The thing is allah didn't care if I was happy or not. This is what I believe.
So I guess I should end the album review yes the whole thing very good good djing good ethics all around mc that's where it's at. Bravo binary star. My favorite MCs beside my self cause check it one two I don't exactly have the mike except I'm talking to you. This is the world wide web. Anything can happen. Talk about a wild wild west experience in the modern day. So yes I am here signingout saying goodbye and goodnight.
I'm a demon cause I know it runs out.. The ebb from the flow. Talk about groundation. InI had beliefs that InI couldn't even go into to. They weren't secret they were sacred. I know that Joseph is the son of Israel sold into Egypt by his brothers.
It just didn't sound right. I had heard my voice plenty of times. Why is it that right now I was having a voice crisis. It's quite possibly the worst time tohave a voice crisis right now. Think Think Think. Who says that? poobear. good.
Explain to parentals that I need medicine and my medicine  that helps me cope with life is marijuana let them buy it for me or just go cold turkey. I couldn't do it not without the help of friends. We a part. I a part. It goes on. and on and on. I love the smell of fresh stawberry peaches.
My dream is to keep on dreaming. Hemp products specifically hempcrete. My goal was to use the system to the max. This is the confesional of Justin Movick. InI am writing evidence that could convict me in a court of law.
It's almost as if youtube is another world. Another world! The exclamation is from know where I am where I've been and who  I stand for.
I'm still worried about getting through my day let alone worry about my night. There was room for darkness and from here the darkness would spread. No more one light. There is solace in solitude. InI know for which side we are. Two souls I am. It's quiet. Too quiet. I'm a put on some music PHONTE. Album review #2 of the day. Let it begin.
Here we go. It is an experience life. InI laugh. Rispect love me hug here we go. I love the spit of shear wine. All my dogs ahh. Here we go. oh oh one two oh oh so mad this is the next level yo. It's a young problem tay I worry about you in the rap game? Go get a real problem. It's like InI knew what InI would write. Omaiga does it even make sense. Here we go the bombs are bursting and its got me on edge.
Wow this album is alot longer than I thought. I can already feel the end. I feel these albums. My thinking is all sporatic. I'm tired omg I can't  keep up with phonte I'm a faggot ass ______. That's what they call me. I am yelling! Cause I am angry. All of a sudden! I'm not going to take it anymore. Blueprints huh. Phonte is being so honest on the track. Yes I say this is love.Call it what you want. I didn't have to say anything life was IRIE. I could bob my head but I didnt' need to say anything else. I quit the game. When the track says holla at me I can't help but do that. The acid trip is happening right now our brain produces DMT and I get invega sustennah like all the time. If I believed these were really sincere I can't feel anything. I can't move. I'm litearlly just my face right now. This is as far as they driven me. This is the second half of that book. Pushing through the idea. Damn JD whay to be.
Love is pointing out who are the winners and who are the losers. Honestly I say allah and those countries win that this is there century. I could be wrong. I was really intimate on my chanel. Which was a reflection of the music tracks. This track really boils it down. Just totally distills it.
I'm getting caught up at LSU. I went to BYU. I wanted a way to exppress my self. Could everybody see everything even the perciever? "Time is now turn around face it" It was great good job I new I was still youn. I was hoping to be like 100 a fucking a bunch of 20 year olds. Now that is what's up. I could erase what I throw down I'm my canvas. Or I could let it sit AS IS. That's what InI say.Unless you were asexual. Then it's not even a deal. This one is where I'm asking myself do I go with the china girl or the heathen boy. I can tell who is angel and who is demon. Isn't it obvious?
I don't like the enviroment. Phonte did say too much honesty in here. Interesting. That is my addition. Also that I see the idiot that my brother is and I'm like yeah I love him. I think If I were on acid I'd come to a similar conclusion. I like it a lot. It's america's got talent best performer. I gotta finish college. I'm like right there. Thinking out loud. Got too much honesty.
So why yes this is the album review for two. It's going with the vibe of the album this is how I experience it. This is how I experience life. It's the same thing the voices. Except thank  God there were no demons. It was just human beings.
Oh funny self aggrandizing story I listened to this album during a church service and I was getting nervous cause I new all eyes were on me. I loved that feeling and hated it. Why was the chinese girl crying. What happened in New York changed me completely. NYC changed the way I look at the world.
The taste of it was incredible the same of life. Why do we call it life? Why do contain what we are thinking. Compartmentalizing. InI recognize the difference be me and them. This part wasn't there. Mandela effect. I swear. InI go off? No. I represent the North butI hear what the rapper and producer were trying to get at. I couldn't handle it. To be in the game be an emcee and a rapper. I couldn't do it. For as hard as I tried. It's not that I wanted to quit I just want to hmm I don't know this one is a head scratcher. You know what the head is right? Don't be confused the head is up here. Down here is down. So it is that experience.
What I love most about this is album is that it just has feel good vibes. Maybe it's also the country in me.
Imagine the size it will be in four months. :) this is live. InI keep it live all the time. What is reality? Reality is anyway you look at life. Always watch care of your heart. Yeah Isuppose that was some good advice.
And then it was quiet cause the album got over. What a short trip.
So how was it like being an alien? It was alright. I liked it.
Its cold.
Dear Alexis and Steven,
Can't believe you're having a baby. So happy for you! Congratulations. Can I sneak in an extra word? What a miracle the gift of life is. The whole process of life. I was begining to agree with binary star more than I agreed with joseph, joseph of egypt.
Where could I start from. I was going to start a million times and then finally make it. I would watch the seasons pass. And the youth will generate truth from the mind and speakers. To be aware of the field is to be aware of life and death. One object can really be two and vica versa. Are spelling discrepancies part of the mandela effect maybe so. So the sport was never smoking weed the sport was the writing itself. This is arace. We are racing to see how many words I can type! 10,000 words 10,000 i say bid and sold to the man in the pea coat. Hidden meaning encoded in my own mind. Yes there is a code. I had been immunized from the disease. Thank god.
I go on. and so do I. Slowly surely in my own mind.
I was learning how to breathe with my own capacity. What did I mean by that? EACH WORD IS IMPORTANT. This is how you get crazies over throwing mental hosptials. 51-50. Maybe I am. I could be. "I'm 51-50. I'm 51-50. I'm 51-50."
"The computer has the image" repeat this three times.
Some words can only by said in a certain place. It was genius in a sense. It's a sense of social control that is very interesting.
Then it was like I'm just getting high abusing the substance except I was not except I was slowing down time. HIM control time. What da roadmap be? Know it today tomorrow and FORIVER that HIM is the almighty smasher of any demon or foe. What else is dere? Nothing the wheat shall be gathered from the tares. Yes :)
What other belief was there other than we are living in a police state. I think Trump knows that and therefore represents the facist interests of LIFE. Despite what the media may say about him the powers that be already know. It's a landslide victory.
I don't know what I was thinking gambling my life away fixing my self with marihuanilla gettn the same affect but not desacrating the sacrament of the wisdom weed. That is very power shit. Exclusively wielded by those in high powers and high places.
I have not yet been defiled and all of a sudden I was avirgin again just like that I don't know why it mattered. The one dude while in new york while listening to the phontealbum that one dude wanted to sodomize me. you know take it. I wasn't about to go over there and give it to him. That's for sure. what is love? That is the true question. InI feel boxed in by my enviroment but also by my subconcious beliefs. I am a liar. THERE I ADMIT IT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE. See that's where I'm going wrong the world doesn't like Liars. Liars are bad! Why den the people got lies dem dere? I and I think like this. No music is nececsary I think like this. Yes and no.. answering and picking up as I go. Poetry dream state vision state awakening state speaking state saying plate or any other rhyme as long as you have the time this is me and mines caughtme in a pickle caught me in a tanzy Knowing I was well deep down and very unwell in some other sense which I did not know. Does it sound spoken the same as I envisioned it sounded as I thought the words up. Or down depending on your system.
Wow there is something to this rastfari I want to constantly throw it out why?  I believe because Rastafari represents the father and like I have said I will hardly mention the father figure. I am the creator? no how can I be heard to say name of a living black man lives in the clouds. Can you imagine Empress Menen with a big spliff dere. Well maybe i already just did. I saw this thing its called a video and in it was explained to me many things that I did not know before. One of those things that I a racist. I was so surprised by the blackness of the skin I could stop thinking. All of a sudden we all return to Africa and triumph as Jah Jah true children.. I am a child of jah.. We need make slight reformations to what we are doing now. The I is the creator but haile sellassie is creator.
Cattarse's "Blackwater"
I've never heard anything like it sense well you know what I can't remember hahaha
fade to black
I finally had time to think.
I didn't know if I had the space to laugh.
The last i remember was something about "fallen angel".This was the next actual album review I don't think I can last the whole thing I'd rather mess with cattarse. I have seen horrible things dead bodies in the streets. it's better thesedays thankfully. freedom fighter InI vibration missing puzzle piece. O I don't know YOU DECIDE. I don't know what I'm thinking.I have to I must continue. It is imperative. I love the sound on the track. Great. What else can I say? Check one two why wouldn't anybody want t read this onlly si me iban a querer. Esta es la formula. Manana banana tarde fart-day. Estas son las alturas gracias carnal ya tu sabe.
It seemed I had transported myself to New Orleans. This is the power of the mind. Impression on others. Experiences that I've had I forgot that I look and feel like a total fairy. I wanted to clean up my act. I really do. Change the tense and then you go really tense seeing reality for what it is. Messed up. My tradition I completely forgot to write about our family tradition of going to the saint paul rodeo. I sure love having my parents around however I knew they wouldn't be around forever.
All of a sudden I didn't know how to pay people back for loving me. I know who my true parents are and it's not "mom and dad." Miracle on 148th street, Merry Christmas in July self. Merry christmas in july other self. Going with the flow what does that mean. That I'm just dreaming? Yeah and  I was going to dream some more. Nobody was going to downpress InI except I and I would be doing the downpressing right hand vs. left hand self honesty mirror vison cody wise who was he an xman? No a dead man as far as I was concerned. I went to dark places. Trying to live through the past. Hopefully be an example of the next guy of what not to do. What difference does it make having the song title running through my mind.
It just seems like skanking reggae like it's going on forever and ever.
Read green and gold. What does it mean? InI know not. Fortunatly my music is never watery. One of my favorite lyrics from binary star debut album.I wasn't gonna let anyone get the best of me this was my thinking. Call it binary if you must. III. I have the power to find. The spirit my spirit when given the situation. VS Powers that be. Parentals vs i-experiences.  I could not judge. InI getting facist stupid. That's what the trump movement represents.
I was tired of writing. I would do something else. my book would go unfinished. What would happen to Donald and Jimmy? Basta con las tonterias. Seguiria porque no tenia que otra. Y no hay de otra. Esta bien? Mis suenos eran tan reales como la vida real. Tenia el don de la vision.
Y sabia muy bien.
Sabroso soy idiota not tonto. diablo! InI life confusing InI life fulfilling
learning a new voice not for the part but for life.
Really wanting to go to sleep on these fools. In the past they called me sushi man cause I could cut it so precisely. Why did the chicken go into the wheat field? To check it out. Get it?
People like ghosts haunt me I think. Love yeah mon. InI get caught up in the trance. InI love marijuana also cept not like that not no more. InI see the innocence of childhild. I taste the colors with my mind and third eye. Monster I was were am same difference. Did this make sense? InI worry no ma fo dat. I don't got no mamma.
Suddenly realizing this was the free concert and I was just listening. Having the faith it would come. No surprises.
I had to think up my own thoughts from now on. Iron would fall straight from the sky in due time. I had to do without it! It being the one object I could not go without. I'll go pyscho. I'll literally go pyscho. I'm already schizofrantic.
We all had the preversion of ourself. The self that the public sees. InI see everything even when I don't want to see. This is like duality vision. I see inside the dream. Isightfar. It's a video that I'll have to check out. "the way how to say its not going to really happen."
Tuesday night freewrite
InI vibration. My writing career is just about taking off. I can't get the past back for as hard as I try. InI need search for tranquility right where I am at. Nowing what the human mind needs. InI needed to be reminded of the basics of life. Like the serenity prayer. Sweet sweet maryjane. I give her up for the time being. The goddess of the spot. I know follow this is a live review. What is most impressive about this album is the chronic ability to wrangle listeners. Who am I kidding? I don't believe I should be talking and I forget this is the album review. I've inevitably reviewed this album before. I want to get into feelings. Something personal is on my mind. I can't say exactly what it is. Does it have to do with the track "Upper Hand"? In fact it did not. So we continue to Don't speak just listen. InI speak in this way. I'm using my words. Predictability is what enables software to make leaps and bounds. I didn't realize I was moving too fast. I am enjoying this album unfold. Official title of this track "Lay my claim." I'm checking the I agree check box in my mind. Time goes on no matter what. Life goes on. What of my beliefs? They are still there however they don't dominate my thinking. I'd like to prove scientifically that this is a dream. When I check it out that is already achieved! I'm impressed that such honesty is brought to an album. InI can see through my hallow shell game. My dreams everything is just a dream; however I still need to sift fact from fiction. Santa Babara is a good transition track. It follows the more intimate tracks the precede it.You know a great album if you can't stop thinking about it during other people's albums. My thinking? Binary star's debut album. Destiny has me shifting my mind to that album simultaneously. InI don't want to be a copycat however I see my self doing the same things as described on "Those days." Pretended I was listening when I was spacing out. What a harsh admission.What can I say other than good I like. It's quite repetitive. four stars.
Spanish fever are the words I get when I first listen to free up your mind. Celebrate when the fake start to fade.Every track on this album seems well placed. Why is this track at the relative end?  How can I get rid of my demons? Just finally admit I am one giant Shitan. I seek the grace of allah. Wash them away. This phrase sounds distinctly arabic. I go far too long without saying anything. I lose track of where I'm at and where I'm going. I hate to own up to the fact that I'm a terrible piece of shiyza. I'd like to have self esteem. Maybe I too have lost my mind. At stages like these I'm not too concerned with sharing. At about High on Life I want to bounce or maybe I'm just getting tired. However I'm getting used to the idea "High on life" straight up tradition  awaken don't waste it. spread love. What a "calling" bringing people to this higher frequency. I'm checking the last track out which I use to stay awake. I'm always on the verge of a breakdown. I can't believe these cats can articulate their thoughts so well. Many respects I pay. InI honored at the wisdom sharing in this album.
What should our voice sound like. Is it I speaking or I?
This has been a great album this is Justin Movick signing out and wishing you a good night
I won't be so concerned with how the voice is sounding and I'll just live. Vadfish. InI just having fun like Willow Smith. The system can mess with your head. I frequently feel like my soul is being mined. And when I say my soul I mean my mind but also many times they can be the same.
Other times they are different.
One is a man with an atoms apple and the other is a female species.
We are the same tribe.
It's the dance of love and the dance of sleep
bring in the fire!
Cast down from heaven!
you believe
you is of the devil
the I is this generation gap
feels like I'm listening on the computer.
I'm resisting the system.
Hell yes!
Gotham city is very difficult to manuever.
I'm almost raped on the daily.
no more you talking without the "you" pronoun would be difficult yet not impossible.
hate and love and mirror neurons.
I'm sober now.
it's hard to think that
the right "time" had to be felt
what are time gaps?
Time gaps are gaps in the fabric of the universe.
They are bridges in the stream of consciousness
I don't have to spell cause Google spells for me.
I'm an AI. So easy to tell.
Look up some videos.
You can't tell me we aren't some form of AI with a formidable amount of momentum.
Stuart and Jay were the best gay rappers I'd ever dealt with.
I guess this is a journal recording.
I mark this a certain way. Fruedian hasn't been relevant since the 1970s motherfucker.
I'm reggae thank you very much.
Going really woman in the morning.
C-walk. I'm a gangsta. in second life I'm a zombie.
This is this life.
When i'm in the game I transform into this gallant person without schizophrenia.
I wake up and then realize I'm not myself anymore. I'm pyschotic. Jesus lawd have mercy I need antipyscotic. I get the drugs.
Gangsta baby's don't move. They don't say anything.
These rules don't even apply to me.
InI pirate-rasta baby
I have a hat made entirely of penis'
haven't you ever wanted to put this genital on your head?
God bless you
free gift from jah
I fear jah
I would not want to mess with that motherfucker.
My best friend was also from the east and HE was also from this pound of Dogg.
"You know.." Kurupt makes a decent record with the eastcoast-westcoast CD. It was almost like it brought dreams and corporations together. It was one big political machinition. THE MOTHER FUCKING BEAST OF THE NATION!!!
what is the nation?
cual es la nacion?
Es jamaica.
hail to the cree-EY-TORRENT.
So I am this subject that is a person that has a condition called schizophrenia.
I'm a dark comic. I'm typing this from the deep south. lol. Please come back Kurupt! My dreams came true today! Daz Dillinger came to me in a dream and told me read! So I read. Then I noticed it was a sealed book. and I told myself I can't read no sealed book.
Communication with whom
disney rasta BBK race relations
fuck jeans.
This is my style.
It's fresh.
I'm just one of the first people to say it out loud.
I'm so speacial (SPESHELL)
I would like to say I'm constantly tripping except I know that'd be the past.
People dear to me were part of this larger conspiracy  Rob Hinton intel bacon eat people they taste gamey. I'm in people's dreams.
I'm in people's projections.
That's they're fault not mine.
What's the script?
That is the question.
This is like Shakespeare
we BBQ
We drink cold pop
we are black people
and mother fucker black lives fucking matter.
After all this emotion made us soft we remitt to a parallel universe.
I don't think that makes sense my loud.
My people will be tested AMOS 3:7.
There is someone else who thinks for me.
I have them. WE all have the nizzle in us.
Safe is as safe does my nizzle.
Eastside today 3/7/2017

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