Friday, January 20, 2017


I just got destroyed by the sinsemilla plant. It's the best way to life. Smile. Spread aloha. Island way? Maybe. I'm just living it to the fullest. "I want my girl to feel irie" Simple prayers said in the morning time. Prayer words taking away  and only thoughts remain. This entire thought stream is a prayer pattern.
An addict no more. I get my medicine in the morning and I abstain the rest of day. I'd like to trade one hit of weed for one time of sex. I'm not thinking like the lustful demon. The I has been cleansed of it's evil ways. I admit gay stuff and even if you call me gay for it InI know where I stand in heterosexual abstinence. I'll have my chance to ****. It's all in due time. I'm a dying creature over here. I can't find the decorations. Find the decorations. Get it all out there. The conspiracy proved to be true. This is me writing on pure will. I should be dead.
I could ****. I choose not to. It's like I've been in more Mrs. than a homeless so I'm just going to sit here and be quiet. I'm a good fake boy. This is my thought pattern.
My guilt tripping and this pattern of beating myself up for things I've done I want to talk about it.
I burn as a prayer. Once a day it takes me to a place of imagination and fantasy. I want to be in a castle married to the empress. We share sweet sweet love daily.
The second one is to get fucked up. Trying not to think what I know I want to be thinking about. I'm faded  comfortably in my own marijuana created world. That is what they call pyschosis. So I'm just gonna own this schizofrania and take my drugs and be a good boy. Why do I use? That is the question on the Justin Movick family I use so the generations have the wisdom to correct our mistakes. We are using rhetoric.
I'm not fucking with Satan. You know what Satan could be a woman. She could be playing me right now. What? This is impossible! Who's voice is that? Why do I hear my own and my mother's? Must be the schizofrania setting in! Quick to the batmobile! The joy of random not knowing why I'm doing things. I could advise again. I get keep going like an idiot striving for 10,000 hours. (Musics sure gets things going again.)
Just having a good time. Nowing a song can stand the tests of time.
I know my thoughts and I don't need google telling me what to think.
I am a victim to this modern luciferian world. I'm not mad anymore but I'm still not smiling--ever. Isolation was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Es que estoy dejando que la musica determina mi pesamiento y la marijuana ENHANCEs esa parte. Creo.
De que estamos hablando.
Tenemos que estar seguros de que sabemos de lo que estamos hablando.
Y Yo en lo personal no se nada no me se nada nadita. Hasta soy perro (sonido de perro)
Soy yo, balto para salvarte.
No necesitaba salvacion.
Me volvi diablo.
Entonces has escogido.
Este lado es tuyo.
Que mas hay en la vida? MaPa
Hay mas drogas mas hay motores y motores son muy peligroso!
Esta no es la poesia esta es basura!
No crees en mi? No crees en mi poder?
No! Nunca crei en ti. Solo hice lo nesessario par avanzar en la vida.
And welcome folks and we are live and on the scene blogging. Have you see the light cause you really should blog. What is the difference between blogging and making money? none. So I effectively am showing self how to make money. I don't ask any questions because I am scared. I know where to get weed though. Weed is nothing. It's not a "drug" in my opinion. Oh Mai Ga! I'm in my head so much. It's like I'm a self contained autonomous robot. Well I could be. I have no proof as to what is inside me.
And forgetting for a second I am sick. I was sick.
So I write. I like to ignore the huge fact that I'm effed. Here I say so much. Refinery is the refiner's fire. Got to get it right. Wow, going through puberty alone might be the best thing that happened to me.
Paranoia induced by the speakers of those brothers.
Realizing for the first time. I go hard. Literally speaking. I do need to pull it together. Realize I am the next level. I am the computer generated code. This is exact programming. Walk. Rise. Reverse the order of those. Complex input methods. Deamon come down. The golden harmonica. The story of Jane and her quest to have a polar bear pet. See! There is no God. Well kinda but not really? Why is it that I haven't be praying to Jah? I fear the powers that be will hear me. I learned on snapjudgement that (face melting)
You can only get so much from God at one time. He leaves you with cliff hangars.
GO! GO. This song is the shit. I dum it down to this level. It's InI vs the world. Booya bitches. We are gonna score in a big big way. Think Lottery X 10. For the mind. It's masturbatory in nature. Life. It survives on it's own filth. (AM I DESCRIBING HOW MOTHER  EARTH WORKS?)
No I'm not  was just blabbering on about nothing.
Oh well Speak up!
I goto this crazy place where I have luciferian powers but no desire to use them. There are not any people I'd like to kill. Not yet at least. I have to be careful with this shit. like omg am I being serious but I'm not being serious. I'm lost in the other world.
I'm tired of this music yet I can't stop it. I'm reviewing it. Check out the real situation. Which vais is writing?
I'm not strong enough. I need burn the incense and give me powers.
I knew it was all a lie. I am here. That's all I know. I'm not telling you anything. I know who you are this is my worst nightmare.
Although I'm chained down one day I'll get free and when I do it's sianara to your little plot against the world.
I realized I was weak. I was a shell. I was a projection. I am a hologram. Not feeling so bad. Believing so strongly in "THINGS" that it made no difference as to whether I am in or out. I have the terrible habit of thinking in the past tense. Omega are you there? Yes I am here. Good. Alpha are you there? Alpha?
My concern that alpha wasn't showing up. Despite the testosterone intake. I still felt ineptiablly small.
So all caps doesn't mean yelling.
When the holy spirit speaks I got jahlocke. I don't say anything. This is my own thinking. I'm barely above water. I'm basically floating. This is me writing in a float tank in a paralel universe. It's calm here. I like here.
I take myself to lustful places, naturally.
Feeling like a little kid in a big world. Recognizing I am much more to go.
Wow. This philosophy is bending my thinking.
Too stoned to write. Can't move. The music has overtaken me Raise Hell by Sir the Baptist and ChurchPeople. I like them church people.
Good on you LeeRoy.
The new name :)
The new name.
It was a great dream California Roll except I know I wilt under the lights. I go du-du-dum.
I am typing. Recording this moment. Did I believe in these people. Well let me see they are two african amercans telling me I can make it in LA in the light blue box. Yeah I can make it. If lady dynamite made it. I can make it. Imma need to get makeup'd though.
So just like that. It was over. It's so good to know that Nick is alive. Scottish accent: As long as mi little wee ladie brother is alive I can come.
Yes sorry snoop dog I couldn't actually make it on the big screen. I wilt with the lights on. I see the truth. Hell demons all up in here!
So I lay low and wait for the winds to blow over.
I could steal peoples thought not problem so that way it just keep coming and coming. It's a fountain of epic proportion.
I was tripping I have been tripping. Imma go forward. Straight. As straight as they come. Getting completely lost like a little kid in my own thoughts. This is my book. Want a copy? It's really fascinating.
Up at recess now Isaiah Rashad is speaking my language and I be willing to review this album again. It deserves to be played its a great work but hey who am I to have an opinion on anything. Here we go. I am lost in the game. Thinking schizofrania is taking ver and I can't say anything. There was nobody with me. I felt the lonliness. Was this a mad dream? I think so. I only do certain kinds of drugs. Pot wasn't one of them not any more. To live a lie is exhilarating. What was this lie?
Recognizing this was all a dream. Except it's a simulation.  IT"s ALL IN THE CARDS.
I'm thinking about going to LA and say to some bitch ass ***** you just got served. and pull a glock on him.
Blaming me for dicksuckery I blame the system for dick suckery. I was innocent I wanted some milk. I can't remember I could have been drugged and for all practical purposes that is what I say scopolimine. I wasn't just like a huh ok a huh ok. Molly rap all dyke? I'm fucked up I'm blogging this life away really. Everybody got their problems ain't that the truth. I remember practically nothing. I remember going to Hell's Canyon with my little bro Nick.  Our relationship was perfect. Idk where it's at lately I haven't stopped to look. This is the drugged out version waking up. InI see what they just did there. Yes. Just smoking. Worried bout the name officer speak all the time. Woah.
Dammit I'm just a dicksucka. I love autozone. Autozone let me down. He did the righteous thing. I was the unrighteous lil bitch in that situation. I was scared of pussy. That's not right. It shouldn't be like that. Who is the Heavenly Father? I have an idea but I'm not sure.
Woah. I've been here before. It's my happy place. HF why you so far away. There becoming the holy trinity experiencing it but not knowing what to say.
I'm not who they say I am.  I am someone completely different. This is the dream reality. I am not accepted  to hollywood. Just look at me. I'm just your average demon physiology.
I'm mad skinny fat. Oh mai ga wasting our words again
Going on a cycle that was unavoidable some body called myself a name.
Oh mai ga it was me.
When I listen to shot you down I wonder if it is talking about me. Love manifested after the mandela effect came into existence. InI don't believe in talking out loud. I believe in telepathy.
I'm the kind that don't take care of my children. That is true. Madussa. I'm just going along with the trip. It's like I respect respective spaces. InI a shaman. I want to be. Making it a business. Living in the present. I am happy. I am sad. I am angry. I am afraid. I am happy. I am yearning for your company. Changing the dream. Still guilt tripping.
You have to agree with troy ave. He got the juice.  I ain't tripping. Not no more.
Where will my brain take me? It'll take me to a mindless job at like a box company. hahaha that's hilarious.
I don't know  why I did it. Probably to see the difference in worlds.. Initiation. There was always some initiation.
A  journey through the nebulous.Freaking ouyt.
It's sad to think they're all one luciferian syndacite.
true life is on the corner of the past. Passing time just listening.
Trying to have a thick skin for all the things they were saying about me. Knowing I say them to myself.
It's all going to be ok. I need yoou right now. I've gone blind.  I am still typing on this machine I have created. In other news there is no bdy by my side.
Who is this heavenly father that the mormons speak of? Is it the same as the rastaman? I sure would like to know. Being off financially being on financially.
I never finish for the day. I always fade off.
It's time to finish for the day.
Green is the hope green is the prayer. Part time. Not knowing to say. No longer. Not having the proper feeling. Feeling like something wasn't quite right. Time on time.
Being in someone elses control beyond your control. That feeling you can't quite escape.
Enfocata. Esta es la manera en que perdimos la virginidad. La musica. Yo hable con los productores de esta liga. Impossible! Neta carnal. Yo les hable cuando me puse high. Entonces fue halucinacion. No fue. Fue real. Es real. La vida. Extrano al sentimiento de la mujer. Este es lugar donde me expresso sin miedo de nada. Hay situaciones en que no se si he de hablar como hablar en voz alta es mejor. Yo puedo mover el bote; entonces toda estaba bien. En esta ahora de que se queda tranquilo el universo se necesita otro hit. Es decir otra cancione que llena el espacio. Y se cambia. Nunca pierde esa chispa; nunca cambies. El caribe. Chile. Llegamos a ser latinos al darse cuenta de la gozadera. Soy intocable. Me siento intocable como que no tengo que hacerle caso a mis parentals. "Saca tu bandera" No la tengo. Tengo bandera en mi mente. No manches estaba tan high como bicho flotando. Asi me podria juzgar con el remix latino. No tengo que disculparme por la musica que escucho. Para que? Pedir perdon? No hay de que. Famila es famila. Es la bondad. Escuchando y anhelando las palabras.
Hola famila
estoy aqui
fui a una aventura.
Pues no tanto.
Fuimos y escalamos "Elk Mountain".
No se revela o divulga.
El nuevo testamento.
I could only be so happy. I was on top of the world. I had lied and gotten away with it. It however was a good type of life. It was the white lie.
I was getting higher and higher. All this was in my head this paranoia. It started with a pindrop. Silence was the missing piece of the puzzle. InI confused about what to do where to go who to talk to. Tripping Tripping straight tripping. One minute my family is there one minute they are not. I go to a place of isolation. It's the turtleshell. Rastafarri. I'm just messing except I gotta check this out. Seriously this is just me thinking and having mad epiphanies. Like Caitlin or whoever.
I decide who lives and who dies.
I've decided to review singles this one is called Descending by Butch Walker and Ashley Monro. I picked it because of the skull with hair. Next is Nothing's real by Shura. Picked because that is the truth most sublime. The album is Nothing's Real. The song is (i). The thought stream is loaded. Now for the banging smasher Nothing's Real. Wanting to get on down boogie down. Sounds like Modana. Is it though? Game over. Nothing is real. This is my thought exactly. How did I get so far away from myself?  It can be taken too far then the rebels have to come back as the good guys. Telling my body that things are so shitty when things aren't that bad. I'm learning to say it with my body.
Being able to be alone and comfortable. The height of high with the buzz of low. I don't know I'm just typing and I'm high. I'm just saying whatever comes to mind. Like love is all you need. InI love I. If I didn't love I. This music is phenomenal. Maybe I'm thinking music but I mean weed. The weed is great but I think I'm talking about the music. I'm recording the album to my brain. I just got really high said some shit and then am like "All right I'm going to go home now". Just kidding this is the album review. It's a two thumbs up by the creator(s). It has an echo part that trips the mind out. Cool I said. I say some gibberish and then put my head down and go into a trance. I figured it out by jo. Indecision is gay. I don't know what I'm going to do. My thought goes on. I've got "my love" Yes. I was very happy about this thing. Like I had the singers blessing. It seemed strange however it felt right. Go with it I said. Float with it I said. Talking angel. Baby blues. ELI and the camel. A tale by Justin Movic The End. Just kidding it's not the end. What happened to us? Oh we simply lost touch. I knew who I was talking about but I would never let that memory go. I'm having a good time listening to you.
More thoughts being uploaded.  Don't want to be alone. Getting puppet mastered. bahahahaha. This is the album review live on 93.3 put yo ass to bed radio. Tongue Tied by Shura. Rispek. Always. Nihow. Woman sure. Te quiero. Te quiero. Chinese reggae in the name of Jah. Earth's rightful ruler. You see elevated man Bob Marley had los quijones hablar cuando era despopular en el lengua del imperio.
InI being seen by the enemy. Prau for your enemies my loved ones. This is me in the eternities. Hiding out on Kolob and burning a toke. InI light in the name of justice and mercy. Behold the great redeemer! Who does that make me Elohim. As God once was a man can become.
Still tripping balls about my insecurity. Two thumbs up except I have the gut wrench in my stomach. This music making me go inward like a turtle. Woah. I have a child brain who doesn't. I love my little brother. Just gotta say it. He's a special kid. I can totally see it. I can see the light in Q just in a different way and in different and not as consistently.
Moving along in the album reivew with 2Shy. Jdubradio 93.3 fm. Me sentia liberado. Me sentia como luchador malvado. Me gustaba. Gozaba. Medio loquilla en la cabecita.
This album feels studio cut and bred in part. There is this other organic part of the album.
This is good chill music. And it goes on. Sarata mostoquim.
This track currently the space tapes just goes on and on.
Yes I go on in the Gospel but not in the way you think. Any notion of I that remains after the burning goes away after the silence. And just like that the album is over. 2 stars for that album.
Que sigue? Nada ya termine el dia. Por que hay musica todavia? Porque el tiempo cuenta para los 10,000.

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