Friday, January 20, 2017


Album review of reincarnated. Good sound effects. On the first track there is this echo doppler effect. Slaying guitar. Very repetitive. Not your pop music. This is some trippy music
The second track you might be a lord but here comes the king. My paranoia is a sign of schizofrania. It really makes one question if I am overstanding. Getting out side this album I am very careful to use that word "love." I love Snoop in that universal kind of love. Wait a second. Here we have another demonstration of the mandela effect. Snoop Dog isn't just snoop dog. There's Lola. See in college just by getting high it'd change what was on TV. My audience? Average america. The author is a silent schizofrantic listener. Can't determine what the second rapper said. Theserappers check it one two I'll put my lighter up. Unity is as unity does. So loneliness won't get the best of me. My mind would make the best of bridging the gap. I know this isn't making sense right now. I love Wilma in RIP VAN WINKLE. "Time is running out" Going to the gym got me sore. It feels like snoop's album was made just for me. It might sound fufu for me saying that but heck I loved it. I is an 8 album.
En track 5 se da cuenta de la mente que es separado de las canciones. Lo que viene de moma es vida. No tengo que preocuparme de lo que piensan. Yo conozco por dentro el sentimiento. Amor y fear. This track is trying to produce fear in the mind of the enemy. The enemy knows the name very well. Honestly Snoop "Lion"s album is made out of being a youth and having love for the littleguy, the underdog. InI am the underdog story.
I feel like I can almost rap. Seriously i'm here coughing out blood not the blood part sometimes I get carried away. Honestly I don't know what this song  mean. I guess I am crying. InI rapping two souls one two. What? Money makes a man and that's a crime. I don't understand. I must be  a foreign rapper. As long as I can stop talking shit.
We are in the matrix. I'm trying to convince myself and my readers that I've seen mind-blowing realities I've seen signs I've had unexplainable impossibilities have happen to me. I digress. I just want to be the best MC in the world. This is a great song not to worry to: fruit juice.
This part gets me nervious. Stay up. Don't fall asleep. I want to just copy. Wow I am a product of enviroment. And finally I have seen up myself. Here we go:  wheaties life wheaties reality. I can't help thinking of Sellasie Eye what about Jah? Jah is God a living man in a sense this is a paralel matrix reality. I'm contemplating murdering people.
I'm a parapeligic for how long I sit down for. One two. I'm getting paranoid. What people get off? This is the competition right here. This is a sentiment that exists in the world. track nine. German. Damn I got caught. Wow it doesn't sound pretty. Why you flossing? See I think I'm missing a key part of the conversation. This music doesn't make sense. Like I'm supposed to have feeling of insecurity. InI established myself as one of binarystar. I shot the sherriff and the deputy. Terrorism in the matrix isn't terrorism. This is what I like to think about. We are literally creating our reality.
It seemed that snood dog was accompanying us on the Justin Movick family (hour). It's good to be alive.
I can see why it's so popular that apresident provide "security" for it's citizens. like could I orchestrate an "event".
Yeah so I'm done crying. Rich and I don't see eye to eye and that' ok. We from Drugs, Aliens, Sports, etc didn't have the same opinion.
I love dreaming but not as much as live lucid dreaming. Awake state of partying. I decided I'll party on my own. My own private party 24/7.
Just because I "feel someone else" doesn't mean anything. I'm not denying my true self I am helping my true self what my true self would want me to do if she were here. I have to go on soley with the memory.
Once again folks this has been the album. And it does go on.
Getting up making it out. Karmically. My kundalini has been awakened. I'm not the lizard however I was luciferian but a voice told me I'll do for you and now I'm just believing in self like in my song believe. That's what the love frequency is talking bout.  It seems the whole world has gone crazy. Yeah well I'm hearing those sirens for real. I am a blogger journalist. I am white america. I'd like to say I'm black america except I can't. News flash snoop and busta. Sellasie forever. Ok well that's like jah right? Knowing who to worship has been the worst. I give myself to anyone. This track is great. Let is breathe.
Rastafari. There we go this is the track. It doesn't make sense. 15. Can't plant the corn when the peas womfies grow. Sounds true. It must be true. One faith. One religion. One King. Sellasie is my master. I guess I need hiphop like I'm a really dumb person. Ain't got the brains or heart to spark with my fellowship. Why does it always feel like creation is taking place. I am the witness of creation.
I too realized that I spoke with my creator in a very intimate way. Every morning mama africa gets me up. See the sunshine?  Well no it's cloudy here in Oregon. You know when I think aout it I'm making my momma proud. I hope so. I wish I did speak patois. I hear it and it sounds so cool. So I don't say anything. When I'm bymyself I might say hey.
There you have it folks the album is over. Oh good I'm not getting raped anymore. What if since I have a lady image there was actual procreation. Demon can't understand what it means to create a child. However the last sex I had there was no baby involved cause there was alread a baby. So essentially I did a baby boy. Ah that is really gross I hope that came across in the right way. I come down naturally waking up the whole time. Knowing I just got.
Does everything always have to make sense? My readers be a good boy cause I say so. Except yeah that sounds about right. I'm waiting till I get married to do it again. I just needed to take a chill pill and be happy for a second. All this running around does make me seem like a chicken--with it's head cut off. So then I can't say that we're not in high school. Ditching and just teaching ourselves.
It's the war against the iblis I found myself like a lemming. I went wherever it sounded right. That means the current state.
Pyschological warfare. Me taking notes at conference. This is me. taking notes. These are my teachers. We are in a chemical war. InI have a weak attention span. There was a reason I'm a writer. I can't work my body like that. What they have done to the black child?
I don't know if we're in the ship together. Some thoughts are given to me from on high.
There were light skinned? Too fast. InI witness the voices and schizofrania.Getting straight clear thought coming in.
Cultural warfare.
I need repent. Right? InI can see the truth. Smoking pot isn't good for my health. Going to the gym is good for my health.
What I realize is that I am conquering my fears by getting this off my chest. "The world is effed up" How do I know this. What kind of mental condition stresses do you have to put on a 7-8 year old to get him to rape another kid and have him not say anything.I buried that memory hardcore. Now I feel the shame. And then it's like fuck it. Life goes on.
I feel like the LGBT movement is the number one evil in the world. They are saying sodomy is ok. When it's not OMAIGA people with a lot of feminine energy need to use that positively and not prick the need. That's when InI ninja fools. No infiltrating this mind.
Jews never get excited. Truth. This isn't happening. I should "be there" right now. In the crowd.
I'm upset cause things are upside down.
I'm a prophet and no one wants to listen to me.
My creator I always try to take away.
Don't front. what you go do when you're reefers all gone. How can I not front. Don't you party people front.
Karma. We all have it.
I'm caught up with the future.
Taking back the things I've said but too stupid to realize what I said.
It's quiet. I can hear the neighbors lawn mower.
Omaiga I'm not tasting licorice right now. I'm always tripping I hoped my little brother just knows that I want to be friends.
You know what they say it's all good.
I see the mandela effect everywhere man. call me crazy. I see little omens that shouldn't be there. And then it's like this is the "new world." I'm confusing myself. In the matrix I am sane crazy. I go lock jaw in the game gotta suck it before you fuck. Fuck what you heard? Was I talking shit I can't believe that this dream is happening. Then all of a sudden I knew I was a GOOD bad boy. It's simple I can be more than one thing at the same time.
Wach me whip wach me oo.
Car alarm went off cause of me I'm sure of it. Just cause I got dry mouth doesn't mean I gotta talk. Where is Balto? Balto. Thank God.
This sound sounded like MC YOGI. MY ARCH RIVAL MC. Babylon isn't all that bad. Oh mai ga. The sinmple fact that I wrote that means it already happens. Whatever it is. InI checking in here one two flying pretty high cause I see no other choice. Yes is mormon theology that makes I the devil. I am not satan I am Shitan. I'm the arabic equivalent of that. I think. Wow this song is bugging me. What song is it? That's private information I can't spread it. Divulge it the name? Why would I divulge the name maybe I have in the past except I don't have a clue. Hmm it looks likeI'm blind. I'm not laughing. Why am I not laughing. Laughing is overrated. I'm in a zombiefied state. Dreaming literally mining for bitcoin. That's how I get rich. I find a huge desposit and I mine it all with this computer. I can write a story of it. And it came to pass that this man made me think of death.
I was frieghtened cause I knew I couldn't remember anything if I wanted to get out there I'm going to need a new mindset. A new mindset.
I was bourne last night booya solider status. I'm killing in all the computer games. I'm gaming like a evil parapalygic.
And ir was true  I think of death bam flirting with death. I've done it before now I'm gonna do it right. I wasn't gonna yell money ain't a thang. So it gets stretched out of course it does. Bigger dicks always knock smaller dicks off the way. Going Fruedian crazy even though he's not the widely accept theory. The doctors have talked with them four times. Minus one.. I don't know why I lie. I'm trying to claim guilty of luciferianism. If i'm guilty I shall pay until then I'm a keep on typing. Knowing this work is taking place over a life time where would Balto the super dog go? No one would know. This pause is where my demons hide. The same place I gave rise to my demons I birthed them after I had them exterminated it's because I'm waking up slowly adapting to a new programming. This Aini saying helloworld! My name is korgietron 102. I have three years to go.
Uncle glen dies
then it triggers an illness in the powers that be that rich gets sick. No impossible we won't die not us. I don't believe in the death of the body. I believe in flickering and in ancestor simulations. Turning the hearts to te fathers and the fathers to the children. THat is that.
I don't waste my time with facebook. That crowd is so slow now.
This is when Bieber was fresh discoverd first time I'm covering a bieber single. It sounds hot but don't take the wrong way hot could be good or bad. Wasn't sure if I was jealous or not. Oh mai ga. I want to be touring. I can see. NO! I've developed a belief. I've turned against my self does this make InI a belieber at least have of me like the lyric but not that much to use the vernacular.
I had a secret relatinship with my femaile music I was the slave. It was really kinky stuff. The plan was to smoke it out of me. My recent problem discovered. It's the nexus of programming. The future is just now begining.
I don't know what happened to the past.
The bridge just gives this song away. I swore I wouldn't give the name. If I am drunk my name is Ned.
Let me tell you something: I forgot.
There was so much confusion in my story that I just decided to roll with it. But could I conscientiously do that decide. These peoples songs are so hypnotic. It doesn't make it iluminati however you gotta wonder. Do InI wonder?
I'm trying to speed up time. I've looked at this same goddammed problem a million times. It's time we all admit something we're not proud of. I smoked opiates. Envoking the name is so much more powerful. What am I talking about? The book you must read the book. Get the files back from the past. hahahaha what is evil if not in a childhood cartoon. I'm good except fairy. I'm dreaming my self awake. Through the matrix. We are in a simulation. The rules of the game have changed.
So I continue for the day I'm lifted up like max. What's to say it couldn't happen. I would never say never. InI get up for the children. The smiths kids live in a different universe.
It's just me writing. Keeping it cool. Knowing I am partying in my mind this is the simulation. The rules have changed. If I keep on predicting  this next presidential election there would be nothing to bet on.

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