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Right? What was the last thing I dreamed about I chinese kid knocked my battery charger down underneath the bleacher to  the dark waters I got upset and this chinese mom and I started going at it when I climbed under the bleachers.With her on top of batting me away she yelled something like "be scared! the sexual energies."  Ok that's not exactly what she said that's what I felt like the situation warranted. Memories getting muddy.
InI see the demon as the inward self. InI see the herbman as the constant companion.
I am the flaming hot dragon of illusion. I encompasses even where the I can't see. Spoken word. What if I were in the system as an animal seriously as a hawk or a lizard. I can't decide right. All the voices "we suddenly become all the voices." InI have much to learn from the Elders. The Elders know everything. Except they don't. InI just said that to get G off my back. All the time he on my tail dog. This is my thinking. Writing. Feeling. Mari Juana. Hate against the rastafari. InI the greatest visioneer there ever was.
"Minintonka" the one line from this album the really sets it straight. Perhaps even literally I'm not quite sure. And then after that I'm left scratching my head with all the voices. Oh yeah I get high to albums and the current one is butter. I get lo to it as well cause as above so below.
Why do you always feel like you got to be the brainiac
I don't
Oh my god I had no idea. I'm so sorry Mrs. Thompson
And was I ever going to be sorry to her NEVER i new the difference in my mnd when I didn't case I was high. I was getting realy Paranoid. Well that must be pyschosis which must be a spiritual awakening and I sure am enjoying this album. The rain it comes down 24/8. Not. We meaning I got out on a limb here on the Justin Movick family hour. Confession: I'm looking to go to the next level but I can't remember what it is that I need to do next. So I just write. I'm a writer of the 10,000 type. I know that if I type enough my brain will learn its own voice. Hello this is sharing channel 111. There is no aparent reason why I should be saying anything yet I am? Any takers? Of course on the Justin Movick family hour we believe in the spirits. Is this a possession? That might be kinda cool. it might get me taken off the airwaves though. that is a risk I am willing to make because you only live one killthemotherfucker omg i have become a cyborg that has thoughts of killing people. Hes the robot that InI have to maneauver and it certainly has gotten awkward. This album takes you (InI) to wierd places good places secure places perhaps even sexual places for some yes for others no the setting is preconditioned and predetermined. We are the words we form as multiplicties of answers that the self is merely the alien visitor ninja anayhilates the alien.
and the crowd goes wild!
santo domingo le habia ganado ha san francisco y para siempre no se sabe mas se intinue. Asi dijo el senor director
seria muy excelente que hablaras con vicente torres. Ya habia conocido vicente y ya era torres.
daniel toca en la orquesta experimental de instrumentos nativos. Segun esos cuates yo estaba al reves. what does "come suck me duck me" mean?
Oh my god my dream oh my god I see the demon the darkness makes I seeing straight InI don't need to say it anyway shape or form. The true gateway to the soul was the Eye. And I don't know I was ashamed of that before it happens to everything.morning time demon girl I know what that means. celebration for the patria. What else would I be celbrating America. and the land. Hudson Mo great album. I say that as any sane listener would say that. Which I am. Yet again who isn't. Por fin en mi mente lo tenia adecuado por decir lo asi literalmente lo tenia al lado como santo y eso es todo ya terminamos el show
Ya estaba mas feliz sin mi show podria enfocarme en cosas del trabajo como la union y tambien aprender volar.
Then  I remembered the kid version of my self had been crying and then I realize Its dark in here really dark in here. I am the wordsmith. The real war begins when we all say in each our individual life books when we all come realize this one same fact. Nuclear weapons. Who still has them? Who is speaking? InI no nou. InI have been on autopilot. Sleep me. subconscious mind activate at the end of the day I don't care if I'm the black man or not as long as I have my dignity.
Not a word describes Star crackout better than "star crackout".
This is the moment I have a voice like that the same programmed run of the mill jose jose
es muy facil ver
Si no lo hacemos para amar lo hacemos para danar y fijar la ley.
Its like that kid version of my self is crying. WAIT WHAT? what was going on where am I? Is this space? breath in out this world is scary and this album most definitely made me see that. It truly is a joy fantastic. (silence listening) war is to be used only when we want ashes and want to scrape our children off the pavement. omg this ALBUM takes me to a place I'm not sure I want to go I'm getting all sleepy.

[its not that I like giving head or getting up the arse it's that in my third eye I constantly have the fallace. And that makes things a little scary. Like the mandela effect having me lose my shit GET IT TOGETHER! Seriously ya ra ra hey am I afraid of you? You're not that mean ya big bully. How could I ever ganged up on Q . Oh Its the past time will heal. Do I know what I did? No. I don't care what I did. All of a sudden I called upon the chinese spirits to see the difference on the track of those trying to hurt and those trying to love. ]
This next album is literally going to change everything. May I introduce Broods with Evergreen.
InI like this album. I don't know what I like to think about when I'm getting high I like to think about different things. InI have no say mas rispek to the track InI afi say big op to the guitar which playing
omg when i finally she was talking about she was talking about me. todo estaba chido. Que si habia una Satanas y yo no era. InI am luciferian rastafarian the point omg she was right I'm so fucked up omg is this a pornographic novel. I am disgusted of myself. How could I think so worldly  minded. Yeah the WORLD talks about sex. Its the devil. No mama you're the devil. The dream that there actually could be someone there for lives. If that is any reason to listen to album.
Honestly at this point I want to put the album away but you know what I'm going to stick to it and listens to it. What side are you on? I'm on the winning side. JAH. Its so clear who wins in the end why even put up a fight? I love a girly fight now and then I realize I'm "just waking up" and she didn't realize she couldn't see me. Did I mention I'm schizofrantic? Does that make me crazy cause I'd be crazy for only one girl my step daughter Ciona. Did I mention I have another daughter? Meleidy. If I was a sinner for thinking a thought than I ax the church what was a little weed and mushrooms worth an eternal soul. This is my thinking. Come home to the music even when it gets away from me. If everyman is a baby once so is the woman a baby too. That we're all the same now THERE's a thought hey mr bully who am I? This is the age old question of who am I? InI am the son of a carpenter and secretary and why do I have to write in this way? It doesn't have to be this way. YES IT DOES. IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY. He motions with his hands one word: love. Do you remember what it means? to love? InI suddenly wasn't sure of the format the medium was I in my studio flat or was I painting in the stunning array of sound production. The voices aren't quite sirens as they are whispers to another of some greater cause. The true InI was unknown concealed not even to me. Not even Bob Marley him say he don't know him own name. No se sabe. Punto. Now listen to the album goddammit
certainly looks better than it sounds
that's what she said
No. InI vibration is knowing wow I'm just listening to this album right now and it's pretty good. This part is consciously making us sleeping. Feeling like a kid again with this dog I can never tell what he's quite up to. I couldn't get a grip on what it is they do.
Life was getting wierd in a good way. I guess. I'm still blushing don't I've "been with men black and white" there were no surprises mine fit me inner thoughts proud please respect/big op
clarvoyance ghost writing infidels soccer pride nation new level I hope when I do come across a tiger in the jungle that I'll remember to go into samadi trance and use my xmen powers to talk to it.
Great album quite revealing InI here now breathe one two. Being an MC doesn't just mean rapping it means remembering to beathe. I di lion InI di mon. Love transcend all things. Let go. Let all fantasies take charge in the subconscious
When I think about it I'm not really a good person. I'm a demon. I might even be the DEMON. I digress. I desire solid relationships with the people around me. I'm not going to shortchange my self.
Ok Ok I'm getting a good vibe from this album did I say that before no. good InI project I self into the universe getting bored is literally a thing of the past the future is now.Now this is a good album great isn't the word I'm looking for.
Aparently this is a new album single actually. Wow. That was a time worp.  I think I just quantum jumped.
Of all the things I could use my words for "I think I just quantum jumped" what does that even mean? And suddenly this was the inquisition and that it could wait. Crazy land hearing tings and voices drive a nut insane.
Ya wingnut mrs thompson used to say to us. RIP.
What is this? This is a sad display of coherent inteligence maintaining itself on beautiful sounds. Therefore I say there is wisdom in what our foreFathers taught us.
I was caught by my own ego. It's like woah hello good morning. THC in the morning a blessed state of the rastafari. Time will tell. So I don't tell. I was forbidden from telling. By whom? Myself the creator. To a certain extent we all have the same programming.
Equivalent John Wayne - Haile Sellasie
Zephaniah 3:8 Psalm 2:1
Hell I don't know who my ancestors are. I don't have a family! Go Away leave i alone!
InI feel like I need to be doing something. The information on the TV is sumamently important. This is my thinking.  Israel as to do with Dad eh? Yeah well Fuck Israel. I'm with the arabs now. Rap is where this is at. I have to win the rap game in arabic. It's the only way to qualm my anxieties about sex? I have none that's a lie! Wow this music makes me want to be responsible. I'm a good rastamormon boy girl. What am I doing? I am not doing anything literally speaking. Not speaking. Clothe. Do you overstand? Am I just a big idiot?
I could feel the arab G-d. I could just feel emotion i was a big fraud.. I couldn't be chosen but i am
I suddenly forgive all those around i. I suppose it was a trance. I was going into a trance and writing what I've experienced all  of what I've written is of significance. InI cry for the citizens with mental illness and for those who bully them. InI know not what our senior citizens are talking about. I don't understand their tongue. InI remain independent. There is only I. InI is the illusion I've been propping up in the name of godless government almighty jah personal beliefs not to be expressed in raps.  Disa Africa? Speak of Africa. I am intrigued.
When you forget your just eternally judghing albums there is one where words cannot describe my connecction. That's what I say. What is playing on the radio. Flow state InI can feel it InI talk bout InI vision call it rasta call it bifall. Just be yourself that's exactly what I'm trying to say. I'm developing this skill of righting
Fire righteous anger. carry I away. So much claim in God's veni vedi vici exploit land and mind lie genocide gate center of atlantis my plan would become the lyrics. come down smite them. The sons of marley come down in a multiplicity. I am reborn.  Satma dulukapa. Child's play german. This is my thinking  repatriation  Africa independent thought interdependent thought. Go past nationality.  Music is like mathematics. bringing love to iself. flying high with music. The image of God must be eternity his name. No!
Salam comes by way of Ras Mohammad published in 2014. This one comes down to sirens being there in my mind. Knowing that I probably was nstable I and I was writing this as a unifed force for good over evil InI saw the dance of duality still InI tired of the street murders InI rise out of the ghetto This be the real truth. Wow how was it that I was completely somebodies bitch. Incredible. Stand up Get up!  I can't I'm like xavier en los xmen. In your mind then get up stand up. Ok now what? Now think this is my destined future: freedom sleep wake sleep wake sleep chile ethiopia how do you introduce yourself? Hi i'm jay Mo. Simple myself it reflects my last best relationship that I want for sure in my life.
Justice is my code name or xmen name InI know that the wheat still have to be sifted from the tares. So again I say (salam) peace and love. What is you thought right before you're blown away? InI smitten InI not fraud InI recovering schizofrantic right younamean does that register to I what that mean?
Honestly no. Rispek for life. InI vibration. Overcomeness. one vibe. Demons of the past gone from haunting me. The stone has been refused. InI big op the track. Currently (salam) movick so no more want decieve demon destroyed. build again from the ashes. trust this time in jah. Coverge on common point.
Words rains water the power of words on paper save we all have been saved by my self in my book but not real life. God I missed how I could tease. InI confused. I just gave myself schizofrania. No he didn't. yes he just did. "who is this loco?" joy said. anger said, "we gotta take control what do InI say?" "Bollocks I forgot my line is that what I think it is? " I can hear the vaccuums just as if i'd hear the chants on intercom in LA. I had lost it. i knew i had lost it. I was going into a weed induced coma. That's what the rules of the game said I was doing. Like In a movie really dirty.
Finally I knew then I was waking up from a bad dream.  I need to see finding Dory. I want to cry about how much I love disneyphile. It's scary how bad I loved Disney.  Loved past tense. I don't love it as much as I used to. I would go there in my mind.
Suddenly I did not know if Bill Withers Lovely day was talking about me. See look these are the voices my brother. They come saying "Peace and blessings" What? What you say? Last time we spoke what did I say to you? Said I to the devil
the devil said to InI you are now in my control. What a second I don't even think I believe in you. We are the quanta. I make SQUIRRELL like just cause this is more important. I think so.. This is my thinking did I mention I'm schizofrantic. Does that make me an idiot for not believing in anyone or anybody. Literallity was an interesting topic and as long as we are here the scholars will call down judge justice jay G Brown to the stand please to the stand.
Why certaintly that has a nice ring to it now doesn't it I digress this is InI speaking I mind while getting brutalized just for s aying right things. That's what my reality was like.  I couldn't imagine myself getting better anytime soon. It was sad I could see my self flourishing but I just wouldn't get there. I would conform with raising up this crop and seeing where this life takes me. If not there's always next life 50-51. Let's make fun of the suicidal people. God that made InI me angry. Let anger come  anger may come let it pass by.
Hazy skies are navigated getting i geek on. The sport wasn't smoking weed. the sport was life, the game. We know this is a simulation. In the simulation I'm doing pretty damn good. It's not one to brag it's that InI and ayayay need to speak up more. Mom please don't embaress me. what you say embaress? You want me to embaress you? and at that moment I knew I was messed up. I turned in my badge a that moment. I could only move forward with my dream. What was that I basically already have it. I was hiding hi this is me justin movick I'm hiding from God he's trying to get me. I been real bad. Shots have been firing phone calls recording.
mic check one two
did InI really think it was possible. Yes it was al a roadmap in a sense. Lots of roads with lots of streets. InI found citizen cope quite revealing InI was at rest
Oh all of a sudden I'm at "work" InI always at rest. How much are we influenced by the music in our lives. I would always like to ask another question or maybe that's the addict in me.
My rendition of what just happened is that it didn't happen it would be stored with those memories there. Had to have a Riley gurl a como se llame ese filme? Inside out 2 cuando tienen que explicar la pueberty y explicar sinceramente el sexo. My whole life I was waiting for the talk? The talk never came by any of my parents.  Part of me resents them for that. All of a sudden I had come to a crossroads.  needed to speak and say something " I still have time". Was this the lie I was telling myself? You know maybe if I would have gotten into that  mike love show things would have been different. King Cold.
afternoon book universe imagination situation
what exactly does it give me? It gives me a rush of wisdom served via the core sensing unit of my brain.  Is that a false sense of reality? InI know not what I mean. InI know where I come from. slavery. my ancestors are peasants probably my adopted. Practices raps on the daily. Boo yaa that's some good shit. Oh mama I think I am an addict. I think therefore I am it. Could be worse. It could always be worse. InI need a real problem to worry about. InI want to be free. go clean your room! And right there I had demonstrated the power of my mind to myself. There were still many things yet to do and write.
Being the world 's greatest MC is based on knowing what to do on a daily basis and then just doing that.
hahaha I'm laughing at other people's stupidity but hey whatever helps you sleep at night.What do I say who am i simply a computer generated AI programmed for self-destruction or am I Justin Movick MC escher mathematics on your face mic mike check one two
seething anger can't quite see the I. clouded consciousness darkness.
iNi HAVE Bad habit of thinking out loud. I think it'll get me killed
To truly be in love with the art is being able to go on despite a voice telling you to stop. One two mic check. My journey through the heart of Black America and ultimate return to Africa. This always has been the cry of the black man. Repatriation. Look to the East for the crowning of a Black King. InI no afi say who dat is bullyman bom babylon.. Place of high wickedness. Place of low wickedness. Luxary InI live in luxary InI spoiled rich rich mon. And the place where I like to hang out is right in the confines of my back space.
Life was a journey a trip with lots of signs quick look see pay attention. I'm back stepping. Everything in life. I'm back stepping through life. What does that even mean? Maybe reconciliing the future with the past.
I'm back stepping meaning everything that was spoken has already been said. Being an addict schizofrantic knowing they know my psychosis is a spirirtual awakening. Already I trod ground unfamiliar by the athiestic scientist. Time just goes onand on. InI dog face smella? Break it down for the senses. The work day is over and I still go on producing. It's what I do.

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