Friday, January 20, 2017


As soon as I think Jah is there watching over and protecting me I realize I'm tripping and there is no one there. The world is like master of puppets. You can't understand a word of what they are saying. I take that back I can barely understand. I have no master. Maybe it's allah. I'm really pulled by my master. Than it is I. It is nonduality. I take my learnings from all men and women. I'm a just let this ride out. Having the formula for success right here. I am sad at the interlude. "Master!" Like a good friend in the animated world just stepped into some lava. The task write this coming week a book about being in the real world completely sober.
I don't think I'll ever change. I'm still the same kid who gets nervous. Now I'm just really good at masquing that up. Every person has a point of solitude. That is to say every celebrity gets tired of it at the same time we don't mind.
This is what I want to think about. It also represents the tremendous weight it is to know.
Woah! Hiyo silver! This was never gonna get old. I had my girl and me. Everything was a ok.
What if I had to represent one thing. One thing incredibly immature perhaps. My sordid pleasure was being a belieber. So not any more. Yeah not anymore. I can listen with a clear concious.
I can effectively tell myself what to think. I don't like this second song as much as I like the first song. I can see how some people can take this music the wrong way. Hell I don't know exactly what it means that I'm reviewing albums and J bieber is just another one. Sometimes I do confuse J bieber and my self j movick. Sometimes I get self aware to the point I feel like a skeleton. I wish for the moon. See if you like Country music you like Rascal Flats.
Huh it seems like the music doesn't affect my mind after a while. It's like I effectively turn my self off.  I'm not quite sure how I do it. I'm admiting fault and I am to blame. I am a persono with schizophrenia. I am forced to listen to this pop music.
Being able to be a belieber straight is an incredible feat. One that I did not necesarilly fall in line with. I mean I could see in a parallel reality where I'm famous. It's like Lost. That's why I wrote in my book I was one of the oceanic 6 called the oceanic 7.  So this is how I pass the time. I dick around. What ever that means. There is strength in what I call "love". Love is going the distance for someone. Love is having resolution. What percentage of thoughts are our own?
Once upon a time I was at BYU when at BYU there were lots of girls perfect to be raped. Not like here. How could I think such a diabolic thing? I guess it just goes to prove whos side I'm on. Esse.
The chicken foot had been received.
I had just gotten so scared. My eyes went black and my heart went on fire. Set my body ablaze.
Soy un carver muslman. Acompanho a mi amigo justin aqui. Segun el pensamiento debemos de estar callendo. En este momento?
Acciones que perforamos depues. No antes. Communication is very brief simple commands that leave I cold and empty. Wanted to enter new age of communication from love.
I went on a mission for jah and this is my report. Did we ending up *******? Not even close. We couldn't have been more far away. I'm fallen angel. I sung like a bird on the mission. I wasn't a demon. I'm a fallen angel. How else do you explain the trucker on highway 26 situation? What am I saying? What am I giving away? I hope nothing. This was the moment did I give the crucial information away? I certainly hope for my life I didn't say anything else.

This is the album review. A new reality has been created and we are listening to it. There is both certainty and uncertainty. I loved this girl and I can't get her out of my mind. Breathe control. Steady breathe control. Steady does it. Even stevens. Thinking thoughts for you the reader. I AM THE ALMIGHTY AUTHOR the one que se cree invincible. Soy demonios realmente? En serio? No manches tengo que explicar cada vez?
Tengo demonio en mi lo tienen que sacar. Se llama Bob Marley. Es el demonio que me sigue en mis suenos.
I am starting to sound like a recovered addict. If that was the case I was good. I was off the hook. I could stop smoking chronic and dedicate my life to fighting crime. I was kidding myself. I had demons on the brain. Tech n9ne for God who said that? I see the interdependence of us all. I live that like a wallace and grommit tale.
This is how I would want my voice to sound.
Finally I've gotten to the point of being comfortable in public. Must be that chill ill in the blood. It not that chill. Please I have to presumir. eso es decir ponerse ahi en medio de todos y  decir que tu eres mejor. In the book there is a murder. Poison. In a drink.
In real life there is just real life. Me looking at the wicker on these chairs.
It was the future for all I cared.
This is me with no apologies. 103.7 fm. That is the secret that hansens told me about. What is that? That there is magic in these lands. and I represents babylon.
THISis the live review of coolaid. Wow. I never knew Snoop could throw down. Ooo cuz. I am wow. respect. Barely got through that.Still here. I'm afraid. It's like one on one person training.
Realizing the track was real. Omaiga.
I don't get it. I get out so quick. I'm just hanging out over here. This is some gangster rap. Being taught on the track. First ***** talk that cyrpt put it on the block I kitkat big homie. I hear though wow a kid said that.
This is the album review of snoop dog coolaid. The reason I wanted to review it was because I liked KoolAid growing up. We used to take sugar and cool aid mix and treat that like it was some cocaine. I was/am a bad kid.
I can do this. I won't stop ever. Moving real wait. TEAM. CREAM. By any means. Here we go this is cold music. I'm set set seting up for success. Cripstick cane. I'm still super 187.
drink drink drink. There is an alien.
Woah adjusting my eyes to put my glasses on.
Thoughts. I'm a parapelygic this. I'm a do me.
sob story grateful words.
I get frustrated because I'm not who I say I am. I'm people's perception of who I am.
At about mycars i'm like this is the equivalent of talking about trucks in country music. The song is a great dumb remix of cars.
Love dub and sex?  These are chill tracks. Much love I send. This has the whole act down to a T. I am speechless. This album has it on locke.
This track is a bit on the weak side. GoGo gadget with no magic. Rispect. I've heard people using that black magic but I was just gonna keep it natural.
I couldn't help but think of what a terrible brother I am. I'm not a mind reader or witchdoctor.
Tracks like "Light it up" help we realize we're in the new age the post mandela reality.
Just listening to the track "side piece". Woah woah woah this is some  serious sti stutter stuttering. Wow. Lit. This is simulated. We are in the matrix yes.
Shooting the breeze. Woah. This is getting intimate. Smoke dope. Quite cript contrary.
It's all mind manipulation. I feel like my brain is 10 lbs. I'm just my brain.
I don't know what It means. I claim denial. I claim the 5th I don't need to say anything. Except I did like speaking this was just one part of it.
Learning to be part of the force. The mainstream wasn't that bad.
 Jeddah. Here we go. Double tap that DM? Slide off in your DM. It's not that simple. I'm feeling quite leptarian at the moment. I was shakespeare this is my magnum opus. I am nobody.  was an MC in the game not anymore. Not since Snoop's Coolaid.
The revolution will be televised. I think so. This is the evolution of SNOOP--which includes a lot of spiritual children. And just like that it's over. I didn't think I could do it. I did it! Yay! great job gang another job well done. over and out.
Oh my God! I found myself working on a Sunday. I work all the time. Reviewing these albums is no easy task. The next one is "Ijahman and Madge" por Ijahman Levi. Estas fuerons la palabras que use antes. La relacion con el padre no era de adoracion mas de recognition de la verdad que yo era algo complementamente diferente. He aggarado los 60-70 anos de la anciedad. Mi di cuenta que no me se nada de espanol. Esta musica es perfecto para escuchar y ver la pantalla.
A pesar de las consequencias negativas sigo fumando. Porque? No veo ningun problem porque tengo un God complex. Cuando Dios y sus esposas crearon el mundo era muy oscuro. Hay mucho espacio. La mayoria de la materia es espacio.
Este album esta bien chingon. Digo a todas mis compas cuando quieran tomen un tiemposillo para escucharlo. Tenemos que ser el gefe. Soy soy gerente y hoy mismo me acabo de dar una banquilla. Woman have your men listen to this if they are doubtful of marriage. OMG I'm doubtful on marriage. Whom am I? I am the fox in the night. America's darling son. Jah son.
Having all of a sudden thoughts of my own. Knowing it was all fantasy. I couldn't be married like Madge and Ijahman. Letting go! Sueltelo! Lo solte.
Bam! LLevamos 42 en la cuenta. jajaja no manches que ondas soy yo utilizando todo mi "poder" y lenguaje para producir algo que necesita un contrato! No se lo que quiero decir un contrato. Pobresillo esta danhado.
Cuando hablamos el idioma de Jah ya no fuck around. I get dark real quick 0 - 30 real quick. I stand up for HIM.
Happy Birthday to the King means sweet aniversary. I believe the relationship between God and man will be explained. These albums speak for themselves.
I was a magician because I had no other choice but . . .
I realize I'm playing. I blashphemed against Jah. I had thought of using magick.
Oh Jah Jah  I declare before God and King allegiance to the Kingodom.
Not seeing that this is actually a new album. Kingfari.
Completley looking to the green pastures here. Africa. The whole earth is Africa. I saw african animals ya hace una semana.
No one can quite keep the praise going than Ijahman Levi. Many props many respects I send on top of a portion of Christly love I say for this album. I give in present tense I am FURIOUS. I AM LIVID.
Very good. Very good album. Hasta me esta ensenando adorar porque no le tengo verguenza le tengo amor fraternal. I was under incredible duress. I seemed soon to break out of my cacoon. Like a butterfree I'd fly. This is the augmented reality. Any room  I have for my theories the better.Let it be you is a great fade out track to the album. Fade out on these two chords.
what are you doing in my room?
she is here.
I feel her prescence.
I'm a dead girl sitting.
I'm having to keep reality.
this is heaven when the mind is clear.
the world isn't out to get me.
i can't describe how much I'm loving various artists.
that is the sublime truth.
what is sublime?
Beside sublime being a band that sings badfish sublime is a condition that is met.
no more talking. dead guy sitting.
Ow! it hurts the ears.
i am living this day to the fullest.
getting away.
ghosting people.
feeling like this orgasm is so complete right now.
I see the picture of naked people in my mind.
making valuable timeless, ageless wisdom
what is that?
I'm not too sure
this is a document
this is a canvas
I'm writing poetry if you haven't noticed.
I get distracted by the people out there and the music provided commercial free by spotify.
the celts were a fine group a poeple
ay that they were
speaking as if from the dust
i'm the ghost
the other half of the storybook
with this book you could finally find your salvation child.
no i couldn't believe. in a book?
It's the stick of ephraim child.
well i have the stick of judah now i'm adding the stick of myself which doesn't have anyfilter.
I say it raw.
you're in my life for a reason for a season.
next lara y reyes
no soy rey
no tengo trono
soy alguien quien contempla tomar un signo para no tomar vino.
yo y yo.
I and I.
que wena la musiquita
nazirite is African?
aren't we all african?
We are of a new noble race which is an ancient race the Annunaki
pure and impure.
sift the chaff.
Burn the evil.
evil is burned. There is no more evil here.
the weed demon can't scare me anymore.
In reality zombies scare me.
I haven't seen the terror that is the walking dead
I take jumps and leaps as if a crazy person were talking
I'm a nut! crazy in the coconut!
read it in my book the second half of the book of mormon the stick of ephraim.
It's a real book.
I'm listening to Afro-beat music.
I feel the spirit of the Lord with this music. like eddie murphy jah jah music
same vibe.
the same notion would convince me not to go to sleep.
I'm afraid.
my dream.
I'm listening to music on this side and it's all good.
this is the book of books SUNDAY3
his imperial majesty commanded me to write and I wrote.
It's been a long day. the work continue even on the holy day.
wake up
I'm thinking.
what is there to do tonight?
Same thing we do every night.
stealing jokes.
kill yourself.
demons haunt.
hanging in there.
....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................flow gently sweet afton disturb not her dream.
having genuine faith.
everything hanging by a thread.
playing with music.
letting the sounds play.
being limited in a profound way.
I couldn't convert my string into gold.

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