Friday, January 20, 2017


I remember the past stages of my life. People are people. It's  hard to hate. It's harder to love. Thus is my situation. I'm not depressed I'm schizofrantic. That's to say I'm not down I'm up, except very childlike. Priestly even. My life is wierd.What you going do? It's like I don't know how not to front with that little kid. I don't know how to get angry. I'm needing help getting sober maybe is the way. I know at least one MC who claims being sober is cool. Binary Star. Yup they are still.
I'm never really asleep it's just one eye closed. I can't believe they would do me that way. You know what I'm going to make the best out of the situation. I'm done with this bitches. Give me all yo money! All the money then I go on a spending spree. To spend all the money in the world by MC Escher.
What's it gonna take to get me to the next level?  I'm tired of making myself look like an idiot especially in front of women. I'm just tongue tied and then I'm just spitting off some random. Our media is uplifting? I don't know who said that. My true voice is the one I'm using now.
Needless to say I like the picture he paints.
I like being welcomed. I just hope my voice can keep up and then laugh so hard I cry. Life is the same I would agree. Yes. I agree. I drive around these songs like a don't give a shit. I don't give a fuck. I give a shit. Swearing it's not that easy. Learning right from wrong. The rap game. I can't really call william hiphop. I'd call it new age.
Fighting the weed demon perhaps.
Is it whack? Then all of sudden I find myself in a strange land. I didn't recognize thier laws nor customs. Nothing good to say don't say it all. That's what I believe.  I won  the race before the race began.  That's why sometimes I get up for reason. Does that make sense?
Great second track. I agree with the lyrics.
I still fancy a good smoke. InI can't stand thieves. No more thieves is my wish for right now.
I want to talk about feelings. They say it's bad to catch them. Honestly what the world needs is morality. What we need is strong individuals forming families. Where am I floating today? I'm always dreaming. I'm not anymore attractive when I smoke. What I'm stuck on some superficial stuff. Being lost before the Lord and recognize the name isn't as important as the frame. I call upon science in a random series of thought patterns.
Just trying to get through this moment. Not knowing who to call upon. Caught in a paranoia that transcends space and time. Sifting in my mind for a letter. A life given to me in the most mystical of ways.
Moving into the future the unknown. InI avoid confusion. I am here. Dracula came for me. InI see dog peeing. Maybe it was meant to be. Me here. Listening to this music. What else is there besides creation. I say nothing. What the youth dem say? Where my shortcoming is there the youth united won't fall.
I'm finally accepting myself as I write myself? Huh does that make sense. I too believe in the goodness of heart. No more thieves.
As much as I hate to say it, I think I hate myself. Each individual interaction brings me closer to loving self. Welcome to this edition of good afternoon.
It's hard to imagine that I have some kids in me. Haile Sellasie said that is the best way to make a mark on this world posterity. I'm thinking peace except I'm thinking rap battles. I love singing. I love rapping. This is my book be it good or bad. Life book. Judgement day. Saying our hellos and HELLOS!
What is on my mind when someone is talking to me? Worry? Love? Lust? Sellasie? Christ?`Money? Food? Patience.
I still desire to use.
I can hate or love. I choose love. It's more easy than it seems.

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