Friday, January 20, 2017


InI vibration. InI sing tune of dreamland. Harsh on the vocal chords. Dream trechery. Trenchery. Ww1. Bullet holes. Like it's hard to communicate with people on the telephone. The anxiety that builds from thinking that something wrong was going to happen. That something was going to go wrong. Having the confidence to go on in spite of that. I'm just waking up. I can feel the energy of the new newday and people.
So many expectation enough focus on them could kill you.
 I kill you humor
what is that?
It is where you say "I kill you" to the people closest to you using the voice of achmed the terrorist.
Tripping out thinking I'm the big tree. I'm a goner if I am.
Thinking about a woman. Not one in particular yet I'm thinking about a girl. O maiga (spanish accent) you gotta do it like this, honey.
I like the pictures of the albums I listen to. I wonder if bands are conscioustious that people look at the covers. Time ticking like a bomb creating a reality insync. "Oh my god. I can't believe your listening to this music." I responded " why not I listen to this music all the time.#rockthis life was a series of posts. I'll just write instead. Being forbidden by the most high. Am I crazy? Me tink so InI vibration waking state coolio tazzjaz desired.
Coherency talking walking poetry

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