Sunday, January 22, 2017


Hey faggot how you doing
//no clue what line two means
when you grew up InI said faggot
trust shut up faggot
stumbled upon a couple of fellas
fin is for finician
loss of contact
InI went into my shell and cough was succesful for today

When I remember I forget so it's like whatever
InI am a product of modern medical science
I was born in Providence Hospital in Jan 2016
I can't remember the names of the babies except one
Ashley said the herb was sega-genisis
well not exactly. she said they were like equal on the scale of things
The point is I had to kill her off. She's gone. The lady was far too metido en la musica rap
What what?
Nothing I don't want to talk about it
No please tell me.
No. La respuesta es no.

InI vibration keeps me going much more than the vision of any woman's beauty. It's the global call for humanity and unity that makes I remember and forget.

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