Sunday, January 22, 2017


I a skyar o all di violent wicked sitm dem yar
wha goan this InI vibration say to dem people say
one love

InI no see give me blood away vampaya system
InI ago bom babylon like a man throw a stone

Peaceful resolution of real situation
brings InI to the edge of schizofrania.

Spiritual awakening begin as place of deep relaxation
The beast don't want InI to relak
The beast dem want InI to downpress
InI go door InI go a door
wayo wayo mi say tu you
mi use the power the power that be
to create a new dawn.

InI would like to get rid of the father
The evil spirit told me to kill 'im.
Wha InI do shall depend if me get arm
What Jah tell I was cool youth
InI also feeling burning the church
churchman is lying.
InI no way take life for granted
love is love
jah jah lait come and go
"still riding high" say the great king bob marley

true musician vs guy who hustles it
InI no musician I was so not any longer
InI simply ja ja child shehe is the proper pronoun
InI waiting for the coming of HIM and
weeping and a wailing tonight
such is a freedom fighter
The greatest fight is with words

So I burn all pollution I bom all corruption
I wil am here present past and future
is all the same praise to HIM

How many rivers must InI afi cross before InI can talk to the boss.
InI hear doors being shut and people are not dere
this is what it's like to live as schizofrantic

So ride on Koehnke Reggae.
InI have friend wan taim
se llama wil se llama voluntad
Se llama crencas

Come on mon we gotta get back up in life
We gotta play music
InI recognize what da feeling emotion
behind the smokescreen the true form appear

If you're wondering about transgender people also wonder about the hizm-and-schizm. It's what the preacher man preach
The politician man that is another aspect of corruption!

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