Sunday, January 22, 2017


How can InI keep moving even when it seems so bad I cannot move? Recognize there is always another side.

What distinguishes one man from another man? I beg it is nothing except for his intent on the letter of the law. There is the spirit of the law and then the letter of the law. What is meant by spirit is the natural and quintessential part. What is meant by letter is the wholesome and reverent part. With a non-dualistic philosphy anything is possible because the yin and yang always match up. The two parts don't have to be polar opposites. The two parts can be thought provoking concepts. Morality is based on algorithms. So its not rasta devil worship. it's love. Without any doubt InI go showing them all.

What is a dyke mr track man I don't understand overstand please teach me to rap I can't say anything I'm stiff scared with fear. It's like that.

Hope I just need a ray of that
Here Here this meeting is adjourned
InI am about as smart as needing a doctor when that's what the track says
and I do I'm schizofrantic

who is who when what
here is the ___ getting carried away again or was he
Wow, my reaction is incredible! Unbelievable. This is when the shit gets so real you start having to define that.

I'm not leaving I'm staying right here.
InI just needed time to here my own voice
my own indesciveness

InI believe in my self
just about as much as I believe in others
So that's a good amount
like 2 grams?

InI would like to start a disney fan club before the wars start happening
who's with me? (Note: not actually wwIII wars implies day to day struggle)

By going to Netflix U I'm able to see fake from real
InI am devastated by the mass killings.
It's not so much sorry for the victims
it's so sorry for the shooter himself

Institutionalized sexism
It would all be better with unity
can we really achieve to bridge the gap between duality?
Yes! it this belief in self is found in everyone!

Why am I scared?
Is it because they want to kill me?
I'm not certain they all want to kill
At least one

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